Stainless Steel Coffee Grinders

Stainless steel coffee grinders, as opposed to wooden or plastic coffee grinders, have an eminently practical function and focus on durability.

It does not make sense to buy a stainless steel grinder, which will generally be a little more expensive than another model with identical features but of worse material. If we are going to grind coffee very occasionally or if we are going to have our grinder well stored in a drawer most of the time. Stainless steel coffee grinders pay for themselves faster the more we use them.

In this respect, it is worth specifying what we mean when we talk about stainless steel grinders.

The vast majority of coffee grinders on the market use stainless steel grinders (or blades). Few use aluminium, as aluminium is much less resistant to corrosion and speed and would end up overheating and deteriorating. Thus, when we speak of stainless steel coffee grinders, we refer to their body or bodywork, which is what is exposed to the blows, dirt and rigours of the kitchen in the everyday.

Top 10 Stainless Steel Grinders 2023

It should be made clear that the criteria for selecting one grinder over another are diverse.

There are many types of coffee grinders, and for example, professional coffee grinders will almost always mount stainless steel vessels or housings. We could draw up a ranking just with them (which without discussion would be “the best“), but logically this would be unfair, and we would not be covering the needs of the majority of our public.

So we have chosen to make a mix of several options, prioritizing high-end coffee grinders, along with others much more economical, and going through all types. Electric or manual, automatic or crank, of course, all with a common denominator: a solid stainless steel body.

Some are on this list for their quality, others for their value for money and still others for some specific quality. We explain everything within the ranking, so please read on. These are the best stainless steel grinders of 2023:

Klarstein Triest

Klarstein is one of those manufacturers that has everything in its catalogue, and on our website, we know them thoroughly thanks to their offer of coffee machines. But this Klarstein Triest coffee grinder is not far behind either. As a top-of-the-range electric grinder, it is more than capable of doing the job.

It is a conical grinder with 15 grinding degrees for selection.

In addition to its steel bowl, we have included it in the ranking for its enormous capacity: we can grind up to 300 grams of coffee in it.

Porlex JP-30

One of our favourites, no doubt. Porlex coffee grinders are the epitome of manual stainless steel grinders: small, handy, economical, and very reliable (as long as you don’t need to grind large quantities of coffee, of course).

From this Japanese brand, we wanted to highlight the Porlex JP-30 grinder, which also mounts conical ceramic grinders and can grind up to 30 grams of coffee. It is a little more expensive than conventional manual grinders, but its solidity and reliability more than compensate for this.

We put it in the ranking for its ceramic grinding mechanism at an irresistible price.

The Pavoni Kube Mill

It is already a grinder for professionals or very demanding users with the grinding of their espresso. Its entire structure is made of the best quality stainless steel. It has a 300-gram capacity hopper, tempered steel grinding wheels (38 millimetres in diameter) and also has a dispenser and a holder for the filter of your coffee maker.

The Pavoni Kube Mill is, naturally, one of the best grinders in the world. Its only downside: the price.

Arendo Caffetiamo

We selected the Arendo Caffetiamo coffee grinder because it is one of the cheapest electric grinders you can find. It is a multi-purpose grinder (although mainly designed for coffee) with a maximum capacity of 65 grams. It does not have grinding wheels but double or quadruple blades.

There is an even cheaper version of this device, although it is also less powerful.

KitchenPro Grinder

If you’re looking for a very cheap stainless steel grinder, this may be your candidate. Except for particular offers or promotions, it is difficult to find a model with a lower price than this one. We can only make a ranking composed of crank grinders with a steel body, but this KitchenPro coffee grinder would always be in the top positions.

A portable grinder, very robust, cheap and perfect for portable coffee machines or French presses.

It is the best-selling grinder in the medium-basic segment.

Graef CM800

It is a home grinder which is one of the top items in this sector. Okay, not everyone is willing to spend more than 100 pounds on a home coffee grinder, but real espresso gourmets don’t have much choice either. This model can store up to 250 grams of coffee beans and has no less than 40 grinding steps or thicknesses to calibrate.

We include it in our list because it is one of the best stainless steel coffee grinders for home (not precisely professional).

If you need a slightly cheaper steel grinder without sacrificing quality, you can go down a step and choose the Graef CM70, which costs about half as much.

Princess 242196.01

It is another one we like: a good home grinder with an excellent price-performance ratio. And with a steel body, of course.

It is a small grinder (50 grams capacity) with 150 watts of power, and it does not have grinding wheels but stainless steel blades (double). It is not a panacea, but for the price it has and to grind our coffee daily without making life too complicated, it is more than enough.

Sararoom Grinder

This Sararoom coffee mill is similar to the previous one, although more versatile. It is a multi-purpose stainless steel grinder with a capacity of 70 grams and 220 w of power. It doesn’t allow you to calibrate the grind but to use blades because basically, the longer you grind, the finer the coffee powder will be.

Stainless steel is present not only in the grinder’s housing but also in the blades and the internal container.

We chose it for its enormous versatility: a grinder that can be used for practically anything, for a ridiculous price.

MiniMoka GR-0203

For price and performance, this mill can be compared to the Graef CM800 we have reviewed above. A top-of-the-range home coffee grinder.

The MiniMoka GR-0203 is the top of the range MiniMoka coffee grinders and is also perfectly suited to cafés and restaurants. It uses 49-millimetre stainless steel flat grinding wheels, and its motor works with a speed reducer to relieve the force it exerts on the rotor.

Why did we choose it? Because of its incredible capacity: half a kilo (500 grams) of coffee beans fit into its storage compartment.

Aicok Stainless Steel Grinder

Aicok is a Chinese brand famous for marketing and producing decent quality items at hyper-competitive prices. In this exciting combination of quality and price, the Aicok coffee grinder stands out. In addition to its stainless steel body, it has 220 watts of power for its double set of stainless steel blades. The bowl is completely removable (dishwasher safe), and the capacity of the container is 65 grams.

In short: an electric grinder, very economical, and with a steel body. Little more can be ordered at this cost.