Differences between Nespresso coffee machines

Regarding coffee pod machines, it is clear to most of us that Nespresso is the most recognised brand on the market. We all see that big N is associated with elegance, style and quality. In that impeccable suit, George Clooney reminds us of it: What else?

But there are differences between all Nespresso coffee machine models, not just a few. If this were not the case, why does an Inissia in the official shop cost just £109.90 (without discount) and a Creatista Pro £729.90? We need to consider aspects such as the possibility of frothing milk, price, design or convenience to differentiate one from the other.

All Nespresso machines use the same coffee, so the differences are in the machines themselves. Two main factors increase the price of a Nespresso machine: the materials used in its construction and, on the other hand, the complexity of the functions offered to the user.

Nespresso for cappuccinos and lattes

If you are one of those who can’t live without a cappuccino or latte, you will need a Nespresso that allows you to prepare them easily.

Best Nespresso coffee machine for cappuccinos and lattes
Best Nespresso coffee machine for cappuccinos and lattes

Nespresso Creatista Pro

If you don’t mind the cost of the coffee machine, the best Nespresso model for amateur baristas is the Creatista Pro (on Amazon for £629). This is due to three key factors that set it apart from other models:

  • It is mostly stainless steel, with an impeccable appearance and traditional styling.
  • It has a steam wand, allowing you to make latte drinks like a professional barista.
  • The built-in digital display not only allows you to make unique coffees, but you can also save the settings in the memory. In addition, it will alert you to problems and maintenance status.

Nespresso Gran Lattissima

One step down is the Nespresso Gran Lattissima (on Amazon for £381), which does not have a frothing wand, but an adjoining milk tank. It also does not have a digital display like the Creatista but touche buttons for each milk drink.

Nespresso Citiz&Milk

The Nespresso Citiz&Milk (on Amazon for £215) is a classic coffee machine with an Aeroccino frother attached to the side. The Aeroccino is the cleanest method of frothing milk, although the froth you’ll get is pretty standard. It will depend on your technique if you want to make really good creations.

The simplest and most basic Nespresso

We’ve just looked at the best Nespresso machines for making milk-based drinks, but if you’re someone who enjoys good hot espresso without anything else, you won’t need a frother.

As we said in the introduction, all Nespresso machines use the same coffee. So the simplest Nespresso machine will make the same quality espresso as the most complicated one.

Nespresso Inissia or Pixie?

Today, 25/04/2023, Nespresso has two of the most compact and simple coffee machines it has ever made on sale in its official shop; the Inissia (in the official shop at £109.90) and the Pixie (in the official shop at £159.90).

What are the differences between them? None!

Nespresso Inissia is the same as Nespresso Pixie
Nespresso Inissia is the same as Nespresso Pixie

Both coffee machines offer the same options, although they have different designs. You may read in other blogs that there are differences in dimensions, tank or even electrical power, but believe me, none of these qualities makes any real difference, so if you choose one or the other, do it for aesthetics or price!

Why don’t the dimensions or weight of Nespresso machines matter?

When talking about classic or super-automatic espresso machines, it is important to know these facts.

Some models, such as the Delonghi La Specialista, weigh more than 13 kilograms, or the Philips 5400 Lattego is more than 40 centimetres high by more than 35 centimetres deep; these machines can be difficult to place in a normal kitchen.

  • The heaviest Nespresso coffee machine differs from the lightest by less than 3kg (Creatista vs Essenza Mini). While the former weighs 5.4 kg, the latter weighs 2.3 kg, so neither is a problem to place in the kitchen or to move for cleaning.
  • The same goes for the water tank size – with the 0.6 litres of the Essenza Mini, you can make 15 espressos! Who needs the 1.5 litres of the Creatista?
  • When it comes to electrical power, whoever adds this figure has never calculated what a coffee pod machine consumes since it barely amounts to £3 per year. 100W or so of power consumption is less per year than the cost of a single coffee pod.

Original Nespresso or Vertuo?

Did you think I’d forgotten about the VertuoLine models? These coffee machines are a world apart, using a different coffee pod system. Although the coffee inside the pods is the same, the technology is completely different.

As there is a lot to talk about to differentiate between the two types of coffee machines, I have created a separate article where I explain all the differences between the Nespresso OriginalLine and VertuoLine coffee machines in detail.

There are hardly any differences between the Vertuo coffee machines; the most important difference is the possibility of making 530ml coffees with the Vertuo Next model. We are talking about making more than half a litre of coffee with a coffee pod machine, something never seen before.

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Which Nespresso machine is the best?

With everything, we have said so far, including the article on the differences between the Nespresso OriginalLine and the VertuoLine, the best coffee machine in the Creatista. However, its price is quite high for a coffee pod machine.

If I had to choose a coffee machine that is good value for money and allows different coffee brews, I would go for the Citiz&Milk or the Vertuo Next + an Aeroccino. This way, I could enjoy the full flavour of espressos and make delicious cappuccinos or lattes.

But again, the best Nespresso machine is different for everyone. Maybe for you another model is more suitable for your needs.