Comparison Between Dolce Gusto and Senseo Coffee Machines

Which is the best Dolce Gusto machine? Are Senseo’s coffee makers better? Don’t worry, because we’re going to answer all your questions here.

Today in our comparisons section we’re going to address the fundamental differences between the Dolce Gusto and Senseo brands. Through this Dolce Gusto Senseo comparison, you will be able to decide which brand of capsule coffee makers best suits your needs and, consequently, make a much more successful purchase.

The leading quality that you should take into account, and that you should evaluate before buying a coffee maker of any of these brands, is that Dolce Gusto offers you a wide variety of drinks (coffees, chocolates, teas, lattes, blends, etc.). In contrast, in the Senseo coffee makers, you will only be able to enjoy coffee.

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Dolce Gusto coffee machines use their capsules, while Senseo coffee machines, which are based on Marcilla, also accept compatible coffee capsules (white brands). This fact, together with the fact that Senseo coffee makers are on average cheaper than Dolce Gusto coffee makers, leads us to believe that Senseo coffee makers are a more affordable investment in the long term than Dolce Gusto coffee makers.

This statement must, of course, be taken with a grain of salt, as we can take advantage of promotions on the purchase of capsules or offers on the coffee machines (for example, the actual offer of the Dolce Gusto Mini Me + 6 boxes of coffee pods for 61.50 pounds at the time of writing). Generally speaking, having a Senseo is cheaper than having a Dolce Gusto.

To be sure to find the best bargains, we recommend that you dive through all the purchase links in our analysis of all Dolce Gusto and Senseo coffee makers. On Amazon, there are real bargains that often cannot be found even on the official websites (because they are discontinued models, or they have them in stock).

You should also know that Senseo coffee makers are manufactured by Philips, while Krups and Delonghi manufacture Dolce Gusto coffee makers.

Advantages of Dolce Gusto coffee machines

  • You can enjoy all kinds of drinks: coffee, tea, chocolates, Nesquick, soft drinks.
  • They are the most popular on the market: you can find them in any supermarket, shop, department store.
  • The taste of coffee and all products is guaranteed by Nescafé: maximum quality.
  • The design of the coffee machines is attractive, rounded lines, decorative and bright colours, does not look like an appliance.
  • In the higher range models, the Melody or the Circolo by Dolce Gusto is, in our opinion, machines with better performance than the Twist by Senseo. If you’re looking for the highest quality in your coffee machine, you’ll have to take this into account.

Disadvantages of Dolce Gusto Coffee Machines

  • In general, it is a more expensive investment than a Senseo. If you drink a lot of coffee, the difference at the end of the year can be significant. Do your math well.
  • Little variety in the machines: there is no significant difference in functionality between Dolce Gusto coffee machines. Only in size or design.
  • You can only enjoy products from one brand: Nestlé.
De'Longhi Nescafé Dolce Gusto Mini Me, Single Serve Capsule Coffee Machine Starter Kit, Including 6...
  • Compact designed machine with six boxes of pods included
  • Easy to use - all you need is the machine, some water and pods
  • Easy to clean - as all the coffee grounds stay in the pods there is no mess, no fuss
  • Adjustable drip tray suitable for all cup sizeable for all cup sizes

Advantages of Senseo Coffee Makers

  • In general, it has a greater variety of flavours in the coffee—up to 12 different ones with the Marcilla guarantee. Here you can review them all: Senseo Capsule Store.
  • The capsules are cheaper, and you have the option of using the compatible white label ones.
  • Their coffee machines are generally simple, easy to maintain and economical—few complications.
  • The capacity of the water tanks of the coffee machines is generally (depending on the model, of course) higher in the Senseo than in the Dolce Gusto.
  • There are some models with exciting extras, such as the Senseo Capuccino, with a built-in milk vaporizer.
  • You can prepare two cups at once in all their models of coffee makers.

Disadvantages of the Senseo Coffee Makers

  • The quality of the private label capsules doesn’t have to be wrong, but this is always a matter of taste with the official ones you don’t have the uncertainty.
  • Except for the Senseo Cappuccino, the rest of Senseo’s machines offer rather basic features.
  • The quality of coffee in Senseo’s single-dose is acceptable. If you are not very demanding, you will not notice any difference, but lovers of the most authentic espresso may not be satisfied. Again, this is already a matter of taste, but we warn you just in case.
Senseo Viva Café HD6563/80 coffee maker Freestanding Pod coffee machine Red 0.9 L 6 cups Fully-auto...
  • Senseo Viva Café HD6563/80 coffee maker Pod coffee machine 0.9 L Fully-auto
  • 8710103844747
  • HD6563/80
  • Coffee Makers

Conclusions from the comparison: Which coffee maker should I buy?

If you look at your pocket a lot, but you don’t want to give up enjoying an excellent single-serve coffee maker at home, you might want to decide on a Senseo. We recommend the Senseo Cappuccino. The Dolce Gusto, on the other hand, offers a greater variety of drinks (not just coffee) because it is suitable for all members of the house.

Senseo and Dolce Gusto coffee makers most valued.