Hand Mixers

Are you an enthusiast of the pastry world, and your greatest dream is to delight your family and guests with surprising recipes for homemade desserts and sweets? In that case, it seems that you have come to the right place, because in this guide, we are going to talk in-depth about some appliances that should not be missing in the kitchen of any amateur who is going to prepare desserts. We are referring, of course, to the hand mixers.

If you have never used one, you may be wondering what a hand mixer, also called a pastry mixer, is.

Well, it is a small household appliance for the kitchen, which has two main functions: the first would be to whip cream and egg whites; while the second would be to make dough for pizzas, bread, biscuits, shortcrust pastry, etc. They are closely related to kneaders, and also to hand blenders.

Now that you are clear about what a mixer is for and you probably want to have one in your kitchen to prepare your favourite sweets and desserts, new questions arise: where do you sell hand mixers? how do you buy hand mixers online? which hand mixers do you recommend?

Throughout this guide, we will try to answer these and many other questions that may arise when buying pastry mixers online. Have a seat, we’ll get started!

Tips for buying a Hand Mixer online

When buying a new utensil for our kitchen, it is not advisable to buy the first one we see, but it is convenient to weigh up a series of characteristics, to be able to be sure that what we are going to take home is the most suitable option to cover our specific needs. And what are these characteristics in the case of the rod mixers? Which rod mixer should we buy?

Below, we are going to explain the main technical aspects that you should pay attention to if you want to buy a good rod mixer. Failure to take these issues into account could result in an unwise choice, with an item that may not meet your expectations regarding the use and capabilities of pastry mixers. Let’s see what they are:

  • Power: as with hand mixers and glass mixers, power is also a fundamental aspect of pastry mixers. The greater the power, the better the performance of the internal motor when turning the rods, and therefore the better the results.
  • Materials: another aspect to bear in mind, as the materials with which the body and the rods of the mixer are made will determine its robustness, its efficiency or the ease with which it can be cleaned after each use. It is advisable to opt for models made of stainless steel (in addition to its greater durability, they do not trap odours or flavours), as plastic, although cheaper, impoverishes the final quality of the rod mixer.
  • Number of speeds: the more different speeds a model offers, the more possibilities we have of obtaining precise results for specific recipes.
  • Ease of cleaning: here we must assess whether the sticks and other elements are removable and whether they are suitable for the dishwasher.
  • Noise: like any other household appliance with a motor inside, a pastry mixer makes noise. If this is a problem for you, you should make sure that the model you buy is as quiet as possible.
  • Accessories: many models incorporate some accessories and complements, such as other types of additional rods or kneading hooks. Keep this in mind, so that you can buy the most complete hand mixer.

As you have seen, all of them are very simple and easy to understand features. You only have to bear them in mind when you go to choose a model, to know which mixer to buy or which is the best pastry mixer for you and your needs when preparing desserts.

The best brands of mixers 2020

Another important element that can help you when deciding on one model or another is the manufacturer behind it. Because it is not the same to buy good rod mixers from a prestigious firm as to risk wasting our money on a poor product from a brand with little experience in the sector.

For this reason, we would like to give you a hand, making a small list of what we believe are the best brands of pastry mixers, which can be found in shops.

This does not mean that other manufacturers do not have quality products, but that these brands that we highlight are those that have a better quality-price ratio in all their products, so they offer more guarantees when it comes to making the right purchase.

Let’s find out what they are:

Choosing a rod mixer model belonging to any of these brands will be synonymous with making a good purchase, as all these firms have an impeccable reputation, a more than proven experience and quality levels in their products beyond all doubt. Let’s get to know them now in more detail:

Bosch hand mixers

To talk about Bosch is to talk about one of the leading multinationals in the domestic appliance sector. A company that, throughout its extensive business history, has conquered millions of customers through a catalogue of great variety, both in terms of the number of products and their range of prices.

If you are going to buy Bosch pastry mixers, you will be able to witness that great variety we are talking about, being able to acquire both top-of-the-range rod mixers and cheap rod mixers from its more economical range. But, in any case, without renouncing to the high levels of quality to which this company has accustomed us.

In the field of Bosch pastry mixers, two of their most successful product lines should be highlighted: The Bosch Styline and the Bosch ErgoMixx. We leave you with some examples of their most popular models:

Braun Hand Mixer

We all know Braun’s reputation in the field of small kitchen and personal care appliances. But if there is one thing that stands out about this well-known company of German origin, it is in the field of mixers, where it has more than proven experience.

As we said with the previous brand, to buy Braun hand mixer also means to be able to choose from a very wide catalogue of products that covers different levels of quality and, consequently, several different prices.

Of all the Bosch articles in the field of pastry mixers, we must make special mention of the MultiMix line, which stands out for offering versatile, very complete models at irresistible prices. Here you can see a few examples:

Russell Hobbs Hand Mixers

This British company has earned a place in our selection of the best brands of pastry mixers, not only because of the quality that is presupposed for the products of all these great firms, but also because of the attractive design with which it endows each of its articles.

The fact is that buying Russell Hobbs hand mixers will not only allow you to make delicious sweets and homemade desserts, but will also give a distinctive touch to your kitchen, thanks to the elegant designs they have.

Russell Hobbs’ Desire line is particularly eye-catching, with red and black finishes that will not leave you indifferent.

Philips Hand Mixers

If you thought that Philips was only involved in the manufacture and marketing of audiovisual products, you would be pleasantly surprised. In addition to fantastic televisions and music equipment, this company based in the Netherlands also has a section dedicated to kitchen appliances, where it has also achieved a high level of excellence.

When you buy Philips hand mixer, you’ll find a range of products from simpler, all-purpose models to higher performance items for those looking for superior quality, even if it means investing a little more.

Here are some examples of Philips pastry hand mixer:

Ufesa Hand Mixers

This well-known company of Spanish origin and currently one of the most important members of the prestigious German group BSH has always been characterised by its functional products, which shy away from sophisticated features that no one else uses, with the aim of offering very low prices and, in this way, reaching as many customers as possible.

You will also find this interesting commercial philosophy if you choose to buy Ufesa hand mixers. You will see that all its models are basic in their operation and have generally more affordable prices than those of the competition.

If the first thing you look at when buying a new appliance is the price, Ufesa pastry mixers can be a more than interesting option:

Taurus Hand Mixer

The brand we are going to review next is Taurus, a mythical name that, although it started as a manufacturer of coffee grinders and hair dryers, evolved over the years to become a reference in the field of home appliances in general and for the kitchen in particular.

If you go and buy Taurus hand mixer, you will discover one of the fundamental pillars on which the success of this company is based: low prices. This is because this manufacturer has always been known for dispensing with certain luxuries in its products, in order to keep prices to a minimum. A feature that will please those who are going to use the Taurus pastry mixer very occasionally and who, therefore, do not want to invest too much money.

Take a look at some of their dessert mixer models, including their Taurus Prima line:

Moulinex Hand Mixers

And if we talk about mythical names, Moulinex takes the biscuit. What is the secret of its omnipresence in homes all over the world? Without a doubt, the excellent quality-price ratio of all its household appliances.

Buying Moulinex hand mixers is no exception, and if you choose a model from the French firm you will find that you can acquire items of the same quality as those of the competition, but at a significantly lower price.

See for yourself the attractive prices of Moulinex pastry mixers:

The Best Hand Mixers 2020

As we have already said, we could consider these manufacturers to be the best brands of pastry mixers, however, they are not the only ones capable of making good hand mixer. The proof of this can be found in the models that we are going to present to you below, which, without belonging to the brands mentioned, could be included in a hypothetical ranking of the best pastry mixers that can be found in shops.

Bomann HM 350 CB hand mixer

This Bomann HM 350 CB hand mixer has received rave reviews from users who have already bought it, which has led us to include it in our “TOP” of the best dessert mixers. Let’s see what its main virtues are:

  • It has a 250-watt motor, more than enough for conventional use of the mixer.
  • It offers 5 different speeds, so that the user can select the one that suits him best according to the recipe.
  • It includes a chrome plate hook for kneading and beating.
  • Its components are dishwasher safe.
  • It is sold in multiple colours (white, green, orange and purple).

But the real secret behind the success of this Bomann pastry mixers its incredible price:

Bomann HM 350 CB
1,500 Reviews
Bomann HM 350 CB
  • Product Type:Mixer
  • Dishwasher Safe:Removable parts
  • Powerful 250 watt motor
  • 5 speeds

USMixer 30HLY Aigostar Hand Mixer

Another model that is recognized by those who have purchased it is the USMixer 30HLY Aigostar hand mixer. Like the previous article, it has a great quality-price ratio and what are its main features? They are listed below:

  • Its power is 200 watts, enough to cover the most common needs in the kitchen.
  • It has 5 speeds and a “Turbo Mode”, so that users can choose the speed needed to prepare each recipe.
  • The double rods are made of stainless steel, which gives it greater durability and the possibility of being cleaned in the dishwasher.
  • Its compact size makes it easy to place in any drawer or shelf in the kitchen.
  • The ultra-thin and ergonomic handle allows for easy and very comfortable use.
  • BPA-free materials.

And as you can see below, all these features of the Aigostar pastry mixer, at a surprisingly low price:

Aigostar Electric Hand Mixer, Hand Whisk with Storage Bracket, 300W, Stainless Steel Beaters and...
56 Reviews
Aigostar Electric Hand Mixer, Hand Whisk with Storage Bracket, 300W, Stainless Steel Beaters and...
  • PROFESSIONAL ELECTRIC HAND MIXER - Powerful 300 Watts motor help you mix dough, eggs, milk, butter, cake or cream efficiently and effortlessly and also provides you fine results for all your baking...
  • A SMART STORAGE BRACKET - Aigostar electric hand mixer is designed with a storage bracket, which is made of durable plastic, 100% BPA free, you can have everything stored in one place, you don’t...
  • PROFESSIONAL STAINLESS STEEL BEATERS & HOOKS - The sturdy 304SUS stainless steel dough hook is 19 cm long so that it can mix enough amount of flour for a whole family at a time. The 18 cm long beater...
  • 6 SPEED WITH TURBO & EJECTION BUTTON - Optional 6 speeds to choose from for a wide range of ingredients. A turbo function is designed when an extra boost of power is required. The ejection button...
  • QUALITY ASSURANCE - Beautifully designed with a stainless steel housing makes it more durable. Lightweight so gives less burden to your hand during woking. If you have any questions about our...

Tristar MX-4151 Hand Mixer

Another of the most interesting proposals that can be found in the shops is the one that comes to us from the Tristar MX-4151 rod mixer. As you can see below, its features and price are very much in line with the previous models and, like these, it is a highly recommended purchase option for the average user who wants to make his own desserts, sweets, dough, etc.

  • It has a 200-watt motor.
  • In addition to the rods, it includes a set of 2 kneading hooks.
  • The materials it is made of are plastic (main casing) and stainless steel (rods and hooks).
  • It has 5 different speeds.
  • It has a practical “EJECT” function for quick and easy removal of the dough.

If you have been won over by its characteristics and qualities, wait until you see its irresistible price, you will be pleasantly surprised!

Tristar MX-4151
150 Reviews
Tristar MX-4151
  • mixeur à main|mixeur électrique|mixeur manuel|Mixeur 2 fouets

Lidl Pastry Mixer

A highly appreciated hand mixer among consumers is the Silvercrest pastry mixer. In other words, the Lidl rod mixer (Silvercrest, as we know, is the brand of this popular supermarket line of appliances).

This is a very functional mixer, without advanced features but which seduces occasional buyers thanks to its excellent value for money.

In this video you can learn more about how the Lidl Silvercrest mixer works:

Among all these examples, in addition to the specific sections that we have dedicated to each brand, we are sure that you will find the best rod mixer for your needs.

Types of rods for mixers

Pastry mixers can use various types of rods, depending on the function we want to carry out in the kitchen. Broadly speaking, we could include the different types in two large groups: the rods for beating and the hooks or kneading hooks.

The rods can have very varied designs, even in the number of threads they have (there are models with only 4 threads and others with up to 10). They are mainly used to beat eggs, whip cream and make snow-white in just a few seconds.

The hooks are used for kneading in recipes for biscuits, pizzas, breads, cakes or sponge cakes.

Both whipping rods and kneading hooks are usually made of stainless steel, since this material, besides being more resistant than plastic, does not absorb food smells or tastes.

How do I use a hand mixer?

Using a pastry mixer to knead or whip food is very simple. As you can see, there are only a few steps to follow, which are detailed below:

  1. Choose the container in which you are going to mix the ingredients, and stabilize it on the kitchen counter (for example, you can put it on a rubber surface or place a wet cloth rolled up around its base) so that it does not move or spill the ingredients while you are using the mixer.
  2. Put the ingredients you are going to whisk into the container.
  3. Attach the kneading sticks or hooks to the mixer.
  4. Connect the mixer to the electrical socket and turn it on.
  5. Select the appropriate speed for the preparation you are going to carry out.
  6. Start beating in a circular motion around the edges and centre of the container until the ingredients have the desired consistency or texture.

Easy, isn’t it? In any case, so that you do not have any doubts, we are going to attach a short video explaining the process under these same lines, so that you have a more visual reference on how to use a pastry mixer:

How do you clean a hand mixer?

Cleaning a mixer is even easier: just when you have finished blending, lift the mixer slightly until the sticks are on the surface of the beaten ingredients but without removing them from the container; select a slow speed, and set the sticks to turn for a few seconds; the centrifugal force will cause most of the food stuck to the sticks to come off; uncouple the sticks and rinse them with clean water or put them in the dishwasher if they are suitable.

Second-hand rod mixers

A good way to save a few pounds is to choose to buy second-hand pastry mixers, as these products usually have significant discounts compared to the price of the same new items. However, in these cases, it is not advisable to risk it, so we recommend that you go to a reputable shop, to avoid possible disappointment.

And what better shop than Amazon and its section of reconditioned products? There you will find an extensive catalogue of items with the best prices, and you will have the peace of mind and confidence to buy from the largest shop with the best customer service in the whole of the Internet.

The best low-cost hand mixers

Price is something that we all tend to attach great importance to when buying any type of product. We all try to get the best item at the lowest possible price.

In the area we are concerned with, what would be the best cheap hand mixer that can be found in shops today? We would like to put the finishing touches to our guide of tips for buying pastry mixers with some models whose prices are going to be frankly irresistible to you. Obviously, these are little-known brands of pastry mixers, but bear in mind that you can take a hand mixer home for just under 15-20 pounds at most. The Aigostar mixer or the Eldom pastry mixer are two good examples of this.

You no longer have any excuse not to get one and start making your own homemade desserts!

The best-selling pastry mixers

We already know that hand mixers are used in pastry making, above all. So, would you like to know which is the best-selling pastry mixer at the moment? This is the ranking of the best pastry mixers, updated every 24 hours:

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