Organic coffee

This post will only talk about organic coffee beans, in whatever format, but always grown naturally, without chemicals and harvested in an environmentally friendly way. There are already enough references to “conventional” coffee on the market, so today, we are going to stick to these, of higher quality and logically also of higher price ones.

Throughout this post, we are going to learn what organic coffee (or eco-friendly) is, where we can find it, and which are the most common formats to acquire it. Before we start, here is a wide range of options for buying your organic coffee beans:

As you can see, in many cases, we also use the denomination of fair trade coffee, which assures us that the producers of the raw material we buy are treated and rewarded properly.

What is organic coffee?

First of all, let’s clarify what we mean by organic coffee. Organic coffee, and by extension any other product that bears that name, is produced without using any chemical component. It includes everything from pesticides or fertilizers to herbicides or any bug-killing substance. And it covers the entire process of harvesting, production, handling and packaging of coffee.

To be completely sure what the requirements for organic coffee are, you can check the European regulations on organic products here.

The differences between organic and regular coffee are clear:

  • No chemical intervention has been carried out on organic coffee.
  • It is much more environmentally friendly and its production leaves less of a footprint.
  • The taste and quality of the product is purer and less artificial.

And now, let’s move on to the question of money. If we want to take it home, you can buy organic coffee mainly in three formats:

Organic coffee beans are the most common of all, but later on, we will also see some options for purchasing ground organic coffee and pods for our more modern coffee machines.

Benefits of organic coffee

The requirements for the cultivation of organic coffee allow its consumption to benefit certain factors. The first of these is in the field of human health, as it offers a greater quantity of nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

Another benefit is that its quality is higher than that of more commercial coffee due to the cultivation mentioned above and harvesting processes. Consequently, the acidity and flavour are easier to appreciate in organic coffee.

Also, organic coffee contributes more positively to the environment. Sustainability is visible with this type of coffee cultivation, as its production systems are more environmentally friendly. When no chemicals are used on agricultural crops, water and soil are not polluted, strengthening at the same time the fertility of the land.

Ecosystems and wildlife also benefit from growing coffee organically, as the avoidance of chemicals such as herbicides, fungicides, or pesticides ensures a smaller human footprint on the environment.

Birds, for example, are not affected by this type of coffee cultivation because the felling of trees is avoided, so much so that there are special labels that demonstrate the harmony between birds and organic coffee brands.

Also, this type of coffee cultivation requires shading and therefore reduces deforestation. Interestingly, when coffee is grown in the rainforest, pest infestations are reduced, as the ecosystem provides direct predators for these pests that could attack the coffee crop.

Organic coffee brands

Choosing a good brand of organic coffee is not always an easy task, as there are many brands on the market. In this article, you have already been able to see some products, but now we will talk in-depth about those brands that we consider best for you.

Saula organic coffee

Saula is distinguished by its long history as a premium coffee brand (not for nothing; we talk about it in our guide of the best coffee in the world) and is one of the largest varieties offered among organic coffee brands. You can find packs of several Saula organic coffee cans of both 250 and 500 grams and in bean or ground format.

However, it is not easy to find in general shops and supermarkets. The fastest and easiest way for most users is to search for their products on Amazon. Here are some of them:

Novell Organic Coffee

Novell is a brand we have already talked about on our website, specifically in the section on compatible capsules. Its extensive production in this industry is completed with two varieties of organic coffee for Nespresso, one decaffeinated and another normal espresso, which is also presented in compostable capsules. There is no room for more sustainability!

Novell Coffee Intenso Whole Beans, 250 g
Novell Coffee Intenso Whole Beans, 250 g
intense cup, low in caffeine. stands out for its persistence; 100% compostable packaging; certified organic
NOVELL No Waste' Cremoso Coffee Nespresso Compatible Pods, 100% Compostable & Organic, Fully...
NOVELL No Waste' Cremoso Coffee Nespresso Compatible Pods, 100% Compostable & Organic, Fully...
100% compostable, 100% organic gourmet coffee capsules compatible with Nespresso machines
Ground coffee I love Organic BIO 250 g Cafes Novell
Ground coffee I love Organic BIO 250 g Cafes Novell
Balanced coffee with notes of flowers and citrus; The product is BIO certified; With notes of bitter cocoa

Coffee Masters organic coffee

We will also talk about the British brand of coffee Coffee Masters from Worcestershire, which like Saula, markets several packages with organic coffee beans or ground coffee (both versions). The size of the packages varies from 250 grams to 1 kilo.

If you are interested in buying Coffee Master’s organic coffee, here are some of the packages from Amazon:

Origeens organic coffee capsules

Origeens is very aware of the sustainability of the coffee industry, and for this reason, they have made a strong commitment to organic (or ecological) coffee and tea. At the moment they offer us really attractive products:

Organic coffee in capsules

But then, is real organic coffee an exclusive privilege of the espresso machine user? Not really. If you have a capsule coffee machine, you can also enjoy a wide selection of products with an organic label.

However, you should know that most of these options are organic coffee capsules for Nespresso. Dolce Gusto users can also find some, but less.

To buy organic coffee capsules, go to any of these brands. Many of them are well known on the market, as they also sell many varieties of normal (non-organic) coffee. Remember that you can find more information about many of them in our coffee capsule store.

Organic Variety Pack | 3 Different Varieties |100 Nespresso Aluminium Pods from Real Coffee |
Organic Variety Pack | 3 Different Varieties |100 Nespresso Aluminium Pods from Real Coffee |
Voted "Best In Test" in different newspapers & magazines; Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back
50 Organic Nespresso Compatible Pods. 50 Fairtrade and Organic Capsules (5 Boxes)
50 Organic Nespresso Compatible Pods. 50 Fairtrade and Organic Capsules (5 Boxes)
Organic and Fairtrade coffee. The capsules are easily recycled.; Voted "Best In Test" in different European newspapers & magazines

Ground organic coffee

There are also many brands of organic ground coffee on the market. Among the most popular are the organic Saula coffees (which have both ground and bean formats) or those of Taylor.

Let’s not forget that there are two types of organic ground coffee on the market: normal and soluble. To buy organic instant coffee, you have the options of the Bird & Wild and Taylors, among others. If you want to learn more about soluble coffee, read the article we wrote at the time.

Differences between organic and eco-friendly coffee

There is no difference between organic and eco-friendly coffee: they are synonymous and are used interchangeably to refer to the same type of coffee.

The same is not true of the name bio coffee: bioproducts are those whose components have not been genetically altered.

Organic coffee: Benefits

The benefits of organic coffee are obvious and well known to all. We are going to make a brief summary here of the best properties of organic coffee, although, of course, there will always be more to learn and investigate each one on its own.

  • All the benefits of coffee that are naturally present, of course, also remain in the organic varieties. You can take a look at them in the article we have just linked to.
  • Organic coffee is, by definition, healthier than normal coffee. This is an objective fact.
  • Apart from the direct benefits for you (by consuming it), organic coffee also has many indirect benefits, because by buying it you are contributing to the improvement of the planet and the environment.
  • A large majority (not 100%, be aware of it) of organic coffees are also fair trade coffees. By buying them, you guarantee support for the families of the producers and harvesters, who are often farmers with few resources and whose lives depend entirely on these crops.
  • All organic coffee plantations are considered bird friendly: that is, they are officially recognized as being bird friendly. They help to increase the population of many species and provide them with a better habitat to live in.

Where to buy organic coffee?

When you go to buy organic coffee, these vary greatly from country to country. We make this point because we know that we have many readers worldwide, and we do not want them to be confused by our recommendations.

If you wish to buy organic coffee in any large city, the best alternative is to go to l your favourite supermarket. It is not difficult to find organic coffee in supermarkets these days.

If you live in a small town, you may have fewer options and therefore find it more convenient to buy your organic coffee from Amazon (which also brings it home, so it’s almost more convenient).

The best organic coffee of 2022

When buying organic coffee at Amazon, consumer preferences are directed towards the following brands, varieties and formats:

Mount Hagen Organic Freeze Dried Instant Ground Coffee, 3.53 oz
Mount Hagen Organic Freeze Dried Instant Ground Coffee, 3.53 oz
Mount Hagen Organic Freeze Dried Instant Coffee, 3.53-Ounce Jar
Clipper Medium Roast Decaf Organic Arabica Coffee, 200g
Clipper Medium Roast Decaf Organic Arabica Coffee, 200g
Store in cool and dry place; Organically decaffeinated using the CO2 & spring water method