Top 5 Dolce Gusto accessories

A necessary distinction must always be made between spare parts and “accessoriesfor Dolce Gusto itself. A spare part is something you need to make your machine work, while a Dolce Gusto accessory is, as its name suggests, something accessory, secondary, not indispensable.

In other words, something you can give to a friend or relative who owns a Dolce Gusto coffee machine. If you are looking for one of these gifts for the coming dates, here is a list of the best Dolce Gusto coffee accessories that can be found on the market right now.

It should be said that Dolce Gusto is a brand less given to extras or curious gadgets for its machines (Nespresso, in this sense, presents a greater number of options). However, we can still extract a list with 5 interesting options to give as a gift or to complement your Dolce Gusto machine at home. They are these:

The best accessories for Dolce Gusto in 2023

This list of 5 articles is updated to 2023, and of course, we will be modifying it as soon as our products appear on the market worthy of being included in the ranking. When buying accessories for Dolce Gusto, our recommendations – without any specific order – are as follows:

A descaler to keep your machine ready

The truth is that we have hesitated, to the last, to include these products in this list of “accessories”, or to consider them as indispensable elements for the operation of our coffee machine.

In the end, we have opted for the former, as there are other formulas for decalcifying your Dolce Gusto coffee machines. For more information, see our Dolce Gusto decalcification guide.

Pod dispenser: Order is the first thing

One of the most original and successful Dolce Gusto accessories is a container for easy storage and sorting of pods. It will look good and also make life a little easier for the person receiving the gift.

There are a lot of options for storing the Dolce Gusto pods, but the most common are towers and drawers, which we will talk about later. As we are drawing up a list that is almost a gift, we propose a more original and painterly solution:

It is a black container, spherical in shape, with a fairly wide opening at the top that allows us to take and place the pods inside it comfortably. It can hold 16 single-dose pods and is reminiscent of the design of the legendary Melody coffee maker.

Remember that you can see some more in our guide to Dolce Gusto pods dispensers.

Dolce Gusto pod storage drawer

Another of our preferred formulas for capsule storage are the drawers. This is a really practical accessory for Dolce Gusto, because as well as keeping the capsule tidy, it also allows us to place the coffee maker on top, and in this way have the whole set packed up and to hand (you will have the capsules to hand whenever you go to make a coffee).

There are numerous Dolce Gusto pod drawers on the market in various sizes and materials. We have chosen this one, which is not only very spacious – it holds 36 single-dose pods – but is also made of a special mesh that absorbs the noise and vibrations of the coffee maker when we start it up.

Refillable pods: Testing is free

We talk about this topic in-depth on the following page: rechargeable pods for Dolce Gusto. Here we will only give you an overview: these are empty, reusable pods adapted to the Dolce Gusto format, which you can refill with the coffee blend of your choice and use in your Dolce Gusto machine as normal.

If you want to buy a Dolce Gusto accessory to give someone a good gift, we suggest you make a pack with one of these refillable pods and a couple of packs of speciality coffee beans (the good stuff). And if you add a coffee grinder to the gift, you’ve already finished it.

There are many brands of refillable pods on the market, but we keep these three:

Dolce Gusto pod adapter – K-Fee

We end the list with one of our favourite Dolce Gusto coffee machine accessories, a capsule adapter. It is a very simple machine (actually, it is a plastic piece that is inserted into the capsule holder of the machine) that allows us, as its name suggests, to use capsules from the K-Fee system in any Dolce Gusto coffee machine.

A simple and economical way to extend the already wide range of Dolce Gusto and compatible single-dose machines.