Cheap coffee grinders

We all know that the budget often conditions the choice of accessories and appliances that we use at home. Coffee makers and coffee grinders, of course, are no exception. For this reason, we want to take a tour of the most attractive cheap coffee grinders on the market and present them to you with their most important features so that you are clear about which grinder to buy and why.

To make this list of the cheapest coffee grinders on the market, we have based it on criteria such as popularity, sales success, design and also, logically, we have taken into account the features of each grinder because, let’s not forget that within the price range that we will handle in this list there may be dozens, if not hundreds, of similar grinders.

Why do I want a cheap coffee grinder?

Well, this is a question that perhaps not all users have mastered or are aware of. The performance and quality of coffee grinders vary according to their price, as any product does. But not all users need just any kind of grinder, nor necessarily by buying an extraordinary coffee grinder will we get better coffee.

The reason is straightforward: who prepares the coffee is not the grinder but the espresso machine, and for each type of espresso machine, we need a specific grade of thickness.

In practice, this means that we will only be able to make the most of a really fine grind, with very high demands, if we use it in a high-end espresso machine or if we demand to make perfect espressos.

Maybe you are not fond of espressos. You usually prepare other more conventional types of coffee, or if your coffee maker is an espresso or Italian or mid-range espresso machine. The quality of the grinding will not necessarily translate into a better drink, even if it is very fine.

Specific preparations require a coarser grind. In these cases, you don’t need to go for a grinder of more than 100 pounds, but you will have enough with a more standard economic coffee grinder. When it comes down to it, you won’t appreciate any difference in the drink.

And this is where our collection of cheap coffee grinders comes in. Most are in the 20-30 pound range (some are even below that) and are usually grinders with blades, not grinders with wheels or strawberries. But we will look at their specific characteristics in the following section:

The basic qualities of a cheap coffee grinder

Of course, in order to get a cheap coffee grinder, you have to give up a few things. Here are some of the essential features that we will find if we want to take home a grinder at this price.

  • You will have to opt for manual grinders, not electric ones.
  • They will almost always be blade grinders.
  • In some cases, we will find cheap electric grinders, but they will be of blades and from unknown manufacturers.
  • They will not allow us to grind a large quantity of coffee in each grind.

List of the best cheap coffee grinders

First of all, we must define: what do we mean by cheap coffee grinders? Because questions of price are always very subjective, aren’t they? Well, in this collection, we will consider cheap coffee grinders all those grinders, both electric and manual, whose price is around 30 pounds or less at the time of writing (see the explanatory note at the end of the text).

You can find cheap coffee grinders in a range from 10 to 30 pounds with different capacities and built with different materials, but always with the common denominator of its low price. Enjoying a good grind does not have to be expensive!

And now for our list:

Porlex Jp-30

We start with the classic Porlex. This Porlex JP-30 is a Japanese hand grinder whose greatest virtue is its tiny size: it is almost a tube 5×5 cm in diameter and 19 cm long. It has the capacity to grind 30 grams of coffee (more or less the equivalent of 4 espresso shots), and the body is made entirely of stainless steel. The grinding wheels are ceramic, which is another plus.

porlex jp30

Another similar option within this same range is the Porlex Tall grinder, with similar qualities:

Arendo Coffee Grinders

Arendo is known for marketing small appliances and domestic appliances at a very low price. They are one of the kings of the entry-level range in Europe, and coffee grinders are no exception. Arendo grinders are consistently at the top of the European sales charts, and this is no coincidence.

In this list, we highlight two Arendo coffee grinders. The first of these is also known as Arendo Caffetiamo and is a double and quadruple blade grinder made of stainless steel and powered by electricity.

Another good Arendo electric grinder is this one, also made of stainless steel, with an integrated safety circuit and 15 grinding levels. It has a maximum capacity of 360 grams.

Bosch TSM Grinders

If we talk about cheap coffee grinders, we cannot overlook the Bosch TSM (actually, there are several models in this line). This electric grinder from Bosch has a capacity in its container for 75 grams of coffee beans. The blades are made of stainless steel, and the overall dimensions of the grinder are 9x9x17 cm. The motor is quite powerful (180 watts), and it also has a safety switch.

Tristar KM-2270

The Tristar KM-2270 grinder is made of stainless steel. It is electric and has dimensions of 11 x 11 x 21 centimetres. It also has a safety switch, and the motor distributes a power of 180 watts. Its capacity is another plus point: up to 70 grams of coffee (more or less ten doses or cups of espresso). Its design is striking, much more compact and closed than the rest of the electric grinders in this price range.

E-Prance Coffee Grinder

The E-Prance coffee grinder is one of the kings of the market, thanks mainly to its price. It is difficult to find a cheap coffee grinder at a better price, as E-Prance is a firm that specialises in low-cost household goods.

The E-Prance coffee grinder is a manual stainless steel grinder, which can grind up to 30 grams of coffee. It allows you to adjust the grind, and in total, the piece weighs no more than 260 grams – ideal for everyday use!

Bomann KSW 445

The Bomann Grinder KSW 445 is made in Germany. This electric grinder is made of stainless steel, both the grinding wheels and the external body. The motor is 120 watts, and the capacity of the container is 40 grams of coffee beans. The dimensions are the standard in this type of grinder: 10x10x20 cms.

Grundig CM 6760

Taking home an electric grinder of this capacity for this price is always worth mentioning. The Grundig CM-6760 grinder is an appetising alternative if you are looking for a cheap, electrically operated coffee grinder. It gives us this opportunity thanks to this black, stainless steel, 18-gram grinder with a maximum grinding weight of 55 grams of coffee.

Clatronic KSW 3307

Bomann and Clatronic are twin brands, and many of their products (including the coffee machines) have the same terminologies and references. This attractive Clatronic KSW 3307 in white is one of the cheapest electric coffee grinders on the market. Its motor is 120 watts, and the dimensions of the piece are 10x10x20 cms. If your budget for the grinder is very tight, this model of Clatronic is your best option.

Moulinex Grinder AR1105

Moulinex is a classic Spanish firm. It’s low-cost, highly practical kitchen accessories are a constant feature in all Spanish homes. In the grinder sector, we find this Moulinex AR1105, with its bright red and white colour.

This Moulinex coffee grinder has a capacity of 50 grams. It is a knife mill with plastic housing, which can also be used to grind spices.

Orbegozo MO 3250

The Orbegozo MO3250 coffee grinder is one of the cheapest options of all the economical grinders we have listed. It has 150 watts of power, stainless steel blades and a safety switch. It weighs about 700 grams.

Relaxdays Coffee Grinder

This manual grinder from the firm Relaxdays is a real beauty. Its retro design and its hexagonal base wood cover make it a real collector’s item and high decoration. But it is also a fantastic grinder with ceramic wheels and a stainless steel dome-shaped container. Its dimensions: 12x12x17 cms approximately.

Hario MSCS-2TB or Hario Skerton

The Japanese firm Hario is a reference in the hand grinder sector. This Hario MSCS-2TB has ceramic grinding burrs with a quite ergonomic design (it is specially designed to be comfortably held by the central part while operating the crank). It also has a transparent plastic cover on the base to be able to see the amount of coffee we have ground. Beyond our borders, this grinder is also known by the name of Hario Skerton.

Bestron AKM 1405

The Bestron AKM 1405 is an electric grinder with stainless steel blades. It has non-slip rubber feet; the 60-gram capacity container can be removed for easy cleaning. Its dimensions are somewhat more significant than the other cheap coffee grinders presented in this article: 22x17x10 cms. It weighs almost one kilogram, and its motor is 120 watts.

Zeller 19820

The Zeller 19820 is another collector’s item. It is a manual grinder made of wood and cast iron, although it has some plastic components. Its dimensions are 18x14x28 centimetres, and its retro design is its greatest virtue: it faithfully recalls the appearance and operation of old coffee grinders.

Zeller 19820

However, the Zeller grinder brand has many other options on the market, both in retro and more modern styles:

Kitchen Craft Le’Express Grinder

Kitchen Craft is another regular player in the low-cost kitchen appliance segment. On this occasion, we highlight the Kitchen Craft Le’Express coffee grinder, made of stainless steel and with a really attractive design.

Gearmax Grinder

The Gearmax coffee grinder is another popular choice in this large subset of manual, cylindrical, stainless steel coffee grinders. It has ceramic blades and is a strong competitor to the Porlex grinders. It also comes with its own brush for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Princess 242196

To finish our list of cheap coffee grinders, this electric grinder from Princess 242196 has a 60 gram shared for the coffee beans. Its motor has 150 watts, and the dimensions of the appliance are 11x11x19 cms. The housing is made of plastic and has a grinder function.

NOTE: Prices shown in this article may vary slightly due to continuous changes in Amazon offers and products. We advise you to check the real price of the grinder at the exact moment you are going to buy it.

We have reached the end of our list of cheap coffee grinders in the hope that this compilation has been useful to you and also leaving the door open to other suggestions from our readers. In the price range below 30 pounds, there are a lot of cheap coffee grinders, and I’m sure that among you there are some users who can recommend us theirs and tell us about their experience. We are waiting for your comment to know more and better the cheapest coffee grinders in the market!

For more information, you can take a walk through our online shop of coffee grinders. There you will find everything, cheap coffee mills, mid-range, or semi-professional.

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