The best electric coffee grinders

The electric coffee grinders are the option most chosen by users who prefer to take charge of the grinding of their coffee. Compared to traditional manual coffee grinders, electric coffee grinders are faster, more powerful, and allow for better adjustment of thickness measurements. It is usually more accessible for the average user to switch between very different thicknesses on an electric grinder than on a manual one.

The top of the range electric coffee grinders also have an extensive range of thicknesses. It allows us to obtain good results whatever the coffee maker or type of coffee we are going to prepare (for example, extra-fine grinds for making espressos, or coarse grinds for piston or drip coffee makers (also known as French press).

Electric coffee grinders have several features or parameters of their own (not applicable to manual grinders), which users should look at when choosing their purchase option.

These are, for example, the capacity of the container or hopper, the power of the motor, and above all, the grinding burr (conical or flat) and their size (the more significant the diameter, the better they dissipate the heat and suffer less risk of overheating).

It is a comparison of electric grinders with some of the most representative and well-known models in this segment of the market. They are not necessarily the best or the most powerful, but they are preferred by consumers. It will give you an idea of where the shots are going before you buy your electric coffee grinder.

Types of electric coffee grinders

Based on their performance (and therefore price ranges), we can establish three groups of electric coffee grinders, which are differentiated from each other: the basic range, the medium range and the high range.

Cheap electric coffee grinders

If you want to spend little money when buying an electric coffee grinder, you have many options in the market under 40 or even 30 pounds. These mills tend to be blade mills (not grinding mills) and therefore do not allow control of the grinding thickness. But you know: if you want something, it costs you something.

If you are looking for an electric coffee and seed grinder (i.e. a multipurpose machine), you should choose one from this group.

However, you should be aware that the quality of these devices is not the same as if you bought a grinder weighing more than 100 pounds. Usually, these more economical devices will be blade grinders, with plastic housings, with not too many degrees of grinding, etc.

Another attractive option, although not very successful, is to buy a second-hand electric grinder. Typically most of the stock is inexpensive mills, but from time to time, there are some exciting offers in high-end electric mills. Be sure to check them out!

Mid-range electric coffee grinder

These are the most popular electric coffee grinders and usually the best-selling ones among those who like to make a good espresso at home. These already mount sprockets (or wheels), and their price range is usually full, but we can put it between 50 and 100-120 pounds.

High-range electric coffee grinder

In this third segment, we will not stop too much because almost all of them are included in our guide of professional coffee grinders. We invite you to read this article to learn more about them. Its price is clearly above 150 pounds.

With these considerations in mind, below, we show you what we believe are the best electric coffee grinders you can find on the market and Amazon today. We are attaching them with a summary of their most relevant technical specifications.

The best electric coffee grinders of 2023

When buying the best electric coffee grinder on the market, the first thing you have to be clear about is what your needs are and what you want them for. The best coffee grinder is always the one that meets your requirements. Later we will be able to go into more detail on prestigious brands, power and so on.

Why did we choose these? Mainly due to criteria of quality/price ratio, the absolute power of the grinder, and competitive advantages in its range. When you buy an electric coffee grinder from Amazon, you will have to meet all these criteria.

We will also take into account the innate prestige of each model since it is clear that there are professional coffee grinders, perhaps not very oriented to the domestic environment, but very appreciated by espresso gourmets.

Rancilio Rocky

The Rancilio Rocky, with flat steel wheels of 5 cm in diameter. 55 degrees of grinding. Hopper capacity: 300 grams and built with stainless steel. If we have to choose an electric coffee grinder (and we have enough budget), we will keep this one. We’ll talk about it later.

Graef CM-800

The Graef CM-800, with conical steel grinding burr. Forty degrees are grinding. Hopper capacity: 250 grams. Motor: 128 watts.

MiniMoka GR0203

The MiniMoka GR0203, with flat grinding wheels of 4,9 cm diameter, is made of tempered steel. Micrometric adjustment of the grinding thickness. Stainless steel bodywork. Hopper capacity: 500 grams. Motor: 200 watts.

Rommelsbacher EKM-300

Rommelsbacher EKM-300, with conical stainless steel grinding wheels. 12 degrees of grinding. Hopper capacity: 220 grams. Dispenser capacity: 120 grams. Motor: 150 watts

KitchenAid Artisan 5KCG100

Artisan 5KCG100, Metal wheels of 5,7 cm diameter. 15 degrees of grinding. Hopper capacity: 241 grams Motor: 185 watts. Available in various colours.

The best electric grinder: Rancilio Rocky

As you can see, the Rancilio Rocky is, in our opinion, the best electric coffee grinder that can be found on the market today, and this is not only our particular opinion but a fact unanimously recognized throughout the industry. It has no point of comparison with any other electric grinder focused on the domestic environment (although this one has a very exclusive air).

However, its price is in line with the features it offers, and just because it is the best grinder does not mean that it is necessarily the most suitable for your needs. Read our analysis carefully and think if you’re going to take advantage of it.

It will depend, above all, on the type of coffee you are going to prepare, how demanding you are with the nuances, and also on the coffee maker in which you are going to use the ground coffee.

Electric grinders for seeds, nuts and spices

Electric seed grinders are not necessarily suitable for coffee (or vice versa), and you should always buy them separately. You can learn more about them in our post about seed and spice grinders.

If you don’t want to follow our recommendation and you are going to buy a multipurpose mill, what you will find will be blade models and quite economical.

Where to buy electric coffee grinders

The electric coffee grinder is a relatively popular instrument among coffee consumers. Still, most of the models you will find in stores and hypermarkets are the cheap ones (the ones with blades). If you want to buy an electric coffee grinder at Amazon, you will have much more variety, and you will be able to find there all the models that we review on our web. We always recommend buying your electric coffee grinder online or directly from the manufacturers’ websites.

Another thing is the electric corn grinder, which are used a lot in the industrial field but which already belong more to the field of cereal grinders.