Refill Dolce Gusto capsules

All users have at some time asked themselves the same question: How do you refill Dolce Gusto capsules? Yes, yes, don’t smile that you’ve thought about it too, have you? Well, if your coffee maker is of this brand, don’t stop reading because we’ll give you the answer below.

However, makes it clear that the following processes for filling Dolce Gusto capsules are your responsibility and that both the manufacturers and we recommend that you always use and buy official Dolce Gusto capsules. If your concern is price, here are some excellent tips: buy cheap Dolce Gusto capsules or use the more expensive but more reliable Dolce Gusto refillable capsules.

Below are some of the possibilities for reusing Dolce Gusto pods. If you want to know how to refill Dolce Gusto capsules, be sure to read on:

Instructions for refilling Dolce Gusto capsules

There are several techniques for refilling Dolce Gusto capsules. Still, most follow a necessary process: cut off the bottom of the capsule, empty any remaining coffee grounds, fill it with the coffee blend of your choice, and close it again.

In this last step, there are the most significant differences: you can use a cutout piece of another empty capsule that fits perfectly with the first half. That is as if you were building a single capsule from two different capsule halves or also using aluminium foil.

You should be aware that all the techniques are valid for any Dolce Gusto coffee maker, from the more classic models such as the Piccolo or the Jovia to the more modern ones such as the Dolce Gusto Mini-Me.

Here is a video explaining how to fill Dolce Gusto capsules, which in our opinion, makes the process quite clear. However, you can certainly find many other techniques, more or less homemade, on the Internet.

How to fill Dolce Gusto capsules using aluminium foil

The main secret of this method is to press the coffee very well when placing the aluminium foil lid so that there are no gaps and no air can get in anywhere. If you want to reuse Dolce Gusto capsules, it is important that the lid looks as if the capsules were new.

Here is a summary of how to refill Dolce Gusto capsules using aluminium foil:

  1. Cut out the plastic lid with a cutter and empty the inside of the capsule.
  2. Fill it with your favourite coffee blend.
  3. Cover the capsule with aluminium foil. It is important that the whole thing is well sealed.
  4. Make incisions with a needle, safety pin or similar, in the aluminium lid that you have just placed. This is so that the pressurised water can pass through.
  5. Cover the top of the capsule with aluminium foil again. Again, it is very important that it is well sealed.

Your Dolce Gusto refillable capsules are now ready!

The most important thing in this method of filling Dolce Gusto capsules is to seal the aluminium foil caps that you are going to use properly. If they are not properly sealed, or if the foil is torn when you start the coffee machine, water may leak out of the machine.

Refilling Dolce Gusto capsules using two empty or worn out capsules

What to do with empty coffee capsules? If you have ever asked yourself this question, then please pay attention to the following. In the second of the videos, we use the technique of cutting out two different empty capsule halves to build our recycled capsule and fill it with the coffee of our choice. The main difference with the previous technique is that here the original capsule lid is kept intact. The steps of this technique, a little more difficult than the previous one, are the following:

  1. Cut off the bottom of a new (unused) Dolce Gusto capsule to leave only the top half.
  2. Empty the remains, taking care not to break the plastic or the inside of the capsule.
  3. Cut out a used capsule until you get a piece that fits perfectly into the capsule you cut out. You will now have two halves: the upper half (of the first capsule) and the lower half (of the second capsule). Make sure that both fit perfectly.
  4. Remove the aluminium foil inside the lower half. You will need to replace it with a piece of aluminium foil that you have cut out.
  5. Fill the first trimmed capsule with your favourite coffee blend.
  6. Place the bottom half (which we had reserved from point 3). We insist: make sure that both parts are a good fit.