Clay Coffee Machines

In this article, we are going to present the traditional natural clay coffee machines, which we suppose will hardly be in the homes of our readers but which for many years have been of great importance in certain regions and in rural areas.

Clay coffee machines are used to make coffee in an old-fashioned way (by infusion) as if it were a teapot. In fact, we also speak of clay teapots interchangeably because they can be used for both purposes… something similar to what happens with piston coffee makers. The truth is that we never recommend mixing flavours or ingredients, but versatility is one of the characteristics of clay coffee makers, and that is how we should tell it.

Rustic clay coffee machines are usually handmade… although industrialisation is going further and further, and the old craftsmanship is giving way more and more to pieces made on a production line and coming from the Asian market. Most of the ones you can find on the net denote this origin… something that we should also consider logical considering the immense tradition of tea that exists in China.

What types of clay coffee machines are there?

Clay coffee machines, as we have said before, are mainly used to infuse coffee, putting them on the fire to heat the water and serving it directly through the spout on the opposite side of the handle.

However, there are also other types of rustic clay coffee machines, such as these:

Clay pour over coffee machine

This enamelled clay pour-over coffee machine is a normal drip cone, which incorporates the container (made of the same material) where the coffee is deposited as it is filtered. It is available in various colours or finishes, and the set is made up of three separate pieces:

  • The drip cone itself, or dripper, is 10 cms in diameter, and approximately 7.5 cms high.
  • The cup, with handle, is 8 cm high.
  • And a lid of the same diameter as the cup.

The whole set is covered with an enamel that serves as a protective layer against scratches and small knocks that any kitchen utensil can suffer during the day to day. Let’s not forget that one of the main disadvantages of clay coffee machines is their fragility.

Clay coffee jugs are also very common. These are not utensils for brewing coffee but for serving it once it has been brewed. We talk about them in more detail in our guide to coffee jugs.

Clay coffee jugs are also an essential element for making the classic Mexican pot coffee.

Where can you buy an clay coffee machine – mission impossible?

Well, unfortunately, it is nowadays very difficult to find or buy these utensils in physical shops. The only option may be to go to professional potters or craft shops where they work with clay. On the Internet, it is somewhat easier, you can buy clay coffee machines on Amazon, and several of the models that we have found are listed below: