Ufesa (which stands for Unión de Fabricantes de Electrodomésticos, SA) is one of the most important Spanish companies in the home appliance sector, particularly in domestic coffee machines. With almost half a century of history – not in vain, its origins date back to the Basque Country in 1963 – it currently belongs to the German group BSH. It develops both the manufacture and distribution of all kinds of appliances: ironing centres, hoovers, beauty and personal care, etc.

As far as coffee machines are concerned, Ufesa works mainly in the segment of espresso machines (manual) and drip coffee machines. All of its products are aimed at the undemanding family consumer and are mainly oriented towards being functional and affordable in terms of price. Ufesa coffee machines can generally be classified within a basic-medium range of their respective segments.

Buy Ufesa Coffee Machines: Prices and Models

As we always do with a brand, before summarising the qualities and differences of their coffee machines, we are going to leave you a list so that you have them all at hand and can access their detailed analyses (or purchase links) whenever you wish.

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Ufesa Drip Coffee Machines

Ufesa’s drip coffee makers are all low-cost, entry-level machines. Ufesa’s catalogue includes various models in this segment. Still, none is clearly distinguished from another beyond their launch dates (there are newer or older models) and slight variations in the size/capacity of their water tanks. You can find coffee makers for 6 cups or for 12 cups. We talk about all of them in greater depth in this article: Ufesa Drip coffee makers.

We also analyse the two most popular models of the firm in more detail: The CG7212 Selecta (which belongs to the Allegro series) and the CG7232 (which belongs to the Avantis series).

Both drip coffee makers have an external plastic housing, a water tank with a transparent level (visible from the outside), an Aroma Plus glass decanter, and a heating plate on the base to keep the coffee temperature longer. They differ, apart from belonging to different series, in that the CG7212 has a capacity of 0.65 litres (6 cups), and the CG7232 is larger (1.25 litres, 12 cups).

We have already said that all Ufesa drip coffee makers are quite economical and can be found within a range of 20-40 pounds, without exception.

Below is a brief overview of the most current models. We will not dwell on the older Ufesa drip coffee machines, such as the Ufesa Allegro, to name but a few. Surely more than one reader has them or has had them at home, but the truth is that as they are no longer in production, they are not so interesting.

Ufesa Activa CG7213

The CG7213 is a very basic white model with a 1-litre capacity, which is the entry point to the whole range of Ufesa filter coffee machines. This is usually the cheapest Ufesa coffee machine on the market and is striking for its eye-catching red and white design.

Cafetera goteo Ufesa CG7213 6 tazas
Cafetera goteo Ufesa CG7213 6 tazas
Rotary filter and jug that can be washed in the dishwasher; 1 litre water tank

The same model of Ufesa Activa filter coffee maker, but with a larger capacity (up to 15 cups), can be found under the nomenclature CG7223:

Ufesa Optima CG7214

The Ufesa Optima drip coffee maker is simply a standard but small-medium sized machine: it holds only 6 or 8 cups of coffee, 650 millilitres in total. It has a glass jug and only reaches up to 600 watts of power. It differs from the previously active one in that it has a stainless steel outer casing.

Ufesa CG7231 Avantis Selecta

The Ufesa Avantis Selecta incorporates Aroma Plus technology, which is nothing more than a specially shaped sealing of the glass carafe, allowing the aroma and qualities of freshly brewed coffee to be better preserved. It is marketed in an 8-10 cup or 12-15 cup version.

Filter Coffee Cups ufesa CG7231 10-15
Filter Coffee Cups ufesa CG7231 10-15
Colour : black; Warranty : 2 years; Power: 800 watts; Water tank capacity: 1L; Maximum pressure: 15 bar

Ufesa CG7232 Avantis Optima

The Ufesa Avantis range of drip coffee makers is one of the brand’s most popular or most populated. The Avantis Optima model is perhaps the best selling Ufesa coffee maker thanks to its large size (1.25 litres), stainless steel housing and graduated glass jug. Excellent value for money. In some places, you can find it as Ufesa Avantis 60.

Ufesa Avantis Thermo drip coffee maker CG7236

As its name suggests, this model belongs to the Avantis range and is the most advanced of all: a Ufesa drip coffee maker with a thermal carafe. You will also find it referred to as “Ufesa Avantis 90”.

Ufesa CG7236 – Máquina De Café Avantis 90 Termo 800 W – Color Negro Y Gris
Ufesa CG7236 – Máquina De Café Avantis 90 Termo 800 W – Color Negro Y Gris
Automatic shutdown; Water level indicator, on/off switch; Power: 800 watts; 1 litre capacity

Ufesa espresso coffee machines

A Ufesa manual coffee machine will always be a medium-low range model, with a contained price, and aimed at an undemanding public profile. In this range, we will not find expensive coffee machines with advanced functions.

In the segment of espresso machines, Ufesa offers a range headed by the CE7141 and CE7150 models in the espresso coffee machine segment, representatives of the Duetto Creme line, which are very popular (always present at the top of the sales lists both online and in physical shops).

Ufesa Duetto Creme CE7141

The Ufesa CE7150 is of more recent manufacture and presents a much more up-to-date and attractive design, although the water tank is somewhat larger in the CE7141 model (1.5 litres compared to 1 litre). Another difference is that the CE7150 includes three metal filters, and the CE7141 only has two.

Both coffee machines have the same qualities and advantages: 15 bar pressure, ESE single-dose compatibility, steamer and removable water tank. Users who need an uncomplicated, mid-range espresso machine to prepare their espresso every day have a complete investment guarantee in either of these two options.

Ufesa CE7141, 1050 W, Silver and Black
Ufesa CE7141, 1050 W, Silver and Black
Colour: black/silver.; Material: stainless steel; Warranty : 2 years; Power: 1050 watts; Types of drink: Cappucino

Ufesa CE7255 and CE7240

These are two much more modern machines that renew the old catalogue of Ufesa manual espresso machines. They are being launched on the market at the same time, and they are a 20 bar pressure coffee maker with a capacity of 1.6 litres and 850 watts of power. Of course, its colourful touch control panel is also worth mentioning.

The CE7240 is exactly the same, but with the analogue, non-touch control panel. Simpler, and slightly cheaper too.

Ufesa CE7238 Cream

The Ufesa Cream espresso machine model CE7238 stands out for its clean and pleasant design, with the attractive wooden finish on the handle of the filter holder as the most attractive element. It is a slightly more compact machine than the previous ones, with 20 bar pressure and a 1.2-litre water tank. It also has an adjustable steamer and ESE single-dose compatible filters… so we can consider it a really complete machine for the price.

Ufesa CK7355: the 2 in 1

The Ufesa CK7355 Duo Supreme also stands out, perhaps the most popular combi coffee machine. In addition to the espresso service, it allows us to enjoy filter coffee in the same machine—a 2×1 in every sense of the word.

We have omitted in this review well-known models that have never been marketed in many countries, such as the Ufesa Vienna (also known as Ufesa Capricciosa).

Ufesa CE7115 Capricciosa hydro-pressurised coffee machine

Finally, we will talk about the Ufesa CE7115 model, or Ufesa Capricciosa, a hydro-pressure coffee maker that allows us to prepare 2 to 4 cups of coffee and includes a steaming tube to make cappuccinos or frothy milk drinks on the spot. Its small size makes it the perfect alternative for corners with little space or to take on trips.

Spare parts for Ufesa coffee machines

As this is one of those brands that we have known “all our lives”, the Ufesa drip coffee machine package is quite extensive, and therefore spare parts are the order of the day. Especially the glass jugs, which are the ones that can deteriorate most often and are usually the first element to be replaced in old Ufesa coffee machines.

Tecnhogar Express Pot for Coffee Makers, Universal
Tecnhogar Express Pot for Coffee Makers, Universal
Long Handled Jug Express; Made from borosilacato; 1 Piece per package
Tecnhogar 00568 Universal Carafe, Black
Tecnhogar 00568 Universal Carafe, Black
Large Universal Drip Coffee Pot; Made of borosilacate glass; 1 piece per container; Dimensions: Height (with lid) 11.5 cm; Width (with handle/without handle) 16/14.5 cm
TECNHOGAR - Cafetiere Jug. Tecnhogar Universal Conical Shaped Jug.
TECNHOGAR - Cafetiere Jug. Tecnhogar Universal Conical Shaped Jug.
Universal coffee carafe; Made from borosilacate glass; Suitable for use in microwave, refrigerator, dishwasher

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