Microwave coffee machines

When we talk about buying a microwave coffee maker, we are referring to Italian microwave coffee makers. It is a sort of evolution or a simplified version of the traditional Moka or traditional Italian coffee maker, which works essentially the same way. Still, to heat it we can put it in the microwave oven.

As you know, traditional Moka pots cannot be used inside the microwave because they are metallic, so we depend on having a fire nearby to heat the water and wait for the espresso to rise.

With microwave coffee makers, this does not happen. We have to put the ground coffee in, pour water in, close it tightly, and put it in the microwave for 3 or 4 minutes (depending on the power of our microwave and the manufacturer’s specifications). We will have our espresso ready without any effort and without having to watch out that the coffee does not spill!

If you want to buy a microwave coffee maker from Amazon, there are still not many options on the market. You can still choose from these:

If you want to buy a microwave coffee maker on Amazon, there aren’t too many options on the market yet. Still, you can choose from these:

Advantages of microwave coffee makers

  • They are very cheap.
  • Microwavable materials are also dishwasher safe.
  • It depends on the power of your microwave, but they generally take less time to brew coffee than traditional Italian coffee makers.
  • The drink does not absorb the aroma of the metal. You have a purer coffee.

Components of Italian microwave coffee machines

  • A container (lower part of the mocha) where the water is poured.
  • A smaller ladle where you pour the ground coffee.
  • A mesh filter.
  • A jug with a handle, where the coffee is deposited when it is brewed.

Of course, all these parts of the microwave coffee machines are made of materials that can be used without any problem in these devices, such as plastic and glass.

The Best Microwave Coffee Makers

Although there are not too many Italian microwave coffee makers for sale, this does not mean that the alternatives are of poor quality. We will highlight two of them: the Mamy Mokka and Silvano’s microwave coffee maker.

Microwave Instant Coffee Machine

It is a very interesting model, as we could even call it a portable espresso machine. The idea of this piece is basically to take a conventional Moka pot and transform it by building it with plastic and glass so that it can be put in the microwave. Otherwise, its appearance and properties are identical to those of a regular Italian coffee maker.

It is small in size, with a capacity of about 4 cups, and its design is predominantly white. The upper body is transparent so that through the glass of our microwave, we can always see when the coffee is brewed. It includes a reusable filter (although you must wash it well and dry it so that it is ready for the next use) and has the following measurements:

  • 11 x 13 x 11 cms.
  • 230 grams in weight.

This instant microwave coffee maker requires only 3 minutes (assuming an average microwave power) to prepare about half a litre of freshly brewed espresso.

Mamy Mokka: Microwave Moka pot

The Mamy Mokka microwave coffee maker is a more traditional piece, as it is identical to an Italian Moka on the outside. The only difference, of course, is that the materials are non-toxic and suitable for microwave use (it is mainly made of polycarbonate).

The Mamy Mokka for microwaves is available in several very striking colours, although at the moment, we only have it available in black and gold at Amazon. In Italy, it was very popular, especially at the time of its launch (back in 2010-2011). However, it is now more difficult to find, and its halo of “pioneer” among microwave coffee makers has been surpassed by the strength of the model we have reviewed first.