Coffee and ice cream = Affogato

The thought of mixing coffee and ice cream was a genius idea that came to the Italians, unsurprisingly. The mixture of coffee and ice cream has a name in Italian, and it’s called Affogato coffee.

It is a rich and creamy mixture of two very different flavours. It is generally considered a drink, but others think it is a dessert.

Among Italians, there is a predominance of those who traditionally consider it a coffee. Although it originated in Italy, the Affogato can now be found worldwide. And if you’ve never tried one, let me tell you, you don’t know what you’re missing. The main controversy in mixing coffee and ice cream is not in the fact that it is made but in how the resulting mixture is regarded.

Is Affogato a coffee or a dessert?

Avoiding the controversy, whether the coffee and ice cream mix is a coffee or a dessert, the fact is that it is very good. And it seems that everyone agrees on how to consume it.

It is generally recommended to pour the coffee over the ice cream just before serving and eat it before it melts.

And for this, you need a teaspoon, which gives wings to those who think it is a dessert as it would be the only coffee you eat and do not drink.

Can you mix coffee with any ice cream?

You could, but you still shouldn’t always. It works worst with fruity flavours. Tradition dictates that you mix coffee with a fior di latte ice cream. A fior di latte is a fior di latte ice cream.

This ice cream is usually prepared using dairy, sugar and starch, with no egg yolk added.

But if you don’t have a flor de leche ice cream, you can substitute it with vanilla ice cream. I’m telling you, you will enjoy it.

The now classic Italian coffee and ice cream cup is made with vanilla ice cream or fior di latte served with a well-regulated espresso.

Its texture was originally very firm, but nowadays, some variations use ice cream with a creamier texture. You have to try and find what you like best.

How do you prepare an Affogato?

The base of this coffee is a shot of coffee and a scoop of ice cream. It is generally recommended to pour the coffee over the ice cream just before serving and eat it before it melts.

You know, then a simpler coffee or dessert recipe. You will hardly find something that, so quickly, can brighten up the end of any meal.

This is the great thing about geniuses. Sometimes, with some simple elements, you can make a coffee or a dessert that every coffee lover will love. And because coffee has many desserts, it will appeal to many people who are not particularly fond of coffee.

Is there a variation of coffee and ice cream with alcohol?

It is prepared with grappa, the Italian name for grape marc distillate. However, the transgressors use Bailey’s, an Irish liqueur made with whisky and milk, in addition to grappa, which is very easy to combine with espresso. You can also use a coffee liqueur or even a good roasted marc.