Tassimo water leakage problems

Water leaks in Tassimo coffee machines are one of those evils that we have become habituated to live with. We think it is inevitable that after some time of use, our Tassimo capsule coffee machine will end up leaking water somewhere. Nevertheless, we can prevent them in most cases by regular cleaning and maintenance.

However, if you have reached this article, prevention is too late for you, and your Tassimo is most likely leaking water right now. Assuming that the drip tray is not overflowing and that the water tank is in good condition, your Tassimo coffee machine will be leaking either from the head (capsule holder) or from the machine’s base.

Tassimo coffee machine leaks water from the brewer’s head

The head of the coffee machine is one of the usual places where the Tassimo often leaks water. Still, we are not referring to the steam that usually comes out after each coffee preparation but rather to the fact that the coffee comes out of the sides of the spout and even overflows from the capsule holder. There are two reasons for this:

Cause 1: Lack of cleaning causes the spout to become clogged with coffee and milk residue. Although one might think that it is very difficult for such a large hole to become clogged, Tassimo coffee machines are very prone to this problem. The picture below shows a completely clogged spout:

Dirt in the spout of the Tassimo coffee machine
Dirt in the spout of the Tassimo coffee machine

Cause 2: When the clog becomes consolidated and remains for a long time, the water leakage occurs in the pipe that feeds the nozzle. Normally, the pipe’s flange tie loosens due to the overpressure, which ends up in the nozzle.

The feed pipe to the nozzle is deteriorated
The feed pipe to the nozzle deteriorates

Solution 1: Disassemble the nozzle and clean it with soap and water so that the coffee can flow without any problems. Once the nozzle is clean, the water leakage will disappear.

Solution 2: First, clean the spout thoroughly, disassemble the head, and replace the broken plastic tie.

Tassimo coffee machine leaks water from the base

Water leaking from the base is a symptom of a more serious problem related to a broken plastic part, a deteriorated rubber pipe or a disconnected valve. In order, the parts you should check are:

  1. Water tank connection
  2. Flowmeter
  3. Rubber pipes
  4. Thermoblock
  5. Water pump

Download the manual for your Tassimo coffee machine here

1. Connection of the water tank with the coffee machine

At the point where the water tank connects to the base of the coffee machine, there is a small rubber seal that can deteriorate over time and should therefore be checked to make sure it is in good condition. As well as the internal valve of the water tank.

Normally water leaks due to the rubber gasket or tank valve occur even when the machine is not operating, which is good for pinpointing the problem. If either of these two components is damaged, you should get a spare part on the internet and replace the damaged part.

2. Leaking flow meter

The flow meter has a rubber ring on its seal, which, when damaged, leads to drips every time the brewer is started. To open the flow meter, separate the rubber hoses and turn the top part of the flowmeter counterclockwise by a quarter turn.

Once inside, clean it well and ensure that the rubber seal is in good condition. If it has badly deteriorated, you should get a new flow meter and replace it.

3. Broken, cut or loose rubber pipes

Another classic problem with Tassimo coffee machines is the occurrence of water leaks due to cuts and breaks in the rubber pipes inside the machine. These pipes are usually not of extreme quality. With the sudden temperature changes inside the coffee machine, small cuts often occur at the joints with the thermoblock and other components.

To detect these leaks, the coffee machine must be opened, the pipe in poor condition must be located, and the affected part must be addressed. It is rarely necessary to replace the entire pipe as the problems usually occur at the connections.

4. Water leakage in the thermoblock

A rare but possible case is that the thermoblock cracks at some point. This is similar to the previous section, where sudden changes in temperature damage the metal from which the boiler is made.

In addition to the sudden changes, the excess lime deposits on the inside of the boiler contribute to the thermoblock corroding and cracking. This is another reason why regular descaling is very necessary.

If your thermoblock is cracked, you should buy a new one and replace the old one, although it is one of the most expensive spare parts for Tassimo coffee machines.

5. Water leakage in the pump

Finally, the water pump is another of the most common water leakage points in Tassimo coffee machines. When building their coffee machines, Tassimo leaves the pump outlet without a plastic tie so that, if the pressure increases too much, it can easily escape.

In the picture below, you can see how there is no plastic tie installed at the outlet, but there is at the inlet of the pump:

Lack of plastic tie at the outlet of the Tassimo pump
Lack of plastic tie at the outlet of the Tassimo pump


Use your Tassimo coffee machine correctly, clean it regularly, and carry out routine maintenance (including descaling). If you do this, your Tassimo coffee machine will not suffer from water leaks, no matter how old it is.

However, if your coffee machine is already leaking, repairing it is very simple, and this guide can help. Look at where the water is leaking and replace or fix the component causing the leak.