Italian coffee makers of different colours

In a sector as traditionalist in our industry as Italian coffee machines (or Moka machines), there must always be room for innovation, difference and uniqueness. Most of these coffee machines are built in aluminium or stainless steel and retain their characteristic metallic or silver colour. It is the image that we are used to seeing in the Mokas. But we also have many models of coloured Italian coffee machines at our disposal.

If you want to escape from the grey, no matter how shiny and polished it is, you need a coloured Italian coffee maker. Contrary to what many people think, there is enough variety on the market to satisfy every need. And we mean both different coffee makers and a variety of colours.

Many colourful Italian coffee makers are models designed exclusively to counter other more severe and classic models within their brand. It is done very well by, for example, Bialetti, which has an extensive range of Italian coffee makers (the largest on the market). It directs some models towards the traditional consumer and others towards a younger public, with more colourful and daring designs.

On the other hand, we also find models of Italian coffee makers who, due to their popularity and versatility, are marketed in all options: metallic and lacquered in many colours. We are going to review only the most popular colours. Still, there are also more minority options, such as brown Italian coffee makers or fuchsia Italian coffee makers.

Before we start looking at the colour-by-colour options, here is a complete and updated list of the most coloured Italian coffee makers on the market:

Black Italian coffee makers

If we leave aside the traditional metal coffee pots, black is probably the most common colour in this sector. A black Italian coffee maker is usually lacquered in this colour, even though the material used in its construction is the same as a usual Moka (steel or aluminium). An excellent example of black Italian coffee makers is the KFN series from Orbegozo, the Monix Vitro Noir or the black Bialetti Moka Express.

Italian red coffee makers

The colour red is also one of the most common. It is not as lavish as black, but it is exquisite and usually the favourite for users who want to buy a coloured Italian coffee maker and are not looking for anything extravagant. One of the most popular is the Bialetti Moka Induction in red, but we also like the Oroley induction coffee maker (which combines red and black) or the Bra Elegance with a red waist.

Pink Italian coffee makers

A pink Italian coffee maker? Well, yes, there are, too. Pink Italian coffee pots are perfect if you want to make a tribute or a special gift. There are not many models to choose from, but if you are looking for a pink Pedrini Glitter or a classic Bialetti model (it is the one that sells the most unusual colours): the Fiammetta coffee maker.

Orange Italian coffee makers

Orange is the favourite colour of many entities and the most used corporate colour in the business world. And it’s no coincidence: it gives personality, is warm and stands out from the rest without being loud. If you want a touch of joy in your kitchen, choose an orange Italian coffee maker like these: orange Premier Housewares Moka, the orange model by Gnali and Zani, or the Bialetti Break.

Green Italian coffee makers

Green Italian coffee makers are a rarity, and their emblem is undoubtedly the iconic Bialetti 2762, or Bialetti Moka Alpina. We can also find models of green Italian coffee makers in the Fiammetta or this unique lime green Monix coffee maker.

Yellow Italian coffee makers

Among the yellow Italian coffee makers, we highlight Bialetti’s Orziera (or barley coffee maker), which we find precious for its successful combination of dark yellow and black at the base. Models such as the Italian Tamume coffee maker or the yellow Excelsa coffee maker are also made and sold in yellow.

Golden Italian coffee makers

There’s a fine line between the yellow and golden coffee pots. The latter shows a more beautiful and elegant appearance than the former. Suppose you are a lover of good taste. In that case, you should know that there are some gold Italian coffee makers on the market, such as the Chio Regina coffee maker, the Bra Elegance Gold or the Bialetti Fiammetta gold. And remember, gold is not yellow!

Blue Italian coffee makers

Blue Italian Coffee Makers, We come to the end of this review with another colour that is very popular among users looking for a modern, casual and cheerful Italian coffee maker: the blue Italian coffee maker. In this case, the particularity lies in the fact that we find a multitude of tones and variations of the colour blue, such as the Italian coffee maker Bialetti Rainbow, the dark blue (or cobalt) Innova, or this impressive Italian coffee maker in turquoise, from the firm Gnali & Zani.

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