Types of coffee machines

The truth is that there are many more types of coffee machines than we thought at first glance. But it is also true that consumers are susceptible to advertising and what we see on display in stores. In this way, we stay on the surface and get to know only a small percentage of all the types of coffee machines on the market.

Do you know how many types of coffee machines there are? Well, several dozens. Yes, as you can hear it: not three, not four, not five. Dozens. On this page, you will see all the coffee machines that exist in the world.

The coffee machines are classified according to how they extract the coffee. Each coffee maker has a different elaboration method and, therefore, a different result. For example, filter coffee has nothing to do with espresso coffee or with coffee made with a French press.

Contrary to what it may seem, most of them are manual coffee machines (i.e. without an electric appliance). What happens is that in most of the countries, the different types of electric coffee machines are much more accessible. They are a minority, but they sell much more.

Tradition and custom in coffee consumption also play a significant role. In each region or country, the machines that prepare a type of coffee machine more by the tastes of its inhabitants end up being more popular. That’s why the expresso coffee machines triumph on the Internet in their different versions and drip machines (although these are already a little less).

To find out what types of coffee machines exist, let’s take a look at this table (by clicking on each type of coffee maker, you will access a complete information page about each one). Then below, we briefly and concisely point out the differentiating features of each segment.

What types of coffee machines are available on the market?

How do we classify coffee machines? Well, this is very subjective, but broadly speaking, we can establish four basic classes of coffee machines according to these qualities or criteria:

  • According to their brewing method.
  • According to their use.
  • According to the material they are made of.
  • According to their characteristics.

We will now look at these basic types of coffee machines and find out which ones make up each group.

Types of coffee machines according to their brewing method

This is the main categorisation of all the types of coffee machines on the market. Each one brews coffee in a different way (infusions, filtering, etc.) and the result in each case is a coffee with its particular characteristics. Everyone has their favourite, what is yours?

NOTE: If you don’t already know, each of these coffee machines requires a different grind or grind thickness. See our guide to coffee machine coffee types for more information on this.

Types of coffee machines according to their intended use

We can also classify coffee machines according to their intended use: Where will we use them? Where are we going to install it? Are we going to leave it in one place or do we want to take it on a trip? How many people are going to use it?

All these questions will result in a group with the following types of coffee machines depending on how and where they are going to be used:

Types of coffee machines according to their material of manufacture

In many cases, coffee machines can be made of different materials. This is especially true for manual machines, as electric machines, for practical reasons, always use ABS plastic (hardened) and stainless steel or aluminium for the body and internal components.

Here is an overview of the different types of coffee machines on the market, categorised according to the material they are made of.

Types of coffee machines according to their functionalities

What accessories does it incorporate? Does it have any function that differentiates it from other coffee machines in the same segment? Are you looking for that coffee machine with a very specific feature that you don’t know how or where to distinguish? Well, this section may have the answer to all your doubts.

Types of coffee machines according to their appearance

Finally, coffee machines can also be classified according to their physical qualities and appearance. Machines attract attention because of their style, appearance, colours, or size.