What is the strongest coffee in the world?

Almost all of us drink coffee because we like it, whether it’s filter coffee, espresso, or any of the many preparations that are made with milk foam or other ingredients. However, some people like coffee very strong or need to make use of its revitalizing effects to endure sleep or enjoy an extra dose of energy. For all of them, for you dear friends, we are going to discover on this trip which is the most robust coffee in the world.

Do you know how much caffeine is in coffee? Well, about 100 milligrams if it’s a standard cup of espresso. Logically, this amount increases or decreases depending on the size of the cup and the type of preparation of the coffee, but well, the data serves to give you an idea.

However, if you are one of those who walk into a bar and say, “-Give me the strongest coffee you have,” then this will taste to you little by little. You’re a tough guy, and you want something else. And here’s what you need:

The world’s strongest coffees (on Amazon)

If you’re looking for the strongest type of coffee on the Internet, or at least the one you can buy on Amazon, here’s a selection of the most beastly varieties we’ve been able to find.

As you can see, the look of the packages and their trade names leave no room for doubt: Brands like Lucifer’s Roast or Death wish coffee are a statement of intent.

Which coffee has the most caffeine, according to its roast?

The roasting of coffee is one of the factors that most influence the amount of caffeine, so if you want to know which coffee has more caffeine depending on the roast, take a look at our review:

There are generally four levels of roasting (light, medium, medium-high and high).

The high roast is also known as Dark Roast and is characterized because the beans have a very dark brown tone, almost black, and because the beans acquire a bright colour due to the oil they are releasing. High roasted coffee is less acidic and more bitter but has less caffeine.

Remember: one thing is the taste of coffee (which can be bitter and intense), and another is that it contains more or less caffeine.

In contrast, lightly roasted coffee is light brown and retains more caffeine than dark roasted coffee.

What is the coffee with the most caffeine according to the grinding grade?

We already know that there are several types of grind, depending on how we are going to prepare the coffee. And each degree of grinding has a different level of caffeine: in general, fine grinds have more caffeine than coarse grinds.

Other factors that influence the amount of caffeine in coffee

In addition to roasting and the fineness of grinding (which is generally associated with the way we prepare the coffee we are going to use), other factors also influence the amount of caffeine in a cup of coffee.

For example, Robusta coffee beans always have more caffeine than arabica.

Also, when coffee spends more time in contact with water, it tends to have more caffeine, so that, for example, coffees infused for a long time will have more caffeine than espressos.

In conclusion, several factors influence the amount of caffeine in coffee and multiple combinations to make a cup with little or a lot of caffeine.

For example, a coffee with a lot of caffeine could be an espresso (finely ground) made with lightly roasted robusta beans.

On the other hand, a filter coffee (medium grind) of Arabica beans and dark roast will have much less caffeine than the previous one.

Black Imsomnia: the world’s strongest coffee (so far)

When it comes to knowing which is the strongest coffee that exists, there is a lot of competition (after all, all brands want to appear in the record books). The publicity appeal makes many roasters and marketers struggle to surpass their rival’s coffee. It is surprising how many brands call their website “World’s Strongest Coffee“.

At the time of writing, the honorary award for the strongest coffee on the market goes to the South African brand Black Insomnia, which contains about 700 milligrams of caffeine per normal-sized cup. That is to say: 7 times more caffeine than a regular coffee. Or put another way: drinking a cup of Black Insomnia is like drinking seven coffees at once. This figure slightly exceeds the amount of caffeine in Death Wish, the previous strongest coffee in the world. Another brutal coffee candidates are the Devil Mountain Black Label.

Remember that the recommended daily dose of coffee is no more than four, so watch out if you decide to try this one. A little is enough.

Where can I buy the strongest coffee in the world?

Here, I leave a link to amazon where you can get it at a great price: