How to clean a Tassimo coffee machine

The Tassimo coffee machines have some particularities in comparison with the other brands of capsule coffee machines, and that’s why we think it’s convenient to dedicate a separate chapter to their maintenance and cleaning.

In this post, we are going to tell you everything you need to know to clean Tassimo coffee machines, to keep yours in perfect condition, and of course, to extend its life and avoid headaches over time.

Cleaning your Tassimo coffee machine (in fact, any type of coffee machine) is a mandatory process that users often neglect. If done correctly, can save us more than one headache in the future.

What do I need to clean my Tassimo coffee maker?

All Tassimo coffee machines have as standard the necessary instruments for their correct cleaning and maintenance (except the decalcifying liquid). Still, if you lose or break one of them, it is always convenient to have a spare like this one at hand: a cleaning kit for Tassimo coffee machines.

Cleaning of components

When cleaning Tassimo coffee machines, the first thing you must bear in mind is that as you prepare coffee, all the components of the coffee machine become dirty.

Small drops of coffee, milk or chocolate, splashes, dregs, kitchen dirt, often particles are invisible. Still, precisely because they are so little, they can get deposited anywhere in the coffee maker or dirty some internal pipe. And if we don’t clean them often, they dry out and then it is even more challenging to remove them.

For this reason, we recommend that you do not neglect the cleaning of components, even the superficial ones: water tank, T-Disc holder, drip tray, all of them. Remember that most of them can be easily removed and put in the dishwasher. In a few minutes, you will have them as if they had just left the factory.

Barcode scanner maintenance

The main difference between Tassimo coffee machines and other brands of capsule coffee machines is the barcode reading system. All Tassimo capsules or T-Discs include a barcode that contains the unique and exact information of which beverage it contains and how it should be prepared.

The coffee maker reads this information through the barcode reader and therefore can make correctly every drink of any kind: long coffees, espressos, chocolates, infusions, mixed drinks.

It is why we dare to ensure that the cleaning of the bar code is the most critical maintenance process of your Tassimo coffee machine. And it’s also the simplest: you need to wipe it with a soft cloth or cloth slightly moistened (never wet, just moistened: this is important so as not to damage the electronic components) every time you finish using your machine or preparing a drink.

If you forget to do this or find it too heavy to clean the T-Discs every time you use the coffee maker, remember to wipe it with the damp cloth at least once a week. In the long run, you’ll appreciate it.

Cleaning kit for Tassimo coffee machines

Use the Service T-Disc

Another peculiarity of the Tassimo coffee machines is the T-Disc service. It is a capsule that is included in all Tassimo coffee machines, typically hidden in a compartment at the back of the coffee machine, but which is not used to prepare any drinks but to clean the inside of the brewer automatically. You can see it in the photo above; it is the yellow one or orange in the more modern versions. This element is also known as the cleaning disc of the Tassimo coffee machine.

It’s used just like a standard capsule (you insert the T-Disc in the reader and start the coffee maker), but its function is none other than to pass hot water through all the tubes and internal pipes of the coffee maker.

The result, as you can imagine, is that all the coffee remains. Dirt and impurities that are deposited over time on the walls of the tubes are dragged with the water and leave the coffee maker through the coffee nozzle (remember to place a container large enough under the spout to collect all this dirty water).

It is advisable to use the T-Disc of the Tassimo coffee machines frequently, but not only when preparing drinks but especially when not using them.

For example, if we go on holiday or we are away from home for a long time without using the coffee machine, it is advisable to clean the inside with the T-Disc before starting it up again. Impurities do not only come from the preparation of the coffee but can also be introduced into the coffee machine from the outside without us noticing it.

Decalcification of your Tassimo coffee machine

Finally, don’t forget that it is essential to decalcify your Tassimo coffee machine frequently, whenever the automatic indicator lights up and tells you to do so. For more detailed information on this process, check the following article: how to decalcify a Tassimo coffee machine.

Can I clean my Tassimo coffee machine with vinegar?

Well, when we talk about cleaning a Tassimo coffee machine with vinegar, we are actually referring to descaling it. The use of natural acids, such as vinegar, instead of industrial chemical descalers is widespread. However, this is more of a home remedy that comes from the days when there were not so many options and valid products on the market.

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