Severin milk frothers

The German company Severin has become one of the most prestigious manufacturers in the small household appliance sector and, in particular, in the coffee machine sector. Its product offer is very wide, and it practically does not limp in any line of business. Its popularity, especially in Europe, is beyond doubt, and it is rare not to find one of its appliances in any kitchen on the continent.

However, it is in the segment of frothers or milk beaters where Severin stands out and exercises absolute control over its competitors. Severin’s range of frothers is the largest on the market and offers alternatives for all tastes, pockets and needs.  We focus on the electric skimmers (those that are plugged into the current), although Severin also has a presence in the simplest range of milk mixers: those that work with batteries.  You can take a look at them here: manual milk frothers.

The German firm offers up to five models of electric frothers or induction milk frothers. We can divide them into two large families or lines: the SM 94 and the SM 96. This last group presents models of more recent manufacture and, in general, of higher range and quality than the previous ones. The SM 94 line could be described as the medium range of this brand, while the SM 96 frothers represent the firm’s highest range.

Next, we will look at each model in a little more depth, and above all, we will emphasize the differences between each one. We will always try to orient our information in order to offer the maximum help to the user and the maximum clarity to make purchase decisions. Here we go!

Severin SM 94 frothers

This family of electric skimmers has two main models: the SM 9494 and the SM 9495. Although they are numbered consecutively, they are two completely different milk mixers.

The SM 9494 is a small frother, with a capacity of 200 ml, perfect for individual users and very easy to operate. Still, it has one clear drawback: it has part of the electrical appliance (such as the switch) integrated into the container itself, and this prevents it from being put in the dishwasher. It has to be carefully washed by hand. And you know that, when working with milk, blenders of this type must be left as new after each use.

The SM 9495, on the other hand, is similar in size to the above, but the container is made of stainless steel and can be washed separately in the dishwasher. It is a superior product. Both milk frothers are located in the 40-50 pound fork and represent an excellent option for users who want to have an automatic (or electric) induction milk frother at home to prepare their lattes, cappuccinos and other beverages effortlessly. Just make sure that their capacity (200 millilitres for heating milk, 100 millilitres for frothing) fits your needs.

Severin SM 96 frothers

The SM 96 induction milk frother constitute the highest range of Severin frothers. Its three models differ essentially in that Severin SM 9684 does not allow selecting several output temperatures for the milk. On the other hand, the Severin SM 9685 and Severin SM 9688 models allow us to choose if we want to enjoy the froth (or the milk) in several ranges: at 65º C, at 60º C, at 50º C or at 45º C.

The three skimmers have a stainless steel milk jug, an electric bass, a lid to prevent splashing and two interchangeable heads that are responsible either for frothing the milk or for heating it without frothing. Naturally, they can also function as a heater.

The main difference between Severin’s SM 96 skimmers and the SM 94, which we have seen in the previous section, lies in their size: 700 ml capacity, for barely 200 ml of the previous ones. This ostensible difference in size is also reflected, of course, in the price. Take a look at the current offers for each model:

The Severin SM 9688 frother is an update or revision of the SM 9685 model, although essentially, its features, appearance and price are the same. The following picture belongs to the SM 9688 induction milk frother:

Buy a Severin frother

Once the presentations are done, the conclusion is clear: when buying a Severin electric induction milk frother, we must take into account two things.

  1. Firstly, the volume that we are going to need to froth. If 100 ml of froth is enough – enough for one or two cups of cappuccino – then we can settle for a frother from the SM 94 series. If, on the other hand, we need to produce larger quantities of froth – for example, for meetings or visits – then we will have to consider one of the SM 96 series frothing machines.
  2. To be able to choose the temperature. These latest models, in particular, the SM 9685 and SM 9688, are also the only ones that allow you to choose between several outlet temperatures. The rest offers three functions: milk heater, cold froth or hot froth at 65°C. So you will have to choose these products in case your palate wants to distinguish these nuances. For example, if we follow the strictest canons, the froth of a cappuccino must be warm, much cooler than that of a normal latte.

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