Top 5 Nespresso accessories

Nespresso is the most popular pod format, so it’s not surprising that there are dozens of Nespresso coffee machine accessories on the market. Some more useful, others less useful, of better or worse quality. If you are one of those who use your coffee machine every day and want to complement its operation with the best Nespresso accessories on the market, take a look at our list.

You can find these Nespresso accessories in the usual large stores in our territory. However, it is at Amazon where you will find the greatest variety and the latest trends in this type of accessory.

Nespresso accessories are an ideal option for giving someone a gift: cheap, functional, original; they are almost always practical. Of course, you can always buy them to make the daily use of your coffee machine at home easier. Here they are:

What are the best accessories for Nespresso in 2023?

There are dozens of Nespresso coffee machine accessories on the market, but we want to make a rigorous list and have been forced to choose only 5. Maybe your next presentation will be on this list!

NOTE: Contents updated to 2022.

Nespresso Aeroccino

We begin with a classic: the Nespresso sparkling winemaker. It is true that it is much more expensive than a normal sparkling winemaker of another brand, but if you are looking for a gift for someone who already has a Nespresso machine at home, this is the best option.

The Aeroccino is a first-class electric foamer capable of heating 240 ml of milk or foaming 120 ml. The finish and operation are fully guaranteed. If you want to know more, click on the button to access the review:

Nespresso Barista

If you want to go a step further, the best Nespresso accessory that exists is possibly this Nespresso Barista. Of course, we can hardly even consider it an accessory as it works very independently.

You only need to have a pre-prepared espresso (ideally with your Nespresso machine, but serve any other, which is why we say it works independently). The Nespresso Barista allows you to choose from over 20 pre-programmed recipes or milk specialities. We could call it an “evolved milk frother“. Only Nespresso could invent something like that!

Nespresso accessories: The pod holder is a must

An almost obligatory accessory for any Nespresso user is a drawer in which to store the pods in an orderly manner. There are plenty to choose from at Amazon, but we’ll stick with this one: it has a capacity of 60 units and allows you to place the coffee maker on top to save space. You can see more ideas in our capsule holder guide (for all brands).

2xCAP: Two coffees with each pod

This is a truly original accessory for Nespresso machines. It is a plastic piece that is placed on the nozzle of the coffee machine’s spout just before the coffee reaches the cup. It serves to separate the coffee flow into two equal halves so that if we use the long coffee option, we can get two cups of coffee at once.

It is called 2xCAP (2 Cups) and is cheap – after all, it is only a piece of plastic – so it is at the top of the ranking of cheap Nespresso accessories.

It’s worth trying, although keep in mind that the two coffees will be half as strong as a regular espresso. This has nothing to do with a double-dose espresso.

two cups one coffee pod

Klapcap: Reuse pods in seconds

We finish our list of the best Nespresso accessories with a truly original instrument. It is the Klapcap: a device that allows us to refill and reuse Nespresso capsules with our own coffee (or infusion) blend quickly and systematically – no more hassle of refilling capsules by hand!

The basic Klapcap package comes with 10 refillable Nespresso pods, each of which can be used to make 20 or 30 coffees. Naturally, you can buy more refills on the side as you need them.