Which is the Best Capsule Coffee Maker to Give Away?

A capsule coffee maker is always an excellent gift. They are practical, they are beautiful, and they serve to make our lives a little more pleasant. However, it is an item of an absolute value, and that also compromises in some way the recipient of the gift, since to enjoy it you will need to buy on your own the capsules of the drink you prefer.

The capsule coffee maker market is very open, and the options are many, so if you want to know which is the best capsule coffee maker to give as a gift without messing up, we are going to help you.

In this article, we are going to show you what we think are the best options if you want to buy a capsule coffee maker as a gift, and what would be our final choice considering all the factors. Please note that this article is prepared, taking into account the market and price offers at the time of publication.

What Should I Consider Before Giving a Coffee Machine as a Gift?

Firstly, the price of the capsules, so as not to compromise too much the person receiving the gift. Secondly, since it is a gift that the product is attractive and cheerful. And as you have to have everything planned, if you are very interested in the price of the machine or you have to adjust your budget, we recommend you to take a look at our post about the best capsule coffee machine for less than 100 pounds.

We must take into account the tastes and availability of the person to whom we are going to give a capsule coffee maker, since it is not a single-use product. Still, over time its owner will have to buy the necessary single-dose cups to enjoy it. And these will come out of his pocket.

For example, to give someone a great Nespresso coffee maker as a gift, you should first check the availability of physical Nespresso stores in the area. We could be forcing you to resort to the Internet to purchase your capsules continually. It is just one example.

In any case, if we want to ensure 100% success with our gift, our advice is to invest a little less in the purchase of the coffee maker, and devote that money to completing the gift with a good pack of different capsules so that the person who receives it does not have to worry about anything for an extended time. Or even some practical accessories to complement it.

No doubt they will be much more grateful for this detail than if you give them a coffee maker, however splendid it may be. If you have doubts about offers in capsules, we advise you to consult the following links to find the best offers in capsules and accessories of any brand:

Buy capsules of all brands

To complete your gift we suggest some of the best capsule offers you can find on the Internet from all brands:

Of course, it may take you less time to walk around our vast coffee capsule store, and dive among the dozens of references we have of each brand.

List of interesting coffee machine accessories

First, we offer you the purchase links to some of the best-selling coffee machine accessories on our website:

Although in general, if you are looking for gift ideas, the most practical thing is to take a look at the many sections of our Coffee Store. How about a capsule dispenser for any brand? Or maybe an electric kettle?

Three options to give away a capsule coffee maker

And finally we are going to get down to business by introducing you to the single-dose coffee machines that we think are best suited to give away:

Dolce Gusto Mini Me

The first capsule coffee maker we present to you as a gift alternative is the Dolce Gusto Mini Me. It is one of the most representative models of the Nestlé Dolce Gusto brand, thanks above all to its striking design and colouring. Whoever is the recipient of this gift will be delighted as soon as they discover it.

In addition to its attractive appearance, the Dolce Gusto Mini Me boasts a large capacity water tank (0.8 litres). On the other hand, it may not have one of the practical capsule holders that other models have.

As for its price, which is around 70 pounds in its automatic version, we believe that it fits the quality of the machine. The Dolce Gusto Mini Me is an unforgettable gift and a safe bet. We guarantee it.

De'Longhi Nescafé Dolce Gusto Mini Me, Single Serve Capsule Coffee Machine Starter Kit, Including 6...
  • Compact designed machine with six boxes of pods included
  • Easy to use - all you need is the machine, some water and pods
  • Easy to clean - as all the coffee grounds stay in the pods there is no mess, no fuss
  • Adjustable drip tray suitable for all cup sizeable for all cup sizes

Tassimo Vivy

The Tassimo Vivy was one of the most successful models since its launch almost a decade ago. Besides its low price (you can buy it for less than 40 pounds) it is a perfect machine to give as a present to someone because its size is petite and it takes little space in the kitchen. Its dimensions are only 24.9 cms high, 16.9 cms wide and 29.8 cms deep. It weighs only 2.1 kgs.

It is a compact coffee machine that has all the advantages of the most modern machines. Integrated accessory for the manufacture of milk foam, automatic cleaning and decalcification system, removable and adjustable tray, everything necessary to make life easier for the recipient of your gift.

Tassimo Bosch TASSIMO Vivy 2 TAS1402GB Coffee Machine, 1300 Watt, 0.7 Litres - Black
3,060 Reviews
Tassimo Bosch TASSIMO Vivy 2 TAS1402GB Coffee Machine, 1300 Watt, 0.7 Litres - Black
  • Auto cleaning and descaling. Note: It is suggested to wait for 24 hours for the machine to unlock
  • Height adjustable and removable cup stand with stainless steel drip tray: can be fully removed for tall latte glasses or travel mugs
  • Easy to use, one button operation with Tassimo T-Discs
  • Removable water tank integrated into housing unit 0.7 Litre
  • 5 LED user interface provides user with current information about machine status: Standby, Automatic mode, Manual mode, Refill water tank, machine needs to be descaled

Senseo Original

The Senseo are coffee machines that always have to be taken into account to make a gift, because the price of their capsules (which is what the recipient of the gift will have to pay for the rest of his life, do not forget) is by far the most affordable of the entire market.

Of all the options Senseo, we chose the Senseo Original, which in addition to having an affordable price (around 80 pounds) incorporates all the necessary features – touch panel, bright colours, automatic decalcification – so we can be the sea of good with our gift.

Senseo Original HD6554/10 Padmaschine with Kaffee-Boost white
  • Senseo Original HD6554/10 coffee maker Pod coffee machine 0.7 L Semi-auto
  • 8710103822721
  • HD6554/10
  • Coffee Makers

Which capsule coffee maker should I choose?

Each option has its convincing reasons: the Senseo Original for not compromising too much to the gift recipient, thanks to the affordability of its capsules. The Tassimo Vivy for its small size and reduced price, ideal if we do not have much budget for the gift. The Dolce Gusto Mini Me because its casual design makes it perfect for brightening up anyone’s day and because it is a gift to dazzle. Any of the three options is a safe bet, but which one do we get?

Our choice: Tassimo Vivy