Induction diffuser plate

The arrival of induction cookers in homes was a revolution in kitchens: more power, greater precision and speed in reaching the right temperatures for cooking.

However, induction hobs require that the containers used for cooking are suitable for this technology (if you have any doubts about how induction works, you can review it in our guide to induction coffee machines, where we explain the details of the process in detail). And if they are not, to use them, you must buy an induction diffuser plate.

To sum up, the utensils suitable for induction hobs (pans, ladles, pots, pans or coffee makers) must be made of stainless steel, or at least have a diffusing bottom made of this material that makes it possible to conduct the colour of the plate inside the container.

And what happens if we do not have containers suitable for induction? For example, a ceramic frying pan or an aluminium Moka pot would not work on an induction plate by themselves. So you have basically three options:

  • Hold on and don’t use your induction cooker (not recommended).
  • Buy new utensils that are valid for induction cookers (expensive option, although understandable in the long term).
  • Or the most practical and economical option: buy an induction cooker adapter plate on Amazon, so that you can use all your containers on it.

You can buy your induction cooker adapter at Amazon without any problem. There are numerous brands, a lot of sizes (expressed in centimetres), and they all tend to be around 15-20 pounds.

Here are some options, and later we will talk about some details that will help you tell about buying your induction hob diffuser adapter.

What is an induction diffuser plate

Essentially, an induction diffuser is a circular stainless steel plate with a handle that allows it to be placed or handled safely (as if it were a frying pan). The diffuser plate for induction is placed directly over our kitchen, and on top of it, we place the frying pan, pot or container that we want to heat.

The heat of the induction will be transmitted from the plate to the base of your container, which would not happen if you placed the container directly on top of your induction cooker. And this allows you to use, e.g. earthenware pots or ceramic containers, which otherwise you could not put on an induction cooker.

That is why they are also called glass-ceramic induction cooker adapters.

Induction adapters are very popular among coffee machine users, the sector we are concerned with because there are many Italian aluminium coffee machines that do not work on induction plates. So those who have a Moka pot at home usually need an induction Vitroceramic hob adapter to be able to make espresso with them.

Induction induction diffuser plate: Reviews

The adapter is undoubtedly one of the most important accessories for your induction cooker that you can have; in our opinion, it is practically obligatory to get one (just in case) if you have an induction cooker at home.

When buying an induction diffuser adaptor, are they all the same? Well, yes, essentially yes. The only thing you have to look for is that it is a mark of your confidence and in the diameter of your plate.

There are induction adapters to Vitroceramic of different diameters (14, 16, 18, 20 cms). You must choose one that adapts perfectly to the size of both your induction cooker and the base of the container you are going to use on it.

Tips for buying your induction diffuser plate online

OK, you have decided that if you have an induction cooker at home, you need to buy an induction adaptor from Amazon. Now all you have to do is choose the size, and keep in mind these little basic tips:

  • For the heat to be transmitted properly, the diameter must be the optimal one for the size of the plate where you are going to use the adapter. There is no point in using a small adapter on a large plate, or a large induction adapter on a very small plate.
  • Do not leave scratches or fingerprints on your induction plate.
  • Please note that induction cooker adapter plates are only suitable for kitchen containers with a flat bottom.

Where to buy an induction diffuser plate?

Until induction cookers are fully integrated into the market (they are still a minority compared to glass-ceramics), it is not easy to find an induction cooker adapter on any of the usual large surfaces.

If you live in a big city, you will have no problem, but the truth is that not all these establishments can find adapters for induction and glass-ceramics.

For that reason, what we advise you for speed and comfort is to buy your induction diffuser plate on Amazon.

The best brands of induction diffuser plates 2023

An induction hob adapter is no more scientific than its diameter: you must buy the induction cooker adapter plate that fits your cooker size. Even if you can afford it, ideally, you should have a set of two or three adapters of different sizes to use in any situation.

However, there are many users who prefer to go to known or trusted brands, and in that sense, we can talk mainly about Ibili and Tescoma. These two manufacturers come in various sizes, have a recognised prestige in the sector, and therefore we consider that they stand out slightly from others that are less well known.

In any case, it is not possible to speak clearly of which is the best brand of induction diffuser disc.

Induction diffuser plate Tescoma

The Tescoma induction adapter plates are made of stainless steel but with an aluminium core (thus saving energy), and the handle can be removed. Another advantage of buying a Tescoma induction cooker plate adapter is that it can be washed directly in the dishwasher.

Currently, you can buy them in two sizes: 17 and 21 cms.

Induction diffuser plate Ibili

Ibili is a well-known firm in the kitchenware sector in Spain. In addition to their Italian coffee machines on our website, we also have to accommodate them because of these adapters. The Ibili induction adapters are made of 18% stainless steel, and their greatest virtue is the number of diameters they have available.

If you want to buy an Ibili induction diffuser adapter, you have up to 4 sizes to choose from 14, 19, 24 and 28 cms diameter. Not by variety.

How induction adapters work

There’s no mystery about how to use an induction diffuser adapter, but just in case you prefer to be sure, here’s a video where you can see it in action.

As you can see, all you have to do is place the adapter plate on top of your induction cooker and the cooking container on top. If the adapter is good, the times and power of your induction cooker will be the same as you would use in a normal situation; nothing changes when using the adapter.