How to refill Tassimo coffee pods

A unique wish for every Tassimo coffee machine consumer is precisely to know how to refill Tassimo pods to save money on coffee and also to be able to use the coffee we like best with them.

In this article, we are going to explain to you the different possibilities you have to refill Tassimo pods. Please note that there are new refillable Tassimo pods on the market, but you also can make your pods using relatively “homemade” methods. But well, cheap and effective, in any case.

Before starting to explain how to refill Tassimo coffee pods, we must warn you that these practices must always be done under your responsibility. Knowing that the most reliable alternative (and the one we recommend) is always to buy official Tassimo Bosch pods. Having clarified this point, let’s go there:

What do I need to refill Tassimo pods?

To make refillable Tassimo pods, you need to have the following items and accessories at hand:

  • An empty Tassimo T-Disc pod
  • A knife, cutter or scalpel.
  • Aluminium foil.
  • Double-sided adhesive tape.
  • Ground coffee (or the mixture you wish to use in your new Tassimo refillable pod).

Refill Tassimo pods step by step

To recharge or reuse Tassimo pods, follow the steps below, one by one:

  1. First, remove the cap or cover of the T-Disc pod.
  2. Cut the barcode with the knife. Keep it carefully so that it doesn’t get damaged or wrinkled. It will be vital for the brewer to read your refillable Tassimo pod correctly and apply the correct proportions of water and brewing time.
  3. Clean and wash the pod very well. There should be no coffee residue left inside it.
  4. Put the ground coffee you like into the pod. Fill it more or less to the brim and make sure it is well pressed.
  5. Use the aluminium foil to cover your pod and make a new cover. You must pay close attention to the old foil (the one you cut off in step 1) because the barcode must be in the same position. Otherwise, the coffee maker will not read it.
  6. Stick the barcode that you cut out and saved in step 2. Use the double-sided adhesive tape for this. You must stick it in the same place and with the same orientation as before; remember that.
  7. Put it in your coffee maker and start making regular coffee. Check the results and adjust the process accordingly. Refilling Tassimo pods requires patience and skill, and you probably won’t get it right away.

There are several problems you may encounter. For example, the coffee maker doesn’t read the pod and doesn’t start the brew, or water leaks out somewhere.

If this happens to you, restart the manufacturing process for refilling Tassimo Bosch pods and adjust the details. For example, make sure the barcode is glued in place and in the right position, or check that the foil cover seals the edges correctly and doesn’t leave any openings for water to escape.

Refilling Tassimo pod – Demo video

If you have already read the whole process step by step above, to understand better how to refill Tassimo pods, it is best to watch the following video. A picture this time is worth a thousand words:

Refilling Tassimo milk pods

The above method is valid for refilling Tassimo pods with ground coffee and for reusing your Tassimo pods as many times as you like. If you want to refill Tassimo pods with fresh milk (which gives you a unique taste and texture in your coffee), you must follow the instructions in the following video:

Take an empty Tassimo pod, drill a hole in its top cover and press the milk (or even the cream of your choice) into it with the help of a funnel or even a syringe of the right thickness. The Tassimo milk pod will not be completely sealed, but as long as you do not turn the pod upside-down, there will be no problem.

Alternatives for refilling Tassimo pods

And finally, if the above tips don’t convince you too much, we have compiled a series of videos on Youtube with new and different methods to refill Tassimo pods effortlessly. Again, we insist, remember that you must do these practices at your own risk and that it will always be better to buy official Tassimo Bosch pods than to try this kind of homemade alternative.