Green coffee to lose weight: Myth or reality?

In recent times, green coffee has become very popular, a product known for its antioxidant properties and, above all, for the benefits of green coffee for weight loss. In this article, we will try to shed light on this topic, and we will see what green coffee is for, what properties green coffee has, possible side effects of green coffee, the capsules, places to buy it, etc. Let´s start!

What is green coffee?

Green coffee beans contrast with roasted coffee beans, which are usually sold to make coffee. They are the beans of the coffee tree (the plant from which it is extracted) without being roasted. No more, no less. The green coffee beans, not being roasted, are not used to make this popular drink that we all like since they have much less aroma and worse taste (more bitter) than the roasted beans. And, of course, they have a characteristic green colour, as opposed to the usual dark brown shade of roasted beans.

Green coffee comes from the same plant – the coffee tree – as roasted coffee so that green coffee beans can be of two varieties equally: robusta and arabica.

It should be made clear that green coffee extract is not a miracle product or an invention. It is a natural food, which, due to its properties, has begun to be used as a food supplement, especially in diets to lose weight.

Green coffee in the traditional supermarket: Does it work? What is it?

Traditional supermarket green coffee is neither more nor less than a nutritional supplement based on green coffee extract (literally, that’s how the product is defined). Traditional supermarket green coffee is sold under different brand names.

Does traditional supermarket green coffee work to lose weight? Well, it works the same as any other green coffee extract or supplement that contains similar substances. It’s a supplement, not a miracle product. What happens is that we already know the positive effect and the fashion trends generated by seeing this type of product on the shelves of any traditional supermarket.

Buy green coffee: Prices

If you want to know how much traditional supermarket green coffee (any brand or type) costs, check this price table updated every day:

SaleBestseller No. 1
High Strength Green Coffee 21,000mg | 90 Vegan Tablets | Pure Green Coffee Beans | Natural Unroasted...
High Strength Green Coffee 21,000mg | 90 Vegan Tablets | Pure Green Coffee Beans | Natural Unroasted...
HIGH STRENGTH: Our formula delivers 21,000mg of Green Coffee Extract in every serving.
Bestseller No. 3
Pure Green Skinny Coffee 28 Day Detox Program. Help with Weight Loss and Fat Burner. Natural...
Pure Green Skinny Coffee 28 Day Detox Program. Help with Weight Loss and Fat Burner. Natural...
CAN HELP REDUCE BLOATING, boost metabolism and is perfect for a detox
Bestseller No. 4
Health Embassy Green Coffee Bean - Ground - 225g
Health Embassy Green Coffee Bean - Ground - 225g
100 Percent natural product without any additives; Quality consistent with the standards of the Health Embassy
Bestseller No. 5
Premium Organic Green Coffee - Maximum Formula, Maximum Results, & Maximum Taste - 30 ct
Premium Organic Green Coffee - Maximum Formula, Maximum Results, & Maximum Taste - 30 ct
SaleBestseller No. 6
Specialist Supplements Green Coffee Bean Extreme Weight Loss Formula, 60 Capsules
Specialist Supplements Green Coffee Bean Extreme Weight Loss Formula, 60 Capsules
8000mg green coffee bean; 50% chlorogenic acid (CGA); With added herbals (kelp, cinnamon and cayenne)
Bestseller No. 9
Bestseller No. 10
Herba Organica - Green Coffee Ground (225g)
Herba Organica - Green Coffee Ground (225g)
100% Natural product without any additives; The highest quality - Herba Organica; The best selection of herbs hand-packed

Properties of green coffee (to lose weight, and more)

It has been proven that green coffee is an inexhaustible source of benefits for our organism. Why? Because during the process of roasting the beans, a large part of the antioxidants, especially chlorogenic acid, naturally present in the coffee plant, are eliminated. Green coffee beans retain many of these properties, which is why they have become so popular and have been marketed in recent years in various formats, which we will review later.

green coffee beans

Chlorogenic acid is not only responsible for the benefits of green coffee for weight loss. It also has a positive impact on other areas such as the heart or diabetes, to name a few examples.

In summary: unroasted green coffee beans are a product with an exciting contribution to our health. But if it is not roasted. How can we consume green coffee? We are used to drinking ground coffee filtered with water as an infusion, but green coffee is different. How do we drink green coffee? We’ll tell you here:

Green coffee beans

Green coffee beans are the alternative to green coffee tablets, which contain only green coffee extract. Naturally, you can buy green coffee beans from anywhere in the world (green coffee from Kenya, green coffee from Guatemala, green coffee from Brazil.) where coffee is produced. Below you can see some examples of this product to buy green coffee beans:

Nicaraguan Unroasted Green Arabica Coffee Beans, Direct from Our Farm (1.36 kg)
Nicaraguan Unroasted Green Arabica Coffee Beans, Direct from Our Farm (1.36 kg)
High grown under shade trees, harvested by hand, fully washed and naturally dried.; Sustainably produced on our farm in Nicaragua.

Natural green coffee beans are the most authentic way to take this product. The taste, as we said at the beginning, is different from roasted coffee, but in the end, if you get the benefits, you will get used to it.

How do you take green coffee beans? There are two ways: either by grinding the grain (you will need a good grinder or a gadget to help you do this) or by preparing an infusion with the natural green coffee beans. In this video, you can see how to drink green coffee, different ways to make it and to consume it in cups:

The process of making an infusion of green coffee can be summarized by putting water to boil: Pouring the green coffee beans (in the correct proportion indicated there), continue heating it for three more minutes and stirring the infusion, and then finally letting it cool down before drinking it. Like a homemade infusion of a lifetime, come on.

Green coffee: Benefits and advantages

The benefits of green coffee are multiple. We’ll start by listing those that help you lose weight, but then we’ll also talk about other general benefits we get from consuming green coffee in different ways.

Benefits of green coffee for weight loss

Of all the properties of the green coffee extract, we can extract some that have a direct effect on slimming and that cause the effectiveness of green coffee to slim. It is where green coffee consumption for diets comes from. They can be summarized in three main points:

  • The sensation of satiety: green coffee contains various compounds that help the secretion of incredible hormones. Translation: hormones that transmit signals to the brain to warn that our stomach is satiated and does not need to eat more.
  • Accelerates metabolism: chlorogenic acid causes the body to metabolize more quickly and prevents the liver from releasing glucose into the blood. Therefore, the body will tend to consume the fats to transform them into energy and thus supply glucose deficiency.
  • It promotes lipolytic activity: that is, it helps our body to improve fat regulation.

In any case, green coffee for slimming alone is not worth anything. It is necessary to combine it with an adequate diet, low in fat, and with moderate physical exercise so that its effects are visible. It is not a weight reducer by itself but rather a useful complement to slimming programs or diets.

Remember also that you can find coffee (or coffee-related) products that are geared towards weight loss, the effectiveness of which has yet to be proven, such as Marita coffee, Lingzhi coffee or Valentus coffee. These are really diet products with some coffee flavour.

Other advantages of green coffee

  • It is draining; it favours the elimination of cellulite.
  • It has very high antioxidant properties.
  • It helps to get rid of free radicals (molecules that damage our cells).
  • Its caffeine content, in the right doses, has very positive effects: it relieves migraines, reduces fatigue, improves physical activity.
  • It’s a diuretic and cleansing drink. It facilitates digestion.
  • It stabilizes blood pressure.
Green coffee for weight loss

Contraindications of green coffee

Green coffee is not harmful or dangerous to health, far from it. But it has some contraindications and side effects, on the other hand, like those of regular roasted coffee. Let’s go over them:

Green coffee bean extract contains caffeine, so green coffee has the same side effects as regular coffee in this respect: excessive consumption of green coffee can lead to anxiety, insomnia, increased nerves, heart rate, etc. The same as if we abuse conventional coffee.

Also, the chlorogenic acid of green coffee can cause diarrhoea and laxative effects.

Green coffee decreases the absorption of carbohydrates so that it can be beneficial in the treatment of some types of diabetes but ultimately harmful in others. Always consult with your specialist before starting to take it.

There are no formal studies or enough information about the consumption of green coffee for pregnant and nursing women, so it is best to avoid it. The same is valid for children.

In any case, you should always consult your doctor or your nutritionist if you have any doubts about the consumption of green coffee (or any other food) if you have any kind of previous health problem.

Where to buy green coffee?

The doubts when buying green coffee are numerous and reasonable, since nowadays, on the Internet, you can acquire any variety and any format. Should I buy it better in a physical store, where I can see the bean? Is it better to buy green coffee extract? Or do I decide on green coffee in capsules?

On Amazon, you can get almost any amount and variety of green coffee. However, you also have the option of buying the cheapest green coffee capsules in pharmacies, supermarkets, or centres that sell diet products. For example, traditional supermarkets green coffee capsules are very popular. If you are starting to use this product, you may want to try some of these brands first, at a lower cost or in a small amount. If you are satisfied with the results, then the most practical – and economical – thing to do is buy green coffee in bulk at Amazon or other online stores.

Green coffee with ginger

Sometimes green coffee extracts are mixed or supplemented with ginger to enhance their properties. Ginger usually has a strong or spicy taste, but in these green coffee and ginger blends, the latter ingredient is hardly noticeable. It is perfect for preventing water retention and also for controlling the feeling of hunger… one of the basic applications of ginger that has always been used.

Green coffee capsules

Green coffee capsules are just one of the ways to buy and consume this product. We can also find green coffee beans, green coffee tablets, green coffee with ginger, and many other varieties.

Green coffee in capsules is nothing more than a pill, similar to those used in medicine. It is often used as a much more convenient format for those who want to use green coffee for weight loss. And they are also known as “green coffee extract” because they have inside: an extract made from unroasted coffee beans, with all its properties intact.

So when someone asks you what the green coffee extract is for. You’ll know that they’re referring to pills.

How do you take green coffee in capsules? It’s effortless: just read the instructions on these and follow them to the letter. It is usual to take them twice a day, half an hour before meals (breakfast and lunch). It is not advisable to take them in the evening, before dinner, due to the caffeine content that we have already mentioned in other sections.

What is green coffee in capsules used for? Well, basically to make a function of burning fat and satiating the appetite. That’s why green coffee capsules are usually taken before meals. The properties of green coffee in capsules are the same as those of standard green coffee extract. And the benefits of green coffee in capsules are the same.

If you want to buy green coffee capsules, the easiest way is to go to Amazon. There are different brands, and they can be purchased in large quantities to save costs.

Soluble green coffee

One of the easiest ways to drink green coffee (usually combined with other ingredients) is in the form of instant coffee or soluble coffee. You pour it into your cup and pour hot water or milk over it as if it were an infusion.

However, in some cases, you will have to strain it after boiling or adding hot water. It does not dissolve 100% as with conventional soluble coffees.

Green Coffee Drink Soluble with Ganoderma 500g
Green Coffee Drink Soluble with Ganoderma 500g
500 g bag for about 80-100 soluble cups; To take hot or cold brew with hot water or ice water

Green coffee cream

Green coffee extract for slimming is not only used in pills or capsules but can also be used to make liquids or creams, which take advantage of the already mentioned fat-burning and draining properties. You can find reducing creams for the abdomen, for cellulite, all based on green coffee. The variety of applications is enormous in this field, the truth.

Is there such a thing as caffeine-free green coffee?

Yes, folks, we also have the option of buying decaffeinated green coffee. In this way, we renounce the prejudices (and the benefits) that caffeine has in green coffee. Without a doubt, a good option depending on the case.

The green coffee without caffeine can be acquired in capsules or tablets, usually in jars of 30, 60 or up to 100 units of green coffee capsules.

Natures Aid Green Coffee Extract 200mg (Svetol ) - Pack of 60 Tablets
Natures Aid Green Coffee Extract 200mg (Svetol ) - Pack of 60 Tablets
Manufactured with Svetol decaffeinated Green Coffee Extract; Providing a guaranteed minimum 45% Chlorogenic Acids