Pioir 3-in-1 coffee

In some countries, we may not have heard much about Pioir 3 in 1 coffee, but the truth is that in diet circles, it is a very well-known product. Perhaps more so in Latin America than in other countries, it must be said.

It is essentially a brand of coffee with Ganoderma, a healthy coffee that maintains the taste and appearance properties of normal coffee but adds the effects of Ganoderma to achieve certain advantages. It is similar to lingzhi coffee, which is still a brand name for a product that is available in other ways on the market.

Pioir black coffee is often referred to as “3 in 1”, which does not come from any particular mystery. It simply refers to the three main components of the product: coffee, sugar and reishi mushroom.

Some people also use Pioir coffee for weight loss, as is the case with other coffee-based diet products such as Marita coffee or Valentus, to name but two examples.

What varieties of Pioir coffee are there?

There are other Pioir products on the market, such as cocoa or chocolate substitutes, but there are basically two coffee-based products: 3-in-1 coffee and black coffee. They are essentially the same product (the same coffee and the same mushroom are used in their production), but the accompaniments and, therefore, the final taste differ significantly. We will see the difference between the two clearly if we look at their ingredients:

image of the Pioir coffee

Ingredients of Pioir 3 in 1 coffee

Pioir 3 in 1 coffee has three main ingredients: coffee, sugar and reishi mushroom extract. It is also accompanied by non-dairy creamer.

Ingredients of Pioir black coffee

Pioir black coffee contains only coffee and Ganoderma extract. In other words, it is pure black coffee, without sugar and cream. You can also find it as Pioir Black Coffee.

If you normally drink your coffee black, then your natural choice should be Pioir Black Coffee. Otherwise, you can try the 3 in 1 with cream and sugar. It’s a matter of taste because the properties and benefits of reishi and the type of coffee they contain are exactly the same in both cases.

The main benefits of Pioir 3 in 1 coffee

If you’re wondering what Pioir coffee is good for, the answer is easy to find. All you have to do is look up the properties of the reishi or Ganoderma mushroom… and, broadly speaking, these are the added benefits of Pioir coffee compared to normal coffee.

Let’s summarise the main ones in this list:

  • It helps to control and alleviate (not completely reduce) difficulties such as high blood pressure and diabetes.
  • Numerous antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. In fact, the fungus in Pioir coffee is a natural analgesic and has been used for centuries in traditional oriental medicine.
  • It also has positive effects against gastritis (Pioir coffee does not generate as much acid in the stomach as normal coffee), constipation, liver problems, heavy digestions or menstrual problems in women.
  • It is very beneficial for reducing appetite (a certain satiating effect) and for preventing fluid retention. For these two reasons, many people use Pioir coffee to lose weight.

And finally… what does Pioir coffee cure? Well, nothing really. It is important to be clear about this: Pioir coffee does not cure illnesses. It simply helps to control or alleviate certain ailments and symptoms.

Contraindications of Pioir coffee

The side effects of Pioir coffee are usually related to excessive consumption of the product, so if we only drink a moderate amount (one or at most two cups of Pioir coffee every day), we should have nothing to worry about. It is normal to notice a certain dryness in the mouth and throat, although this would not be a contraindication of Pioir coffee itself.

In any case, you should not take high doses of this fungus (and therefore of Pioir coffee) if you have bleeding disorders or low blood pressure.

Finally, it should be noted that some versions of Pioir coffee contain caffeine. Very little, however. The amount of caffeine in Pioir coffee is much lower than in regular coffee, and in fact, some products such as black Pioir coffee have no caffeine or sugar. However, as a precautionary measure, we recommend that it should not be used by pregnant women or, of course, children.

How to drink Pioir coffee

If you don’t know how to drink Pioir coffee, refer to the soluble coffee preparations and follow the steps indicated there. If we look at the list of ingredients of Pioir coffee, which we have reviewed above, we find that in all its products, the main component is an instant coffee powder (not ground coffee). And this means that to enjoy it, all you have to do is add hot water and stir well.

Of course, you can always add elements to taste, such as sweeteners, sugar, honey or milk… but then you will be altering the original qualities of the product and perhaps for that, you would be better off preparing a conventional coffee.

For example, if you are one of those who consume Pioir coffee to lose weight, it wouldn’t make much sense to sweeten it with sugar, would it?

In terms of quantity or frequency of intake, it is often recommended that you replace your regular coffee consumption with Pioir coffee. For example, drink it at breakfast and after lunch. What is widely recommended is to drink at least 2 litres of water during the day to help the body better assimilate all the components of Pioir coffee, especially the mushroom.

Finally… where can I buy Pioir coffee?

And here comes the crux of the matter. Buying Pioir coffee is no easy task because it is not sold in specialised shops, herbalist’s shops and even less in general supermarkets. Nor is it possible to buy Pioir coffee on Amazon (although you can find other brands of coffee with Ganoderma mushroom extract, which is the same thing).

Pioir coffee is sold through private distributors, with more or less size, with more or less promotional resources, who take a commission for their sales and are sometimes more interested in selling you the product than informing you properly. So we advise you to be careful and inform yourself about the properties of Pioir coffee (for example, through independent websites such as ours) before deciding to give it a try.

As we have repeated several times throughout this article, most of these Pioir coffee distributors are located in Latin America, and we do not know at this time what international shipping options they can handle.