Second-hand coffee grinders

Many users choose to buy second-hand coffee grinders to get the most out of their espresso machines. Why? For a straightforward reason: coffee grinders are extremely durable appliances, with a usually very long life span, and whose wear and tear, if of good quality, occurs slowly. It is not for nothing that there are still coffee grinders on the market and in many houses that are more than 15-20 years old.

It means that you can find second-hand coffee grinders (logically cheaper than new ones) of excellent quality and still with many years of life ahead. In the end, the only important function of a grinder is to grind or crush the coffee beans and be precise in the measurements that the user sets.

Don’t forget that, in the case of high-quality grinders, prices can go as high as over 150 pounds, such as the Graef CM800 or the DeMoka GR0203. So buying second-hand is a very justified option in these cases.

Tips for buying second-hand grinders

Grinders have a different lifespan, depending on the engineering of the burrs (which you can change without disposing of the device, so check this detail before buying your second-hand coffee grinder).

Flat coffee burr wears out sooner, and their recommended lifespan is about 400 kilos of ground coffee. Conical burr, on the other hand, is much more resistant and can be changed every 1500 kilos of ground coffee approximately.

So an essential aspect you should consider when buying a second-hand grinder is the grinding burrs it has, and especially ask the buyer or inform you if they have ever been replaced or are the original ones. It applies to both electric and manual grinders.

Rommelsbacher ekm 300 burrs
Conical burrs suffer less wear than flat ones.

Second-hand coffee grinders on Amazon

Of all the second-hand (or refurbished) coffee grinders we find on Amazon, we are particularly struck by the Russell Hobbs 23120-56.

It is an electric flat grinder with 16 grinding levels, an excellent capacity of 140 grams of coffee beans, and a black plastic body. Its original price (new model) is £80, but in this second-hand version, we can buy it for only £56. A reduction of 28%, no less. In the next image, you can see it in more detail:

Russell Hobbs 23120-56 coffee grinder

Remember that Amazon’s refurbished products are always checked and guaranteed by the firm. Usually, these are unused products that have been returned because of some small defect in the wrapping or packaging – take a look at them because they are always an excellent opportunity!

Apart from Amazon, you can also find second-hand grinders on eBay or within other similar platforms. Be sure to specify “coffee grinders” in your search; otherwise, you will get offers for used grinders for cereals, seeds or other products.

Alternatives to second-hand coffee grinders

Before buying a second-hand coffee grinder, or at least valuing your purchase, you should think carefully about what kind of grinder you need, taking into account the type of coffee machine you use and also your tastes or demands with the purity of the coffee.

We tell you this because it is possible that for a low price, you can acquire a new grinder that covers your needs instead of choosing one that has been used for years. Check out our article on cheap grinders because you might find the solution to your demands among them.