Red coffee machines

The red coffee machines are an iconic manifestation of the evolution of these coffee machines, which were initially exclusively catering instruments, and later became a household appliance that everyone has at home.

In this transition, colour and new, “modern” designs were also an important factor, as the vast majority of hotel and catering coffee machines were stainless steel with a 100% metallic look. Quite sober in general.

Today, there is hardly any brand name oriented towards domestic consumption that does not have a red coffee maker in its catalogue. And as red coffee machines are a trend, we will show you on this page which are the most interesting options in each segment.

When buying a red coffee machine, we are lucky enough to have many representatives to choose from, whatever type of coffee machine we are looking for. It is not the case, for example, with other shades (pink coffee machines) that are less common in the sector.

Red espresso machines

If we express it as a percentage of the total, it seems that there is not a large number of red espresso machines. The vast majority of these machines opt for metallic, black, and very inconspicuous finishes. However, as this segment is one of the widest and most popular worldwide, it is not difficult to find a manufacturer who dares to introduce this colour in their catalogue. We even have the possibility of making a small selection of red espresso machines, like the one shown below.

As you may have noticed, many of these machines are retro or vintage style.

Red Italian coffee machines

Among the red coffee machines, the Moka or Italian type is one of the groups with more examples in the catalogue. Many models are sold in dozens of colours, including red, of course. We can’t put them all on, so keep this small selection if you want to buy a red Italian coffee maker.

Red electric coffee machines

This is a subset of the previous section, as we are referring to red electric Italian coffee makers. We do not know why, but the truth is that a fairly large percentage of manufacturers of this type of machine choose to make them in red. And the result is quite striking:

Red pod coffee machines

Red is the colour par excellence of Dolce Gusto. Since other brands want to differentiate themselves from their rivals at all costs, there are many models from other manufacturers that do not include red in their range.

So, if you want to buy a red capsule coffee maker, the Dolce Gusto brand will be your best option. Or at least the one that will offer you the widest range of models to choose from: almost all Dolce Gusto coffee machines are sold in red.

We have also included some red single-dose coffee makers from other brands, but as you can see, Dolce Gusto coffee makers win by a landslide.

Red super-automatic coffee machines

The truth is that there are not many red automatic coffee machines (express machines) on the market. These are the most powerful, most expensive and most exclusive machines in our industry, which may be why manufacturers prefer to play it safe. There are only two models that stand out at the moment: one from Melitta and the now-classic Krups Pisa Red.

Red drip coffee machines

And we end up with the red filter coffee makers, a group in which we can clearly distinguish two trends: the completely red filter coffee makers (whole red body) and those that opt for a classic black plastic housing but retain the red colour in the upper container that holds the filter. Below you can find examples of both cases:

Well, what do you think? Do you have a red coffee machine at home? Are you missing a model in this report? I hope we have solved all your doubts.