Lavazza Compatible Capsules

Most users of Lavazza coffee machines demand information about compatible Lavazza capsules, and of course, comes to their aid.

Although Lavazza capsules are known throughout the market for their quality and for containing all the essence and tradition of 100% Italian espressos, they have some critical disadvantages in many countries, such as their reduced availability (there are not many physical stores, and all that remains is to turn to Amazon) and also their high price (around £6.30 per pack of 16 capsules). For this reason, many users choose to consume compatible Lavazza capsules.

In this article, we will explain everything you need to know about compatible Lavazza capsules: which brands of compatible Lavazza capsules are available, where to buy compatible Lavazza capsules, price guidelines, varieties, and much more.

Varieties of Lavazza Compatible Capsules

First of all, we have to talk about the manufacturer Gimoka, which offers three varieties of compatible Lavazza capsules: Intenso, Cremoso, Soave and Vellutato. They come in large packs for a very affordable price: around £0.22 per capsule. However, they are only compatible with the Lavazza Blue line of coffee machines.

We also have to talk about Espresso Point and its great alternative of compatible Lavazza capsules Parini variety. Parini is a blend of 4 types of coffee with a predominance (60%) of the Robusta variety, which we recommend if you like full-bodied coffees!

Where to Buy Lavazza Compatible Capsules?

There are two main ways to buy compatible Lavazza capsules:

  1. Buy compatible Lavazza capsules on Amazon through the shopping links provided in this article. You have very good offers such as Gimoka’s compatible Lavazza capsules, to name but a few.
  2. Buy compatible Lavazza capsules from manufacturers’ online shops, such as CabuCoffee (only for the Lavazza Blue range) or Cafe Bonini (they have compatible capsules for both Lavazza Blue and Lavazza A Modo Mio). There are many more; the best thing to do is to search for yourself on the net.

If you have not yet decided to try the compatible Lavazza capsules, we advise you to research the varieties of each one (they are not the same as those marketed by Lavazza in their original capsules), and above all, make sure they are compatible with your coffee machine system.

Lavazza has two official capsule lines: the Lavazza Blue capsules are more oriented towards offices and public buildings, while the A Modo Mio capsules are more designed for home use. You can see them all here: Lavazza’s capsule store.

Of course, be guided more by your taste preferences than anything else. The quality of all of them is very similar, and in the end, it’s the palate that counts.

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