Manual milk frothers

When buying a manual milk frother, we often find ourselves in a dilemma of considering whether we are doing well or badly by discarding other, perhaps more advanced possibilities. In today’s article, we will try to clear up those doubts as clearly as possible.

A manual milk mixer, or milk creamer, is clearly different from the other two big types of milk skimmers on the market: battery-powered milk frothers and electric frothers. What is this difference? Well, it’s obvious to say: manual milk beaters work without any kind of electric current and to make the froth we have to use only our arm.

Because of their simplicity, they have the enormous advantage of price (manual milk beaters are much more affordable than electric ones). On the other hand, they lack advanced options such as heating the milk while emulsifying. If you buy a manual milk frother like the ones presented in this ranking, you must be aware that you must heat the milk beforehand, separately, or use the froth at room temperature.

Manual milk frother: How to use

The manual milk frothers consist of two basic parts:

  • A container, usually made of stainless steel.
  • A handle or plunger with a mesh at one end, the same diameter as the container.

How does a hand milk frother work? It is very simple: to make milk froth, all you have to do is add as much milk as you want to the container and insert the plunger, with the mesh facing downwards.

Afterwards, we only have to shake the plunger up and down. The mesh will do its job and will be responsible for creating the tiny air bubbles in the milk that are needed to achieve the froth texture.

In this video, you can see it better:

The density and volume of the milk froth will depend on the force with which we shake the plunger of the milk frother and the time we extend the operation. It is what you see in the foreground of one of the best-known milk frothers on the market: The Bialetti Tutto Crema.

When using a manual milk frother, you must bear in mind that you must never fill it above the marks indicated on the container.

It is because milk froth, as it contains air bubbles, takes up a greater volume than milk in its normal liquid state. As you froth the milk, the volume will increase, and if you have filled your hand frother above the mark, the froth will eventually overflow.

The three best manual milk frothers

After this introduction to this peculiar segment of manual milk frother machines, it is time to review the most outstanding models (either because of their popularity, their quality or their continuous presence at the top of the sales lists).

These are, in our opinion, the most interesting manual milk frothers on the market. We offer you for each one the direct purchase link, its current price (updated in real-time) and, of course, the link to its review within our website so that you can get more information if you wish. Don’t lose any details, because the best manual milk frother of 2023 is surely among these:

Manual Milk Beater No. 1: Bodum Latteo

The Bodum Latteo is a manual frother that has a capacity of 250 ml (a quarter of a litre) of milk. The container, including the handle, is made of high-temperature-resistant borosilicate glass, and both the lid and the plunger are made of black plastic. A guarantee that comes from the German company Bodum.

Manual Milk Beater No. 2: Bialetti Tutto Crema

The Bialetti Tutto Crema is a manual skimmer with a larger capacity than the previous one, which uses aluminium instead of glass for the construction of the container. Both the handle and the plunger handle are made of heat-insulating material so that you do not burn yourself when handling hot milk.

In any case, if you want to buy the best manual milk frother, your choice will probably be between one of these two models.

Manual Milk Beater Nº3: Bonvivó Fomo

Bonvivó is not as well known as the previous two brands, but if you are looking for good quality, affordable manual frother, you should consider this Fomo among your options. It is a stainless steel and glass manual milk whisk with a capacity of 400 ml.

All in all, three good touchstones when buying your manual milk frother on Amazon.

Brands of manual milk frothers

We usually incorporate a section on “best brands” in our analysis so that all readers can have a reference to the leading manufacturers in the market. However, in the sector of manual milk frothers, we are not going to do this.

There is no firm that we can treat as “the best brand of manual milk frothers“, basically because most brands only have one model of this type in their catalogue.

At the same time, we can find in the market (and especially in Amazon) a lot of manual milk frothers made in Asia, usually metallic and all of them with a similar design. Logically, when you read the names of the manufacturers, they will not ring a bell, but they can be an interesting alternative due to their price. Here are some examples:

Is there a manual ATMA milk frother?

We have already talked about the ATMA brand on our website. It is actually a manufacturer that is not very well known in our country, but it is very popular in the American continent.

In this case, the American company does not have a manual Atma milk frother in its catalogue. Still, it does offer us the very popular CA-7100E (electric) model, whose operation we can see in the next Atma milk frother in Garbarino.

Best-selling manual milk frothers in 2023

To conclude our report, we leave you with the usual sales ranking so that you have a reference when buying your manual milk frother. Remember that these are not necessarily the best manual milk frothers in existence, but rather the favourites of consumers like you.

And so far, our selection, what do you think of our list of milk frothers? Are you missing any manual milk frothers that are not listed here?