Comparison between Dolce Gusto and Senseo coffee machines

Today in our comparison section, we are going to look at the fundamental differences between the Dolce Gusto and Senseo brands, aimed at users who are hesitating between these two companies’ models. Through this Dolce Gusto vs Senseo comparison, you will be able to decide which brand of single-serve coffee machine best suits your needs and, consequently, make a much better purchase. Which coffee machine to choose, Senseo or Dolce Gusto? Which brand is better?

The leading quality that you should take into account, and that you should evaluate before buying a coffee maker of any of these brands, is that Dolce Gusto offers you a wide variety of drinks (coffees, chocolates, teas, lattes, blends, etc.). In contrast, in the Senseo coffee makers, you will only be able to enjoy coffee.

On the economic side, Senseo (or any compatible private label) single pods are on average cheaper than Dolce Gusto, so in the long run, a Senseo coffee machine will be a more affordable investment than a Dolce Gusto.

This statement, of course, must be taken with nuances, as we can take advantage of promotions on the purchase of capsules or offers on coffee machines (for example, the legendary launch offer of the Dolce Gusto Mini Me for 59 pounds). But in general terms, having a Senseo is usually cheaper than having a Dolce Gusto.

Finally, Senseo coffee machines are made by Philips, while Dolce Gusto coffee machines are made by either Krups or Delonghi. Both are quality manufacturers, so you should not consider this as a factor in your decision.

Which one to choose, Senseo or Dolce Gusto? assential differences

In this section, we will not talk about advantages and disadvantages, but we will summarise the main differences between the two systems so that you are clear about them.

  • Senseo machines use soft pods (or pads). Dolce Gusto machines use hard pods or capsules. Both systems have many compatible brands, which you can find here: Senseo compatible capsules and Dolce Gusto compatible capsules.
  • The Dolce Gusto range of coffee machines is much wider than the Senseo range… although many of the models are very similar.
  • With Dolce Gusto, you can make more than just coffee.
  • With Senseo machines, you can choose at most two cup sizes (long and short). In the Dolce Gusto automatics, you have a range of 7 sizes to choose from. Each capsule variety has its own recommendation for size or amount of water, but you can always adjust it to your own taste.

Advantages and disadvantages of Dolce Gusto coffee machines

We will start by assessing the main strengths and weaknesses of Dolce Gusto machines compared to Philips Senseo machines.

Advantages of Dolce Gusto vs Senseo coffee machines

  • You can enjoy all kinds of drinks: coffee, tea, chocolates, soft drinks…
  • They are the most popular on the market: you can find them in any supermarket, shop, department store…
  • The taste of the coffee and all the products are guaranteed by Nescafé: top quality.
  • The design of the coffee machines is attractive, rounded lines, decorative, bright colours… it doesn’t look like a household appliance.
  • Their catalogue is renewed more often, and they have more recent machines than Senseo.

Disadvantages of Dolce Gusto vs Senseo coffee machines

  • Generally speaking, it is a more expensive investment than a Senseo. If you drink a lot of coffees, the difference over a year can be significant. Make sure you do your sums carefully.
  • Little variety in the machines: there is not really a big difference in functionality between Dolce Gusto coffee machines. Only in size or design.
  • With a few honourable exceptions, you can only enjoy the products of one brand: Nestlé.

De’longhi Nescafe Dolce Gusto, Genio S PlusEDG315.B,Pod Capsule Coffee Machine

Advantages and disadvantages of Senseo coffee machines

Next, we are going to do a similar analysis, but this time from the point of view of Philips Senseo machines.

Advantages of Senseo vs Dolce Gusto coffee machines

  • In general, it has a greater variety of coffee flavours. More than a dozen different flavours with the Marcilla guarantee. Here you can review them all: Senseo pod shop.
  • The capsules are cheaper, and you have the option of using the compatible white brand ones.
  • Their coffee machines are generally simple, easy to maintain and economical. Few hassles.
  • The capacity of the water tanks of the coffee machines is generally (depending on the model, of course) larger in the Senseo than in the Dolce Gusto.
  • There are some models with very interesting extras, such as the Senseo Latte Duo, with a built-in automatic milk frother.
  • You can prepare two cups in one go, in all its coffee machine models.

Disadvantages of Senseo vs Dolce Gusto coffee machines

  • The quality of private label capsules is not necessarily bad, but this is always a matter of taste… with the official ones, you don’t have the uncertainty.
  • With the exception of the Senseo Latte Duo, all other Senseo machines offer rather basic features.
  • The quality of the coffee in the Senseo single pods is acceptable. If you are not very demanding, you won’t notice any difference, but lovers of authentic espresso may not be satisfied and may find it a little weak (not very intense). Again, this is a matter of individual taste, but we’ll warn you just in case.

Philips Senseo II Deep Red

Conclusions: Which coffee machine to buy, Senseo or Dolce Gusto?

If you are wondering which one to buy, Senseo or Dolce Gusto, our answer is that there is no one brand that is objectively better than the other. It depends on the exact model of coffee machine you are comparing and how you like your coffee at home.

If you’re looking at your wallet but don’t want to give up the pleasure of a good single-serve coffee machine at home, you might want to opt for a Senseo. The top-of-the-range machines in their catalogue are the Latte Duo (our favourite) and the Switch, which are curiously the least popular.

The Dolce Gusto, on the other hand, offer a wider variety of drinks (not just coffee) because they are suitable for all members of the household, and they have more aesthetic appeal. We would also recommend them if you like short, strong, ristretto-type coffees.

It is the end of our Senseo vs Dolce Gusto comparison, which we hope you have found useful. If you need more information, we recommend that you consult the pages dedicated to each of the brands separately: Senseo brand guide and Dolce Gusto brand guide.