No water coming out of the Nespresso coffee machine

As with all the problems with Nespresso coffee machines that we have analyzed on the blog, we will try to cover all the possibilities of why water does not come out of your coffee machine. We will look at why it happens in both newly purchased coffee machines and those we have used for years. As each case is different, we will not take shortcuts in presenting our hypotheses.

New Nespresso coffee machine does not dispense water

The first case that we must deal with is those Nespresso coffee machines that we have just bought and do not dispense water. Although it may seem a strange case, it happens on more occasions than you might think.

All Nespresso coffee machines come with a primed water circuit; that is to say, they already have water in their pipes, in the thermoblock, and of course, inside the pump. But despite that, when the coffee machine has been stopped for a long time or exposed to high temperatures, the water inside could have evaporated. Now there is only air in the circuit.

When you press any coffee preparation buttons, you should hear the pump running to rule out that it is not another problem. The sound of the pump is usually higher pitched than normal, although if it is the first time you use it, you will not be able to tell the difference.

If you do not hear the pump, this would be another problem. You should contact the seller immediately to have the coffee machine replaced under warranty.

Make sure that the water tank valve is working

I know it seems obvious, but I have seen so many water tank valves stuck that I must ask you to make sure it works. Fill the tank and press your finger on the bottom until water comes out.

Once you have verified that the water comes out when you press, make sure that the valve is lifted when you install the tank in the coffee machine. This is another problem I have encountered when repairing Nespresso coffee machines. During the assembly process, someone has installed something wrong on the base of the coffee machine, and the reservoir valve does not lift.

Water tank valve
Water tank valve

Extracts air from the circuit naturally

The first thing to do is fill the water tank to its maximum volume. The more water there is, the more pressure is exerted on the pump and the easier it is for the water to flow out.

Press the lungo button as if you want to prepare a coffee and try it several times without fear; sometimes, it isn’t easy to take the water if the pump is very dry. You can even move the tank slightly while the pump works to force the water inlet a little.

Forcing air extraction from the circuit

This air extraction system is known as the «airbag system» because it uses a bag or balloon filled with air to push the water from the Nespresso tank into the pump while preparing a cup of coffee. This extra pressure can cause air trapped in the circuit to escape immediately.

The photo below shows an example with a child’s balloon, but it can be done with any bag that will keep the air trapped inside. Thanks to their small size and airtight seal, freezer bags are also very good.

Press the balloon or bag down into the reservoir
Press the balloon or bag down into the reservoir

Old Nespresso coffee machine will not dispense water

Suppose your coffee machine is no longer under warranty. The above two methods can and should be applied before delving deeper into the problem. Nespresso coffee machines under warranty NEVER disassemble or force any component, which will void the warranty. But if your coffee machine is already old, let’s see how to solve the problem by removing some screws.

Extract air from the circuit by disassembling the water pipes

Suppose neither of the two previous methods has worked. In that case, you will have to disassemble the casings of the coffee machine and physically get to the pipes and valves. Inspect each part of the circuit and ensure no air inside. Due to gravity, you can disassemble some of the pipes and let the water flow out.

If you confirm that air is not the problem, the pump is probably clogged.

How to unclog the water pump of the Nespresso coffee machine

The quickest and most effective method to unclog a Nespresso coffee machine water pump is to disassemble the casings and access the pump. While trying to brew a coffee, you should give it a series of sharp blows on the outside of the pump to loosen the piston.

The piston, springs, and other components tend to get stuck due to excessive limescale and other impurities in the water. Therefore, regular descaling is very important for Nespresso coffee makers.

If the coffee machine is still leaking some water, you could solve the problem by doing some descaling. Still, if the pump is not leaking any water, it is useless to try this option.

Clean the front perforating disk

The problem with your coffee maker not brewing water may be related to cleaning. Still, the problem may be with the front perforating disc instead of the internal circuitry. This has a series of holes through which the coffee comes out, but nothing will come out if they are blocked too much.

Use an old toothbrush and scrub it well with clean water. Try brewing some coffee without a capsule from time to time to see if the problem is solved.

Detail of capsule perforating disk
Detail of capsule perforating disk