Porcelain moka pots

There are not many on the market, but porcelain coffee makers also have their share of demand and acceptance among a certain group of consumers.

This is a peculiar type of coffee maker, of that there is no doubt. Its appearance is not for everyone, even a priori among users of conventional electric coffee makers; it may be striking that coffee can be made in a porcelain coffee maker without this material being affected in its appearance.

Luckily, there are some porcelain coffee makers on Amazon for those who are looking to get hold of one of these little-known models on the market.

What we mean by porcelain coffee maker today

When we talk about porcelain coffee makers, we are actually referring to Italian porcelain coffee makers. All machines belong to this segment of Italian coffee makers (there are some electric coffee makers, too, but they are still Mokas).

They work in the same way as traditional Italian Mokas, and the result is the same espresso coffee we already know. The difference, in this case, is that they are coffee makers with a porcelain jug; that is, the lower body and the filter do not change (they are usually made of stainless steel), but the upper part is made of porcelain and becomes a small detachable jug that we can use to serve the coffee in a more elegant and colourful way.

In normal Italian Moka,s this does not happen: you can serve the coffee directly from the coffee maker, but it is not possible to separate the top part as if it were a jug.

Beyond the aesthetic aspect, however, Italian porcelain coffee makers are not at all different from traditional ones – at least not from a functional point of view.

Which is the best porcelain coffee maker for 2023?

As a candidate for the best Italian porcelain coffee maker, we will choose a surprising model: the Aerolatte coffee maker.

Its advantages and main characteristics make it a much more valid and “fitting” option within a modern kitchen than traditional porcelain Moka pots, which usually have a much more classic look. In fact, its appearance is one of its most notable assets, always in our opinion, of course.

  • Italian porcelain coffee maker: the lower part is made of aluminium lacquered in black, and the upper part (the jug) is made of white porcelain.
  • The porcelain jug can be separated from the rest of the moccasins and works as a small independent service jug.
  • Its capacity is approximately 4 cups of coffee, about a quarter of a litre (250 ml).
  • It is made of aluminium, and therefore not suitable for induction hobs. Yes, we can use it without problem in glass-ceramic or in gas kitchens of those of all the life.
  • Dimensions: 14 x 10 x 25 cms.
  • Approximate weight: 450 grams.

Aerolatte Caffé Porcellana / Stovetop Espresso Maker, 4-Cup

Porcelain coffee jugs

Although they are not coffee pots (they are not used to “make coffee“, but only to serve it), the coffee jugs can also be made of porcelain. They are also known as porcelain coffee jugs and are therefore sometimes confused with coffee pots.

Porcelain coffee jugs are a decorative element more than anything else because they do not really provide any added benefit over jugs made of glass, steel or any other material. But in terms of aesthetics and good taste, they cannot be compared with the others.

In short, if you are thinking of buying a porcelain coffee jug soon, here are some of the most interesting options you can find at Amazon right now: