Problem with Tassimo coffee machine won’t turn on

As language can sometimes be very ambiguous, we will define very well what problem we are referring to in this article and what are the symptoms. This way, we will only retain your attention if your Tassimo coffee machine presents the same conditions we are referring to and not others.

Many people consider equivalent phrases to “My Tassimo coffee machine does not work” and “My Tassimo coffee machine does not turn on”. However, the former phrase encompasses many types of failures. At the same time, the second one refers to those coffee machines that are not getting power, and nothing is turning on. This article is about those “dead coffee machines”.

If your Tassimo coffee machine is under warranty, do not attempt to repair it yourself, as tampering with the coffee machine may void the warranty. Here are some Tassimo contacts:

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Symptoms of a Tassimo coffee machine that won’t turn on

Tassimo coffee machines have evolved over the years, becoming simpler on the outside but more complicated on the inside. And the component that has become the most complicated is the control board, which is the machine’s brain. These control boards are becoming larger and more sensitive due to the number of sensors and capabilities.

If a coffee machine cannot turn on even one light, this control board is not working. There are times when an internal component fails, but we can always see lights or hear sounds. Still, suppose nothing lights up when connecting the coffee machine (and press the power button in certain models). In that case, we are 100% sure that the control board is not operational.

It is already clear to us that the problem we are dealing with is the lack of power to the coffee machine and that this is due to the control board not working. However, the problem does not necessarily have to be in the power board itself; rather, the power supply circuit to the control board may have been interrupted somewhere.

Causes why a Tassimo coffee machine does not turn on

The Tassimo coffee machine does not turn on to determine what is causing the control board not to work; we must trace the electricity from the plug to the control board. Fortunately, in Tassimo coffee machines, this path is quite direct since we do not find thermal fuse protection at the entrance of the coffee machines.

  • The first thing to check is that the outlet we are using is working properly. Connect any other appliance to it and rule out that the fault is there.
  • The second thing to do is to make sure that the coffee machine cable is in good condition and if a fuse protects it, check that this fuse is not blown.
  • The third step is to check continuity in the switch of the coffee machine (if your model has one). This is done with the coffee machine unplugged and with the coffee machine button “on”, measuring continuity between the phase of the plug and the phase coming out of the switch.
Check continuity in the circuit
Check continuity in the circuit

If all the above is correct, the problem is in the control board itself.

How to fix a Tassimo control board

Control boards are usually a component that fails quite a bit in coffee machines in general. They work intermittently and in unfavourable temperature and humidity conditions, not to mention short circuits and surges produced by the pump, thermoblock, etc.

Once we have concluded that the control board is to blame for the lack of power in our coffee machines, we have to think about how to solve the problem. There are usually two ways out; on the one hand, replace the entire control board with a new one and on the other hand, replace the component that is failing.

Buy a Tassimo control board:

I do not know if the Tassimo coffee machines usually fail little in the control board or because buying a new Tassimo coffee machine is cheap. It isn’t easy to find new replacement control boards on the internet. Here is an example of one from eBay (of course, it must match the model of coffee machine you have):

Replacement Tassimo control board
Replacement Tassimo control board

Replacing damaged components on a Tassimo control board:

As if it were a classic, when a control board component fails, the culprit is the capacitor in 99% of cases. Due to its layout and the daily stresses, the capacitor tends to fail when we prepare our coffees.

On many occasions, the loss of energy is gradual, and the coffee machine loses both pressure and temperature. However, there are other occasions in which the capacitor dies suddenly. If, before your coffee machine lost the ability to turn on, you noticed that the lights shone less brightly than usual, do not hesitate any longer; the culprit is the capacitor.

Capacitor Tassimo coffee machine
Capacitor Tassimo coffee machine

Write down the characteristics of your capacitor and look for a replacement on the internet. It should not cost more than 6 or 7 pounds.

Use a second hand Tassimo to repair your Tassimo coffee machine

I use the most when repairing coffee machines to look for the same model that I want to repair in online second-hand stores like Facebook Marketplace, eBay, and other well-known portals. You can find a Tassimo coffee machine for 5 pounds, just like yours, but with water leaks. You could buy that one and use the control board in your coffee machine.

Also, suppose you buy a coffee machine of the same model as your Tassimo. In that case, you may need the rest of the parts later, so I think it is the best option for repairing a Tassimo that won’t turn on.

Used Tassimo coffee makers on Facebook Marketplace
Used Tassimo coffee machines on Facebook Marketplace