Battery powered milk frothers

In the field of milk frothers or emulsifiers, there are three main segments, which should be differentiated so that there are no surprises in our purchases. They are the following:

  • Manual milk frothers: they do not have an electric device and use a plunger with a strainer or mesh that we must shake manually to form froth. The Bialetti Tutto Crema is their most distinguished representative.
  • Frothers and milk heaters: these are electric and have a base that is connected to the current and provides heat. In addition to making froth, we can heat the contents of the container.
  • Battery-powered milk frothers: we should not confuse manual frothers with these electric hand frothers. A hand emulsifier is an electric device that resembles a blender and differs from milk heaters in that it does not have its own container. Logically, it also does not emit heat to transform the temperature of the froth. It is battery operated.

Our article today is about the latter type of battery-powered skimmer or manual milk frother.

Battery-powered milk frothers: Features

These are the essential characteristics that distinguish a battery-powered skimmer from conventional manual or electric skimmers:

  • They are battery operated.
  • They are very small and light, easy to store.
  • They are less powerful than electric ones (i.e. it will take longer to froth the same amount of milk).
  • They are by far the most economical type of milk frother available.

How does a battery-powered milk frother work?

Hand-held milk frothers or mixers are the most economical of all and are used just like a mixer. For just 2 or 3 pounds we can find the first cheaper models.

In order to work with a hand milk frother, we must have a suitable container (preferably a stainless steel milk jug) to apply the frothing rod inside and let it do its job. So, with a hand milk skimmer, we must heat and skim the milk separately and then incorporate it into our cappuccino or any other type of drink in the correct dose.

Normally these small milk beaters are battery operated (they are not connected to the mains and do not have plugs) and are smaller than a normal, ordinary mixer. If the wheel or strainer that serves to form froth were larger, the bubbles would be excessively large and would not achieve sufficient density or firmness to crown a good coffee.

It is necessary to insist that the milk froth is an element with very determined characteristics, so it is not worth shaking the raw material in any way.

In this video, you can see in more detail how to use a battery-powered milk frother and appreciate its size better:

The best battery powered milk frothers 2023

Well, we already know that consumer tastes are volatile and can vary over time, but in the case of battery-powered frothers, we can highlight a range of models that will always give you a guarantee. Their qualities and size are very similar, only the colours and the brand vary.

The price range of these hand-held milk frothers is between 5 and 15 pounds in all cases. They are as follows (and not necessarily in this order):

Bomann MS 344

Bomann is a German firm that finds one of its greatest assets in this black stainless steel frother. Unbeatable value for money.

LaGondola Emulsifier

This one could be called a high-end battery-powered milk frother. It is built 100% in stainless steel, and the motor reaches 15000 rpm. We recommend it if you are looking for the best battery powered milk frother.

Caso Fomini Emulsion

A leading company in the electric frothers sector also had to have its representative on batteries. It inherits the name of the homonymous electric version Caso Fomini Jet.

Severin EM 359

We have already talked at length about Severin milk frothers, which even have their own guide on our website. It is the little brother of the range, although not less reliable.

Bodum Schiuma

Another of the best battery-powered frothers on the market. Bodum is a prestigious brand and shows it with this stainless steel sparkling winemaker (both the rod and the body).

Clatronic MS 3502

Clatronic is perhaps the best brand of battery-powered frothers because of the quality of its devices, but also because it offers a wide range of several different models. This MS-3502 stands out for its stainless steel bodywork.

Clatronic MS 3089

The model MS-3089 is much better known and sold in the market for its excellent value for money. It is almost always among the best selling frothers on Amazon.

Aerolatte AL-3-SAT Frother

The Aerolatte is a stainless steel battery-powered milk beater and very small, super handy and at a more competitive price than other steel skimmers with similar features.

Cilio Aerolatte (with support included)

A premium option for those looking for not only one of the best battery powered frothers on the market but also a super useful accessory like this stand to keep it always at hand and free from bumps and scratches.

Cilio Aerolatte (with cow design!)

Well, it’s obvious why we chose this one to close our ranking. A milk frother with a cow design, for an original gift where there are any.

As you can see, the hand-held milk frothers have different finishes, different colours and different materials, although stainless steel is predominant. Otherwise, as we said before, they do not present great functional differences between them.

If you like to prepare milk froth frequently at home, one of these battery-powered milk frothers is an ideal complement to the traditional vaporiser of your espresso machine or a simple and cheap substitute if your coffee machine lacks this accessory.

Another option is to get a more professional, electric milk frother, which you can get at our frothing store. But this extra investment is only recommended if you are really going to take advantage of it and use it often.

Where can I buy my battery-powered milk frother?

We recommend buying a battery-powered milk frother at Amazon. Manual and electric models are somewhat more popular on the market and can be found in some department stores and specialised shops. But these lightweight battery-powered devices are sold more in bazaars and cheap stores, so our option is always to go to specialised centres, or at least to Amazon where you have a reliable after-sales service and an unbeatable amount of offers.

Best-selling battery-powered frothers in 2023

And to finish our guide to the best battery-powered frothers on the market, we’ve attached a list of user preferences. The data is taken directly from Amazon, so it is 100% reliable.

When buying a battery-powered milk frother, this table will surely serve as a reference.

What about you, dear readers? Do you use any of these hand-held milk emulsifiers at home? Do you see any advantages or disadvantages to them compared to the normal steamers that come in the coffee machines with a milk frother or to the electric milk heaters? We look forward to your comments!