What is the Thermoblock system?

The Thermoblock system is a water heating system used by some coffee machines (especially pod coffee machines such as the Inissia or the Mini-Me, although some espresso machines also use it) to prepare the hot drink in the shortest time possible.

Coffee machines using the Thermoblock heating system are ready in approximately 20-30 seconds, while those using more traditional heaters take about two minutes to heat up.

It is because the Thermoblock system allows only the amount of water strictly necessary for the next preparation to be heated, and this is logically the main advantage of this heating method. They are somewhat more efficient than traditional boilers because all the water is always inside the boiler, heating and cooling at the same time. The Thermoblock only heats the water that will be needed.

In the following image, we can see what a Thermoblock system looks like inside:

Thermoblock system inside

Advantages and disadvantages of the Thermoblock in coffee machines

In the Thermoblock system, the water is heated in a metal block or conduit with several channels or tubes (you can see this correctly in the photo). This compartment where the water is heated is quite small, and to get all the water needed to be heated, the machine has to regulate the flow of liquid through the channels of the Thermoblock.

If the water passes too slowly, it will end up cooling, and the global temperature of our coffee will not be stable or consistent, so the flow has to be intense and fast.

In other words, the main advantage of the Thermoblock system in domestic coffee machines is that the coffee is ready more quickly, and the disadvantage is that the water temperature is less stable than in coffee machines that use a heater. For this reason, the Thermoblock is often fitted to specific types of coffee machines, but not necessarily to all.