How to repair Italian coffee machines

A Moka Pot, or Italian coffee maker, has an emotional component in our homes that we cannot deny. Aside from making us coffee every day, Italian coffee makers are one of those old appliances without which we would not understand our cooking.

That’s why, despite their low price, it’s not surprising that many users prefer to fix an Italian coffee maker, even if it’s many years old, rather than buying a new one – if we end up liking them! And that is why the repair of Italian coffee machines is a matter of increasing interest to more and more people.

Before discussing how to repair an Italian coffee machine, it is advisable to take preventive care, as often as possible, to avoid problems. To do this, we advise you to read our Moka Coffee Machine Maintenance Guide – better safe than sorry.

Most common problems and breakdowns

When it comes to maintenance, an Italian coffee machine has a significant advantage over other types of coffee makers: the total absence of technology and electrical components.

It means that the most common problems with a Moka coffee machine come exclusively from outside:

  • Breakage or wear of parts (handles, knobs, filter or dents)
  • Deterioration of the paint or metal of the external body of the mocha.
  • Deterioration of the rubber gaskets that seal the two bodies of the moka.
  • And large etcetera of similar problems.

In all cases, repairs to an Italian coffee maker follow the same pattern: identify the broken or damaged part, get a replacement (you can ask at hardware stores or directly at Amazon, through the list below) and replace it. In the worst case, you will have to replace the entire coffee maker. Luckily, they are not usually costly.

  1. Locate the damaged part or component
  2. Buy a replacement of the same size.
  3. Replace the damaged part with the new part.

As technology does not intervene in this type of coffee machine, when you change the new part, you will have a coffee machine for a while.

It is particularly important to replace the rubber gaskets, which are responsible for closing and hermetically sealing the upper and lower bodies of the Moka. Due to the high temperatures, the rubber or silicone can melt and therefore prevent the normal functioning of both parts.

Another problem that may arise is that the seal may break or deteriorate somewhere. A tiny hole can cause a leak of water or coffee, so if you use your Moka coffee maker every day, you’d better change the seals frequently. They’re very cheap, and you’ll be extending the life of your coffee maker.

To change and replace them with guarantees, make sure that the diameter of the spare part is the same as the original one – rubber gaskets for a 3-cup Moka is not the same as a 9-cup Moka! Remember: the spare parts for Italian coffee machines always depend on the size of the coffee machine.

Here are some of the most common parts and items that are damaged and replaced in an Italian coffee maker:

Repairing an old Italian coffee machine

If you are one of those who prefer to do things the traditional way, then you might be interested in the following video. It shows a straightforward idea to completely renew the look of your old Italian coffee maker, which may still be working correctly but needs a facelift.

If you prefer to repair your Moka machine rather than “retire” it and buy a new one, pay attention to the next step: