Valentus Coffee

In the last few years, Valentus coffee has gained a lot of momentum in the diet sector, just like Marita coffee or Lingzhi coffee, to name but a few. But outside this area, not everyone knows what slimming Valentus coffee is, what it consists of and whether it really works.

Our intention with this article is to take a closer look at Valentus slimming coffee, to explain to the layman – or the curious – what Valentus coffee really is and what options you have if you would like to try it at home. From there, of course, it’s up to the individual to make their own decision.

But good eating habits and an active lifestyle will always be more effective for weight loss than any miracle product.

What exactly is Valentus coffee?

For those who are not familiar with it, we should, first of all, clarify what Valentus coffee is and what it actually consists of.

As you can imagine, Valentus is not exactly coffee but a coffee-based drink (which is not the same thing) that acts primarily as an appetite suppressant. It is, therefore, a satiating product used for weight control or weight loss. It is similar to what we find in green coffee capsules for weight loss.

What ingredients does Valentus coffee contain?

To achieve its satiating effect, it is clear that the slimming Valentus coffee must combine the coffee itself with other ingredients that enhance its qualities. In this case, the ingredients in Valentus coffee are:

  • Roasted coffee.
  • Green tea (usually extract).
  • 2-Amino 5-Methylheptane.
  • B-Phenethylamine.
  • Acetyl L-Carnitine.
  • L-Theanine.
  • Alpha-Clycerophosphocholine.
  • Chromium polynicotinate.
  • Erythritol.

Naturally, apart from the coffee and green tea, the other ingredients in Valentus coffee will sound like a strange language to you. In short, they are essential amino acids that our body does not produce and which can only be obtained through food.

The different varieties of Valentus coffee

When it comes to buying Valentus coffee, we will find several varieties or formats that we should be clear about before making a decision. Otherwise, the first time we go to buy it, we may find ourselves faced with a series of alternatives that we will not know what they are for or how they differ.

Broadly speaking, there are three types of Valentus coffee: Slimroast, Thermoroast and Optimum.

Valentus Slimroast coffee

Let’s start with Valentus Slimroast coffee.

Valentus Slimroast coffee, which is primarily a thermogenic, i.e. a fat-burning agent that increases body temperature and accelerates metabolism, resulting in higher calorie consumption and faster fat burning.

Each pack of Valentus Slimroast coffee contains approximately 30 days’ worth of product, as do all the other varieties. The packs and sizes are always the same.

Valentus Thermoroast coffee

In early 2020 the company launched Valentus Thermoroast coffee. The Thermoroast variety is, therefore, slightly newer than the Slimroast (which we can consider the “original”) and has a slightly higher caffeine content. It also has a slightly darker or browner colour than the Valentus Slimroast, a slightly less bitter taste and a slightly more pleasant aroma, although this is a totally personal and subjective impression.

The differences between the Valentus Slimroast and the Valentus Thermoroast are basically the use of a different coffee (Colombian coffee) which is also darker roasted so that the drinking experience is more like drinking a normal coffee.

This variation in its product is made by Valentus after several market studies and surveys among its customers, some of whom were not completely satisfied with the taste and effects of the original Slimroast. So from now on, if you want to buy Valentus coffee for the first time, you have two varieties to choose from.

Valentus Optimum coffee

Finally, there is the barely marketed Valentus Optimum coffee, which contains an additional ingredient: Dynamin. The properties and effects of Valentus Optimum coffee are practically the same as the others, the only difference being the substitution or addition of this particular ingredient in the product’s formula.

Benefits of Valentus slimming coffee

The main benefits of Valentus coffee are related to fat loss and natural appetite suppression, although in some cases, other secondary benefits may also be noted, mainly due to the natural properties of both coffee and green tea (the main ingredients in Valentus coffee).

  • Facilitates the elimination of fat by speeding up the metabolism.
  • Satisfies or partially suppresses appetite.
  • Antioxidant properties.
  • It is a vasodilator and helps the circulatory system.
  • Calms anxiety and improves sleep quality.

Valentus coffeee: Most important contraindications

The contraindications of coffee Valentus and its side effects are related to the fact that it is a strong product, with a high caffeine content (important for activating thermogenesis and accelerating metabolism), as well as to the presence of some ingredients that have already been removed from the original formulas of the product. For example, certain elements are present in Valentus Slimroast coffee but not in Thermoroast.

  • Each organism reacts in a different way, but you may notice a certain amount of sudden heat and sweating (due to the accelerated metabolism).
  • It is not compatible with people suffering from hypertension or similar pathologies.
  • An increase in heart rate and blood pressure may occur.
  • Risk of agitation.
  • As with any product containing coffee, its consumption is not suitable for minors, pregnant women, nursing mothers or those with high-risk pathologies.

Some of these side effects of Valentus coffee are related to the presence of methylhexanamine and phenethylamine in some (but not all) formulations and varieties of the product. It is therefore important to check the list of ingredients in the exact Valentus coffee you are going to drink.

We have not mentioned it, but as a major drawback of Valentus coffee, we must also point out its price, which, as you will see in this article, is not entirely economical.

Where can I buy Valentus coffee?

First of all, we must inform you of the peculiar system of sale and distribution “without intermediaries” that these and many other diet products follow, due to which it is extremely difficult to find them in normal physical shops.

And we use inverted commas around the word “intermediaries” because, in reality, Valentus coffee, like so many other products, is distributed almost exclusively through private individuals who take a commission on the sale, something similar to what happens with the popular Thermomix.

To get your hands on some samples or large packs of Valentus coffee, the easiest way is to go to Amazon. Some sellers place them directly there, although there are still many direct Valentus affiliates selling the product. This is more common in Latin America and other regions of the world, where Valentus coffee is more popular.

So the easiest thing to do, even if you won’t have a personal advisor to answer your questions, is to buy Valentum coffee on Amazon.

How do you drink Valentus coffee?

At this point, if this is the first time you have read about this product, you may be wondering how to take Valentus coffee for weight loss, whether it is a drink, how to ingest it or how to prepare it. Because the truth is that when you open it, Valentus coffee looks like a jar of powder and little else.

To learn how to drink Valentus coffee, we could liken it to a conventional instant coffee. It is prepared in a similar way, by adding a dose of the product to a glass of hot water (about 20ml of water) but not boiled. You can actually pour in as much Valentus coffee as you like, but each pack comes with a measuring spoon, the graduation of which it is advisable to follow.

However, it is advisable to take a few precautions when you start drinking Valentus coffee for the first time. The first is to take it slowly, softening the initial dose. For example, start by adding only half a teaspoon of the product during the first week, increase to three-quarters of a teaspoon during the following days, and start drinking a Valentus coffee with a full teaspoon thereafter.

Once prepared and shaken, it can be taken as a regular drink, any time you would like to drink a normal coffee. However, the manufacturers recommend drinking one or two glasses of water before and after the Valentus coffee to mitigate the possible bittering and warming effects of thermogenesis. For example, your mouth may start to feel a little dry after drinking it. In general, the important thing is always to stay hydrated throughout the day.

It is also recommended that you do not eat anything (and only drink water) for 60 minutes after drinking Valentus slimming coffee.

Does Valentus coffee work? Final opinions

The question and doubt as to whether Valentus coffee works will always linger among users and in the fat-burning beverage market. In our opinion, the only way to know for sure is to get 100% information and then try it for yourself for at least a month. The “real” testimonials and opinions about Valentus coffee that you can find on the internet are going to be biased by distributors who are only trying to sell you the product. And the most favourable testimonials will generally be filtered out, naturally.

Does it make sense to drink Valentus coffee without dieting? Well, in our opinion, no. If you want to drink Valentus coffee on its own, it is best to prepare a traditional coffee, as the canons dictate. The benefits of the Valentus coffee are not realised if the product is not taken in a proper dietary context, and you can never expect “miracles” by taking a fat burner in isolation, neglecting the other areas of your healthy life.

In our opinion, these systems always generate a bit of rejection because the customer is not really sure that the information they are being offered is totally objective and truthful. In many cases, your agent works for affiliate commissions and needs to be more of a sales expert than an expert in the product being offered.

Fortunately, today we can buy Valentus slimming coffee on Amazon, without any difficulty and in different varieties.

Finally, although it is not the focus of this article because they do not resemble the traditional coffee drink we know, we should mention that this firm also sells Valentus coffee products in sticks, or single-dose, similar to the small sugar bars we find in supermarkets. They sell them mainly in the Slimroast variety. Here are some examples:

NOTE: All information has been extracted from official Valentus coffee sources or from the product packaging. They do not constitute a health recommendation, and we recommend that you always consult a medical professional or nutritionist before taking them.