Italian coffee makers sizes

Today we will learn about the different sizes of Italian coffee machines on the market. Many users buy their Moka mainly for the size, to fit as best as possible to the amount of coffee they will prepare regularly. And what many do not know is that not all coffee makers are made in all sizes.

Some only exist in small sizes, and others have been specifically designed for various quantities so that you do not have to worry about anything; here is a complete guide.

How do you measure the size of an Italian coffee maker?

First, we must explain that in our sector, the “cups” are always determined according to the standard measurement of the espresso. Manufacturers also follow this standard so that when a Moka coffee machine is manufactured or sold “for 3 cups”, it is designed for a capacity of 3 espressos.

As you know, espressos are a short drink served in a small cup. Breakfast coffees are much larger than this standard size. For this reason, an Italian coffee maker for 4 cups may result in that in your house; if you drink very long coffee, it will give you only 2 or 3 big cups.

It is not a manufacturer’s error; it is merely the difference in the measurement standard. To clarify the picture further, we will indicate as far as possible the actual approximate capacity (in millilitres) of each Moka in each case.

It should also be noted, of course, that smaller Italian coffee machines will always be cheaper than larger ones.

Italian coffee makers for 1 cup

1-cup Italian coffee makers, or individual Italian coffee makers, are by no means the most common size of Moka.

When someone buys a 1-cup Italian coffee maker, it is usually as a complement or in conjunction with a broader set of Mochas (because of the multiple sizes in the house).

It should also be noted that many Italian coffee makers sold for 2 or 3 cups can serve us for a single preparation if we like to drink the coffee very long (in a breakfast cup, for example).

Not many Italian coffee makers work the smaller model for 1 cup. We can mention the classic Bialetti Moka Express, the Monix Vitro Noir or the Cilio Classico among the most prominent ones.

Italian coffee makers 2 cups

Italian 2-cup coffee makers are a much less standard size among consumers looking for small Italian coffee makers.

Their current capacity is usually between 150 and 200 millilitres. Some of the better-known models that can be found on this site are the Bialetti Venus, the Ducomi Moka Express, and the Happy Friends 2-cup coffee maker.

Italian coffee makers for 3 cups

We arrived at one of the star sizes of the Moka segment or Italian domestic coffee makers. The 3-cup Italian coffee makers are usually the entry point for any model in any range, and in many cases, the smallest Moka of a given brand is typically the 3-cup.

It isn’t easy to find any Italian coffee maker that doesn’t come in the 3-cup size but to name a few of the better-known ones, we can recommend the Quid Black Coffee, the Ibili Il Sapore, the Bra Titanium or the Bialetti Moka for Induction.

Italian coffee makers for 6 cups

The Italian 6-cup coffee makers are a step up from the various sizes of Mokas on the market. If we can talk about small Italian coffee makers up to 3 cups, the size of 6 cups means that we are already talking about medium size coffee makers.

As with the 3-cup size, the 6-cup Mokas are the most common in all brands, and practically all models on the market include them in their catalogue. Even the largest coffee makers include a 6-cup model as an affordable representative of their range.

Proof of this is some of the most sold Italian coffee makers in the world, like the Quid Genova, the Easy Timer electric coffee maker from Bialetti, the Bra Bali or the Kuhn Rikon Juliette.

Italian coffee makers for 9 cups

We have already jumped into the segment of large Italian coffee machines. Not all Mokas are sold in this size, but if you want to find an Italian coffee maker for 9 cups, you have to know that some models are exclusively thought for these great consumption needs.

Some of the most famous cases are the Bergner New Barista, the San Ignacio Bologna, the Magefesa Capri and several versions of the KF series by Orbegozo.

None is sold in small sizes, so these are Italian coffee machines designed exclusively for “big things”. Like this very popular Delonghi Alicia:

Italian coffee makers for 10 cups

When it comes to large Italian coffee makers, there are two typical capacities or sizes: 9 or 10 cups. The difference between them is minimal, and often the scale is subject to the subjective appreciation of the manufacturer. Because what we are dealing with here are always Italian coffee machines with a capacity of three-quarters of a litre (more or less).

Examples of Italian coffee makers with 10 cups are the Bra Bella, the Bra Magna, the Bialetti Black Kitty or the Alessi 9090 itself.

Italian coffee makers for 12 cups

It is already a very unusual size that not all brands work. If you are looking for an Italian coffee maker with a litre capacity (or more, sometimes), then you need one of these Italian 12-cup machines.

As we say, they’re not easy to find, so here’s a complete list we’ll update as we find new models for these extra-large Italian coffee makers.

18-cup Italian coffee makers

Of course, if we talk about substantial Italian coffee makers, these unusual models of Italian coffee makers for 18 cups will win the day.

It is the only Moka we have found called a Moka, but beware because the manufacturer already warns that they consider each cup equivalent to 50 ml. It gives us a container of just under 1-litre capacity, which is still enormous but perhaps not what one expects when buying an 18-cup Italian coffee maker.

24-cup Italian coffee makers

It is the end of it. The only Italian coffee maker for 24 cups available on the market – at the time of writing – is this giant Alpi model from the Ilsa brand.

The Ilsa Alpi 24-cup coffee maker is made of stainless steel, can be used in induction kitchens, and measures 21 x 18 x 15 cm. A real mastodon for remarkable occasions. The largest induction coffee maker in the world.

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