Second hand coffee machines

Are you looking to buy the best second-hand coffee machines at incredible prices, in perfect working order and 100% guaranteed? Are you not clear about the concept of “second-hand coffee machines” and have doubts about whether they are reliable? In this article on we are going to clear all the doubts to you.

What is a refurbished product on Amazon?

When buying a second-hand coffee maker at Amazon, many users come across the “refurbished items” section. And not everyone knows what this term refers to.

Refurbished items are products that Amazon receives, tests, checks, and repackages to offer second-hand at ultra-competitive prices. Most of them are not used products, but merely present packaging defects due to inadequate transport, some scratches, they have been opened or unsealed in some store and therefore can no longer be sold as new, etc. If you want more information, you can read here: reconditioned products from Amazon.

We think it is a marketing mistake that Amazon presents these products in their reviews as “second-hand coffee makers” when it would be much more adjusted to reality, and less abrupt for the customer, to talk about “refurbished coffee makers“. We will not be the ones to question the methods of the Amazon giant.

Is it worth buying a second-hand coffee maker?

Yes, as we say, on Amazon, there are many 100% guaranteed reconditioned products at low prices, within the coffee and tea section, including second-hand coffee machines in perfect condition. You can take a look at them here:

See all used coffee machines.

These are often high-end second-hand coffee machines whose price (usually high if it is a new product) is very low compared to the original. And this sometimes means hundreds of pounds of savings. Of course, it’s worth a try!

We recommend that you periodically check this list on Amazon so that you are always aware of price variations and new offers that may appear.

What are the best-selling second-hand coffee machines in 2023?

It is data that we cannot provide in real-time since the models in stock that are sold as “second hand” are not always the same. As a reference, we are enclosing a snapshot of the time of writing these lines, which will give you an idea of the prices and the type of machines that are usually sold as reconditioned.

refurbished coffee makers

As you can see, the best second-hand coffee makers on Amazon are usually capsule coffee makers, and the list of best-selling second-hand coffee makers usually coincides with the new ones. One example is the second-hand Nespresso machines.

Why is this the case? For one simple reason: these machines are not usually used but are returned because they were given as a gift or because the packaging was broken. And of course, the best-selling coffee machines are also the ones that are most often returned or sold reconditioned. It makes sense. The reasoning is also supported by the fact that those with capsules are usually the most “given away” (without consulting the recipient beforehand).

For the same reason, it is much more difficult to find a second-hand super-automatic coffee machine for sale. These machines hardly have any defects, they don’t sell as much as the capsule machines, and of course, as they are much more expensive, the buyer almost always knows what he is doing and thinks very well before deciding. The rate of returns on these exclusive products is quite low compared to the average.

We remind you that all these machines that Amazon presents as second-hand coffee makers are reconditioned products, with slight defects or scratches in the packaging and that do not affect their operation at all. The vast majority are not used coffee machines, but on the contrary, they probably haven’t even been used yet – an incredible opportunity!

Tips before buying a second-hand coffee machine

If you decide to buy a second-hand coffee maker for your home, don’t forget to go over these tips and be patient before deciding:

  • Some second-hand models have several units for sale, especially in the most popular machines of the moment. Check out all the options, and don’t always stick with the first one that comes out on Amazon. Sometimes, for a few cents more, you can buy it from a more reliable seller.
  • The price of second-hand coffee machines at Amazon does not include shipping costs. You must take this into account because many items come from private individuals, and these applying the shipping costs they deem appropriate. A 40 pounds coffeemaker with a shipping cost of £6 will cost you more than a 44 pounds coffeemaker with free shipping.
  • Amazon’s refurbished coffee machines are the only ones that are checked and guaranteed by the company. A second-hand item you buy from someone else may be used and will have no warranty. If in doubt, always choose second-hand coffee makers sold by Amazon (and not by others).

Second-hand coffee machines for commercial use

Much more common (especially in businesses that are just starting and are looking to save costs more than anything else) is to look to buy second-hand coffee machines for the hospitality industry. In this sector of professional coffee makers, the offer on Amazon is much less abundant, but even so, from time to time, spectacular bargains can be found.

Keep in mind that these types of machines are designed to last a long time and support many coffee services at the end of the day. For example, a second-hand coffee machine from a coffee shop that has only been in operation for two years can be an almost new machine.

To provide you with some resources if you’re looking to buy a second-hand industrial coffee maker, we suggest you visit the following links: