Professional coffee dispensers for commercial use

When we stay in a hotel, one of the things we like most is breakfast. We have all kinds of food and drinks at our disposal, we can take what we want, and we do not depend on anyone to serve us. And it’s the same with coffee. Have you noticed that most buffets tend to install automatic coffee machines (specific for buffets) instead of having the coffee prepared beforehand and served by a waiter?

Yes, such machines do exist. If you are looking to buy a coffee machine for your buffet or catering business (with similar requirements), you will probably be interested in reading this page and getting to know them.

Of course, you can always manage with a conventional coffee maker and with several waiters distributing the coffee between the tables… but in the long run, this tactic will bring you problems and burdens. Especially if you have a crowded buffet and orders pile up during morning rush hours.

The most important thing when buying a buffet coffee machine online is that we are clear about why we need it and what advantages it has over a traditional machine.

  • Traditional pod or espresso machines are not suitable, because they are designed for home use and in a buffet someone would have to be on hand to refill the water tank and replace the pods or clean the drip tray every few minutes. At most you could opt for a super automatic coffee machine with a large capacity (over 2 or 2.5 litres of tank).
  • Nor can we resort to professional coffee machines for a free buffet, as we would then be dependent on a barista or waiter serving the coffee to the customers. The advantage of a buffet is that the customer can serve his own coffee.

The qualities that a good free buffet coffee machine should have are therefore

  • Ability to produce (not just serve) several tens of litres of coffee every hour.
  • The customer must be able to go to the machine, start it up and serve himself without any outside help.
  • The coffee should be served quickly.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.

As you can see, all these characteristics of an automatic coffee machine for a free buffet are aimed at the same objective: to make the operation as easy as possible for the customer and to reduce the dependence on a waiter or a person in charge. Otherwise, it would not make sense to be inside a hotel buffet.

The best free buffet coffee machine

When it comes to automatic buffet coffee machines, the absolute reference throughout the world is usually the Bravilor Bonamat brand of coffee machines.

Bravilor buffet coffee machines are automatic, high-capacity filter coffee makers designed to withstand dozens and dozens of daily services without being disturbed. They have nothing to do, of course, with home filter coffee machines, even if they make coffee in the same way. You only have to look at the price difference to see it.

Especially significant is the Mondo buffet coffee maker (model Bravilor Mondo), which is capable of making up to 18 litres of coffee in an hour. Enough even for very large buffets. We even have the Bravilor Bonamat Matic option, which is exactly the same but connected to a water outlet instead of using its own tank.

In general, the Bravilor range of automatic buffet coffee machines for the hotel and catering industry is quite wide and covers any need: huge resort buffets, small buffets for cafeterias or business centres, automatic buffet coffee makers with one or two jugs, with plastic or stainless steel filters… there are many models and different capacities for each of them.

Of course, if you choose the Bonamat brand, you can buy your free buffet coffee machine at Amazon. We warn you that not all models are in stock (some may be out of stock and take time to replace them), but in general, it is the best option if you want to access this type of buffet coffee machine at any time.

The other alternative would be to contact an authorised distributor, such as Sammic, but not all cities are operational.

Drink dispensers for free buffet

If you want to extend the possibilities of your buffet, or if you have a free buffet in your small business with little space (and therefore can’t afford to install several machines), then a good solution is the hot drink dispensers for the catering trade.

These machines not only make different varieties of coffee but are operated at the touch of a button (speed and convenience are paramount) and have a much larger capacity than any buffet or home coffee machine. They are based on soluble products and are generally more versatile than a “simple” coffee machine. Logically, they are also much more expensive and take up more space… but you can be sure that you have everything you need for your business in a single maker.

To give you an example, the Bravilor Bonamat FM 310 drink dispenser is capable of making up to 240 cups of instant drink services (pre-made), or 160 ready-made drinks services, every hour.

Note: a hot drink dispenser for buffets is not the same as a vending maker.