The most creative coffee machines of the year 2023

The coffee machine sector is a terribly immobile, very traditional sector. Despite the fact that there are hundreds of different manufacturers and brands on the market, a large percentage of the models are all cut from the same cloth.

As far as design and aesthetics are concerned, it is sometimes very difficult to find creative coffee machines, with other letters, that apart from working well, give that extra innovation and personality to the kitchen where they are placed.

In this article, we are going to talk about these disruptive elements: creative coffee machines and only truly creative ones. Rare coffee makers, curious coffee makers… the most surprising coffee makers of the moment for lovers of the exotic and unconventional.

Our ranking of the 10 most creative coffee machines of the moment

For a coffee maker to be creative, it must stand out for something. Throughout this list, we are going to navigate through an entertaining ocean of creative and curious coffee machines, and we will explain the reasons that have led us to include them here.

Kamira… it doesn’t look like a coffee machine

When we talk about the most creative coffee machines in the world, the Kamira is an obligatory reference. For those who don’t know it, visually, it is a brutal impact. It looks like a naked tap.

Functionally, however, it is a totally traditional espresso machine, stripped of all accessories.

It has no body, no water tank, nothing. This means that there are certain limitations, such as the fact that we can only make one espresso at a time, that we have to pour the necessary water each time we want to make a coffee, that we need a heat source nearby to heat the water (it is not electric…).

But of course, in exchange, we gain in space, portability, and of course creativity and aesthetics. It is ideal for gifts because it is also high quality, a handmade piece with a 5-year guarantee. In short, a surprising coffee maker, isn’t it?

An electric Turkish coffee maker

A Turkish coffee maker, an electric Moka pot, and why not combine both concepts? It is true that if we take away the manual boiling of the water, the ritual of preparing Turkish coffee is a little decaffeinated – if you like the expression – but on the other hand, the use of electricity also brings this peculiar way of preparing coffee somewhat closer to Western homes.

An intermediate solution which, to be honest, if we are looking for a very creative coffee maker, is undoubtedly a prime candidate.

Makita coffee maker: the most robust

This is a cordless, battery-operated coffee machine that is primarily intended for use in the construction and building industry.

Its manufacturer (Makita) may not be very popular in the coffee industry, but it is an absolute reference in the world of DIY and professional tools. Like a coffee machine, it’s a real creative; there’s no denying that.

Apart from the peculiarity of running on batteries and not on electricity, we must highlight the Makita coffee machine’s shock-proof, scratch-proof, friction-proof and weather-proof casing. A heavyweight, self-contained, extremely tough and durable.

The Aeropress coffee machine

For those who don’t know, the Aeropress is one of the most creative coffee machines in the world. One of those contraptions that at first glance looks like anything but a coffee machine.

The truth is that the most experienced coffee users will be more than familiar with the benefits of the Aeropress: an espresso extraction system that has been on the market for almost two decades now.

Consequently, the Aeropress is a very creative coffee machine, above all in terms of its appearance and the way it achieves the pressure to extract the coffee, but also in terms of its history. As we have said, it is a very long-lived and well-established product, especially in the American market.

Bialetti Mini Express: the tiniest one

Among the creative Italian coffee machines, we can highlight this Mini Express, the smallest version in Bialetti’s extensive catalogue of classic Moka pots and also one of the smallest coffee machines on the market.

It is available in two versions: the simpler, 1-cup version and the 2-cup version. Both have a super creative appearance and usually come with a small cup (or two cups) as a gift, which matches the colour chosen for our coffee maker. We think this is an ideal option if we want to buy someone a coffee maker as a super creative and distinguished gift.

Bialetti Orzo Express: for barley coffees

If we are going to make a ranking of rare coffee machines, we must inevitably talk about barley coffee machines. They have all the appearance of a traditional Italian coffee machine. In fact, the operation and philosophy are the same, but in reality, they are not used to prepare coffee but are barely infusions.

And they all tend to have a characteristic mustard-ochre colour to remind us that not everything is coffee in the world of infusions.

Of all the barley coffee machines on the market today in Spain, the best known and most reputed is undoubtedly the Orzo Express by Bialetti.

The Star Wars coffee maker: R2-D2

When we talk about curious and creative coffee machines, possibly the first ones that come to mind are these coffee machines based on film movies. As a gift, they are perfect for fans or die-hard followers of a certain series or film.

You can find several examples in our guide to coffee machines for geeks… a real statement of intent.

We have opted for Star Wars themed ones in this ranking, including those that imitate the shape of the popular robot R2-D2. There are several models of R2-D2 coffee machines on the market, but they all have in common that they are French presses.

Alessi Pulcina: avant-garde design

This is a truly creative coffee machine in terms of design. In fact, all Alessi Moka pots stand out for their exclusive designs, signed by prestigious authors. And well… the images speak for themselves, so we don’t need to go into the reasons for their inclusion here.

This Pulcina is a coffee machine with a personality of its own, unlike any other model you’ve seen before. And that’s just what it’s all about when we talk about creative coffee machines.

De’Longhi BCO 411.B

Combined 2-in-1 coffee machines are a real revolution for those who haven’t seen them before. If you use them as a gift, the recipient is sure to be pleasantly surprised. We can highlight several, but for this ranking, we have chosen the most veteran of them all, the De’Longhi BCO 411.B.

Its black colour is iconic, and functionally it has two methods of making coffee in the same appliance: on the right, americano filter coffee, and on the left, espresso coffee (extracted with steam pressure, not with a pressure pump).

Coffee machine with roaster

We don’t know if this is a coffee maker-roaster or a toaster-coffee maker… what we do know is that it is very creative.

The toaster has 900 watts of power, 7 degrees of roasting, and the capacity for two simultaneous slices.

The coffee maker itself brews filter coffee, a single large cup (250 ml) per serving.

Both appliances, separately, could be classed as entry-level. But if we put them together in a single product and save half the costs, half the cables, half the space in the kitchen… the idea sounds a bit better.