Which tea is best for weight loss

Just as we learned about green coffee for weight loss, certain types of tea can help you supplement a low-calorie weight loss diet. Of course, there is no natural slimming tea that will help you shed those extra pounds on its own, but some varieties do have better properties than others.

If you are starting in the exciting world of tea, and you need to know which is the best tea for weight loss, we will go over the most important concepts in this article and help you make the best choice.

We have already told you that the best slimming teas, of all the varieties available on the Spanish market, are red and green. And not all varieties of tea have the same qualities, so not all are equally suitable for this particular purpose of losing weight.

Red tea for weight loss

When we talk about slimming teas, two main varieties are highlighted: red and green. Firstly, we will focus on red tea for slimming, a tea that accelerates metabolism and therefore facilitates fat burning. It also helps in the elimination of toxins, which never hurts.

The benefits of red tea or Pu Ehr tea for weight loss come from the presence of catechin and the fermentation process unique to this variety, which means it releases more caffeine than green tea.

Green tea for weight loss

Among the fat-burning teas, green tea is undoubtedly the most popular, and that appears most frequently in all the studies.

Among the benefits of green tea for weight loss, we must first mention its natural thermogenic capacity. And what does this strange word mean? Well, thermogenic means no more and no less than that it increases the body temperature very quickly, and as a result, accelerates cell metabolism and burns fat faster.

The protagonist of this powerful metabolism-accelerating effect is catechin, a molecule responsible for the enormous antioxidant capacity of green tea. Green tea undoubtedly occupies a privileged place in the group of natural fat-burning teas.

Which is a better slimming tea, red tea or green tea?

Both are teas with the best slimming properties on the market. Still, it is also true that they both reach the same goal by the same route: the thermogenic property that results in a natural acceleration of the metabolism and greater fat loss and calorie burning.

However, there is a very important side effect for this goal, which only one of them has: red tea has a satiating effect to a much greater extent than green tea. So both will help you burn fat, but red tea will also help you fight the urge to overeat.

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Can I drink black tea to lose weight?

Black tea does not have the same slimming properties as the other two that we have seen before. Still, it does facilitate the elimination of liquids (it has a high diuretic and depurative power), so that’s something.

In short, black tea is not a typical fat-burning tea, but it can help us if we include it in a good diet. Always be aware that it is not the tea with the best slimming properties.

For example, if you are looking for a tea to slim the abdomen, it would be better to include red or green tea in your diet (for its fat-burning properties), ad not black tea because liquids do not accumulate in the body.

Other alternatives to tea to lose weight or burn fat

Of course, if you can’t find a fat-burning slimming tea to your liking, but you don’t want to give up the pleasure of herbal teas, you can always find some alternatives on the market with similar properties. Some of the most common ones are Badia tea and some infusions such as cinnamon.

Badia slimming tea

Badia tea is a natural slimming tea that is very popular in Latin America. It is an infusion of natural herbs sold in packets of 25 single-dose tea bags.

It is made from the Cassia Acutifolia plant, so it is not strictly speaking tea (because it does not come from the same tree). But if you have been in this world for a long time, you will already be used to any herbal tea being called, by extension, tea.

In addition to slimming, Badia tea also has digestive and laxative properties. In other words, it helps you go to the toilet better. Regarding weight loss, the benefits of Badia tea are based on the same principles that we have seen above for red and green tea: acceleration of the metabolism and help burn fat faster.

Cinnamon tea infusions

You have probably eaten cinnamon many times as a condiment or as an ingredient in desserts… but as an infusion? There are also cinnamon infusions, and surprisingly they have very interesting properties for weight loss.

These types of infusions are also known as cinnamon tea for weight loss (although, as we said before, this name is inaccurate because the herb does not come from the tea plant).

In this case, the benefits of cinnamon tea for weight loss lie in containing insulin spikes. Cinnamon teas help balance blood glucose levels so that the body does not need to generate insulin spikes (which are ultimately fattening).

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