How is green coffee prepared?

The world of coffee encompasses different elements and components, where green coffee is one of the least known. Also, not everyone knows how to prepare this type of coffee and the health benefits it brings.

However, in recent years, green coffee has become increasingly popular on the internet thanks to the good results it offers in certain weight-loss diets. In contrast, its other benefits are not as popular, so here is all the information you need to know about green coffee and how to prepare it correctly.

What is green coffee?

It is important to mention that green coffee is not a different variety of coffee. It is only beans of either variety (arabica or robusta) that have not been roasted. Roasting coffee is a process that darkens the coffee and therefore removes the green colour, as well as reducing some of the benefits of green coffee.

One of the main characteristics of green coffee is that its aroma is much more intense, and its taste is slightly bitter compared to black coffee. On the other hand, the most widespread and well-known aspect of green coffee is its content of chlorogenic acid, a substance that offers different health benefits to people.

green coffee for health

Health benefits

  • Studies have shown that green coffee helps you lose weight by modifying your metabolism and regulating blood glucose levels.
  • It helps you stay more alert, as it contains more caffeine than black coffee because it does not go through the roasting process.
  • Green coffee lowers blood pressure and contains antioxidant properties that prevent skin ageing.
  • It strengthens the immune system by helping to eliminate toxins and harmful substances from the body. It also has cleansing properties.

How to prepare green coffee?

As mentioned above, the nature of green coffee is to be consumed unroasted. Green coffee can be easily prepared if you can get it in ground form. If you can get the green beans, you must have a very powerful coffee grinder.

These beans are harder than black coffee beans that have been roasted, so a blade grinder is recommended to obtain a homogeneous mixture. To prepare a cup of green coffee, it is important to follow the following steps and have all the necessary ingredients.

green coffee beans


  • 15 grams of ground green coffee. (Arabica or Robusta)
  • 250 millilitres of hot water.
  • Sugar or honey.

Preparation with ground green coffee

First, grind the green coffee beans to a fine or coarse powder, depending on the texture you prefer for your drink. Then, divide this powder into two cups and pour in hot water, which should be at about 90°C.

Finally, you can let the mixture stand for 10 minutes and strain it to remove all the powder. You can also add honey or sugar to taste, although it is not recommended to use these additives if you want to take advantage of the benefits of green coffee.

Preparation with green coffee beans

If you want an infusion-like drink, it is best to use whole green coffee beans, although the preparation requires more time and patience. Before starting the preparation, you should soak the beans overnight with the amount of water you will use for the drink.

Then you need to boil the beans over high heat, and after the mixture boils, it should be cooked for 15 minutes more, but over medium heat and stirring at times. When the mixture has cooled, you will take a strainer to separate the beans from the mixture, and finally, you can enjoy the green coffee infusion.

If the taste is too strong for you, you can resort to adding more filtered or distilled water to make the flavour milder. Honey, sugar or cardamom can also be added for a different taste. This mixture can be kept in the freezer for three days without losing its health benefits.

As you can see, preparing green coffee is a simple and different process from the one you normally do to consume black coffee. The benefits and flavour that this type of coffee can provide are making more and more people turn to green coffee.