Differences between Tassimo coffee machines

When you have decided to buy a capsule coffee maker, and you know the pros and cons of each brand, you only have to face the most difficult step: deciding which coffee maker to buy from among the different models offered by the chosen firm. In the case of Tassimo, for example, it is easy to get carried away by trends and opt for the most modern or expensive coffee maker, which is usually the one you find in the corner shop.

Luckily, we are here to shed light and help you to differentiate all the Tassimo coffee machines, which are 6 in total. If you are thinking of buying a Tassimo machine, be sure to read this article: we will tell you straight away how each of the Tassimo models is different and how they are similar.

Unlike Nespresso or Dolce Gusto machines, Tassimo coffee machines do not usually stay on the market for long. Thus, the models that can be found in almost all shops and that are sold most often online are the most recent ones (in this case, Vivy and Suny or the My Way T60 to a lesser extent).

It is as if a new launch eclipses the previous ones. For example, some of the first Tassimo coffee machines (the Amia or T20 and the Fidelia or T40) already have a small market share, even though their performance is very similar to the rest of the range.

Before you start differentiating between them, remember that all Tassimo coffee machines are made by Bosch, have a removable tank and only work with Tassimo T-Discs (there are no compatible Tassimo capsules or anything else).

The Cheapest Tassimo Coffee Makers

The most economical Tassimo machines are the Happy, Vivy and Suny models. The Suny is the oldest and is now out of print. The other two came onto the market almost simultaneously and had similar characteristics, with 0.8 litre capacity in the tank. Even the design is very similar.

The only difference is that Suny has the Smart Start system, which means that the coffee machine starts up as soon as you place your cup on the coffee tray.

For less than 50 pounds, you can take any of these three homes with you.

Tassimo Coffee Machine: The Biggest

In terms of size and capacity, the Charmy or Tassimo TAS55 model wins by a landslide. Its 2-litre water tank makes it stand out not only from the rest of the Tassimo machines but from any other competitor in the capsule segment. Naturally, its price is also the highest in the whole firm.

Tassimo T70 (Caddy): The Innovation

Indeed, the Tassimo range of coffee machines has historically been characterised by the introduction of a few new features from one model to another. More than five years ago, in 2015, the firm made a strong commitment to change this trend and launched the Caddy model on the market with the Tassimo T70 nomenclature.

Its main feature is that it is fitted with a capsule holder (T-Discs) that can be extended by modules. The idea is good and practical, but perhaps it does not justify the coffee machine’s total price (which does not bring anything new compared to other Tassimo machines). The truth is that the experiment has not enjoyed the success of its predecessors Vivy and Suny so far.

The Forgotten Tassimo: Amia, Fidelia and Joy

Amia (T20), Fidelia (T40) and Joy (T43) are Tassimo’s oldest coffee makers. The first. The ones that opened the way for the others. They are practically out of print and have made way for later models.

You can still find them on sale in online shops (Amazon usually has stock), but the truth is that they are hardly present in the market anymore. And it is a pity because they had a much larger capacity (around one and a half litres) than the Tassimo coffee machines that came out later. However, in terms of performance, they all offered the same thing.