Hario coffee grinders

Hario is a Japanese company (headquartered in Tokyo) founded by Hiromu Shibata in 1921. It specializes in small coffee appliances for everyday use, and in particular in appliances made of heat-resistant glass. In particular, Hario is a reference company in the coffee grinder sector, perhaps the most reputable in the company of the German Zassenhaus grinders. Hario grinders are therefore highly regarded among users who like to grind coffee in this way.

To sum up, we will say that all Hario mills for grinding coffee have several common qualities, typical of the brand:

  • They are manually operated grinders (no electrical components).
  • They all use grinding wheels (not blades) made of ceramic material.
  • They allow manual adjustment of the grinding mechanism to obtain different thicknesses in the resulting beans.
  • Their average price is more affordable than that of their closest competitors: Zassenhaus grinders.

Hario, Transparent Black Mini Mill Plus

Hario MSCS-2DTB Skerton Hand Coffee Grinder, Glass

All models of Hario coffee grinders

The following list summarizes the main characteristics of all Hario coffee grinders. In this way, you will be able to know at once their differences and their qualities, without having to search on different pages for it.


The Hario MSCS2TB is probably the most popular model. Also known as the Hario Skerton grinder, it has a modern design with transparent plastics that make the inside of the grinder visible. Its capacity is 50 grams (slightly larger than the firm’s average), and it mounts ceramic grinding wheels instead of the classic steel ones.

The Hario Skerton grinder has a silicone cover as its most exciting accessory, which in addition to avoiding the typical splashes or leaks of grains towards the outside, avoids electrostatic electricity that causes some particles to stick to the walls.

In short, a best-seller with all the letters. If you want to buy a Hario coffee grinder, this should probably be your first choice.

Hario MXR2TB

This model is also known as Hario’s glass grinder. It holds 40 grams of coffee, and its grinding wheels are ceramic (not steel). The advantage of ceramic grinders, apart from their durability, is that they are practically immune to overheating, and therefore hardly cause any risk of transmitting strange aromas or tastes to our coffee.

As you can see in the image, it has a design and materials much more current than other models of the firm.

The Hario MXR2TB grinder also stands out because it has a side lever that serves as a tensor and acts as a fixer (like a suction cup): the piece is thus wholly fixed to the flat surface where we support it, and the grinding will be much more fluid. It also avoids us having to hold the grinder with one hand while we hit the handle with the other. In short, the kind of thing that only a leading brand in the coffee grinder industry, like Hario, can think of.

Hario MM-2

And from one of the most modern ones, we move on to one of the most traditional Hario coffee grinders: the Hario MM2. It is a traditional hand grinder with a wooden body, which, apart from being a great kitchen instrument, is a precious decorative piece. Its most identifying feature is undoubtedly the beautiful retro design.

Its capacity is 30 grams, and it includes a lid to prevent the grains or remains from jumping out during grinding.

The grinding wheels are conical and also made of ceramic material. The selection wheel allows you to choose very different grinding thicknesses, from very fine powder for espressos to thicker grains for French press infusion.

Hario MSS1B

The MSS-1B Hario mill is a ceramic conical grinding mill with a rare shape and a smaller capacity than the previous ones. It can grind enough for a couple of cups of coffee or three cups of espresso (about 25 grams of product).

Its small size and its low weight (barely 300 grams) make it the ideal candidate for excursions, trips or transport in any situation. Its generic name is Hario’s Coffee Mill Ceramic Slim. The thickness of the grind can also be set manually so that this Hario grinder can be adapted to different preparations and tastes.

Hario MCW-2

It is, for us, the most elegant grinder in the entire Hario range. It has modern lines, very slim but noble and classic materials. It is known as the Hario wood grinder, although its real nomenclature is Hario MCW-2-OV. It is built with the upper body in white ceramic and the lower half in light wood. The final result is aesthetically beautiful.

The Hario MCW-2 has ceramic grinding wheels and weighs up to 700 grams. The capacity gives to grind a maximum of 30 grams of coffee at once.

Hario Canister

The Canister or Hario CMHN-4 is a large capacity Hario mill, which resembles one of those old airtight jars used in kitchens to store coffee or spices. It can contain up to 120 grams of ground coffee, an amount that can last us for several days and that in any other coffee grinder would be a real problem (because with time, freshly ground coffee would lose its freshness).

It is not the case of this Hario Canister coffee grinder, since thanks to its airtight seal, it can preserve the properties of the ingredients stored inside it intact. It is highly recommended if there is a large consumption of coffee in your house, and you need to grind a lot of coffee each time.

Hario MCS-1

We reach the end of the list with the Hario MCS-1, a fantastic example of the Hario retro grinder line, which has a beautiful shape with a mahogany body and a steel grinding mechanism.

It is a small, almost individual Hario coffee grinder, which can grind up to 10 grams of coffee (one dose). Its dimensions are 5 x 10 x 21 cms, and it weighs just over 600 grams.