What is the strongest coffee in the world?

Because all people are not equal, those who love coffee do so for different reasons. However, we all agree that one of the most appreciated characteristics is keeping us alert and revitalising ourselves. Thanks to the caffeine in coffee, we can stay awake when we need it most, enjoying an extra dose of energy.

And as in other areas, with coffee, there are always people who want more, who want to go further. This type of coffee drinker is not satisfied with the 100 milligrams of caffeine that a standard espresso gives us, and they seek the strongest coffee in the world to get that extra dose of caffeine while drinking the same number and size coffees.

At the very moment of harvesting is when a coffee bean has the most caffeine. All the processes the coffee bean goes through subtracting caffeine, so the strongest coffee in the world will be the least manipulated. Caffeine cannot be added to coffee beans.

Which coffee has the most caffeine, according to its roast?

One of the factors that most influences the amount of caffeine coffee has is the type of roasting that has been carried out on the coffee bean. Four roast levels affect the final caffeine content: light, medium, medium-high and high.

Interestingly, the amount of caffeine in the coffee bean is indirectly proportional to the degree of roast, i.e. a light roast keeps more caffeine in the coffee bean than a high roast does.

On the other hand, the bean increases in colour as it is roasted more, so higher roast beans are darker brown (almost black) and shinier. The grain acquires its shine from the oils released by the grain itself during the roasting process, where the higher the roast, the brighter the shine. It should be added that higher grade roasts are more bitter but less acidic.

Remember: the taste of the coffee (which can be bitter and intense) is one thing, but whether it contains more or less caffeine is another. On the other hand, lightly roasted coffee is light brown and retains more caffeine than dark roasted coffee.

What coffee has the cost caffeine, according to the grinding grade?

Contrary to what we have been saying, the more we grind a coffee bean, the more caffeine we extract. Now we are not talking about preserving the caffeine in the bean but extracting it. So the finer the grind, the more contact the coffee has with the water and, therefore, the more caffeine we will obtain. However, the finer the coffee grind, the more aroma and flavour the bean will lose.

If you are looking for the strongest coffee in the world, you can never buy ground coffee. Any alteration of the bean subtracts caffeine; however, the finer you grind it when preparing your coffee, the more caffeine you will be able to extract.

The grind grade is very important, depending on the extraction method used. Slower brewing methods require a coarser grind, while slower extraction methods require coarser grinds.

What coffee has the cost caffeine, according to the bean type?

The amount of caffeine each type of bean has depends on where or how the coffee is grown – put, Robusta beans contain more caffeine than Arabica beans. It can be as much as twice as much, so if you are looking for the strongest coffee in the world, it should be Robusta.

However, it should be noted that the Arabica bean contains more natural oils and sugars, which greatly affects the taste of the coffee. This is why the Arabica bean has a sweeter and fruitier taste than the more bitter and intense Arabica bean.

What coffee has the cost caffeine, according to the brew time?

We have just indicated that by grinding the coffee bean finer, the water can extract more caffeine, which ties in with this other factor: the contact time with the coffee. Obviously, the longer we have the water in contact with the water, the more caffeine we can get from the bean.

However, each brewing method has its own pre-set brewing times. For example, we cannot use an espresso machine and have a slow coffee extraction; it is simply impossible. The same goes for all other systems.

So in the quest for the world’s strongest coffee, we must choose slower extraction methods, such as Moka pots or drip systems. However, these methods require coarser grinds, which do not allow us to extract as much caffeine as we want. Therefore, the key is to find the right balance between all the factors we have just seen.

Cold-brew offers the world’s strongest coffee

Cold brew is a coffee extraction method that is becoming more and more fashionable every day, being a trend at the beginning of the year 2022.

Preparing coffee using the cold brew method allows us to keep the coffee in contact with the water for as long as we wish, up to 24 hours. In addition, we will need more coffee to infuse our drink, which guarantees more caffeine.

The coffee extracted with this method is a very sophisticated coffee, with which we can appreciate all the notes and aromas of the coffee bean. And although it may seem a very mild drink, which is recommended without milk or sugar, it is the method of extraction that provides us with the most caffeine.

Black Imsomnia: the world’s strongest coffee (so far)

When it comes to knowing which is the strongest coffee that exists, there is a lot of competition (after all, all brands want to appear in the record books). The publicity appeal makes many roasters and marketers struggle to surpass their rival’s coffee. It is surprising how many brands call their website “World’s Strongest Coffee“.

When writing, the honorary award for the strongest coffee on the market goes to the South African brand Black Insomnia, which contains about 700 milligrams of caffeine per normal-sized cup. That is to say: 7 times more caffeine than a regular coffee. Or put another way: drinking a cup of Black Insomnia is like drinking seven coffees at once. This figure slightly exceeds the amount of caffeine in Death Wish, the previous strongest coffee in the world. Another brutal coffee candidates are the Devil Mountain Black Label.

Remember that the recommended daily dose of coffee is no more than four, so watch out if you decide to try this one. A little is enough.

The world’s strongest coffees (sold on Amazon)

If you are looking for the strongest kind of coffee on the internet or at least the kind you can buy on Amazon, here is a selection of the strongest varieties we have been able to find.

As you can see, the look of the packaging and the brand names leave no room for doubt: brands such as Lucifer’s Roast or Death wish coffee are a statement of intent.

As you can see, the look of the packages and their trade names leave no room for doubt: Brands like Devil’s Roast or Devils brew are a statement of intent.

Where can I buy the strongest coffee in the world?

Here, I leave a link to amazon where you can get it at a great price: