Cheap drip coffee machines

Filter coffee machines or drip coffee machines are, together with espresso machines, the most popular appliances in households all over the world.

Their main virtue, as well as the feature that differentiates them from espresso machines, is that drip or filter coffee machines allow us to prepare a large quantity of coffee at once – up to 10 or 12 cups in most cases – and that makes them ideal for home use. If there are several coffee drinkers in your family, and you need several cups a day, a drip coffee machine is the most economical option.

And precisely, the price is the other reason that differentiates them from other types of coffee makers. Cheap drip coffee machines range from 20-40 pounds in price, a quantity for which we can find a wide range of coffee machines (not one or two specific models, but several dozen).

We can find any of these traditional coffee machines on large surfaces, and they are usually the type of electrical appliances that have the best shelf space in these establishments. If we want to find higher range models, then it is better to resort to online shopping.

Brands of cheap drip coffee machines

If you want to buy a cheap filter coffee machine, rather than being overwhelmed with dozens of models, you can start by looking at certain manufacturers. These are known for having a good number of options of this type in their catalogue.

It is easy to buy very cheap drip coffee machines if you look at the following brands:

  • Orbegozo
  • Jata
  • Taurus
  • Russell Hobbs
  • Clatronic
  • Tristar
  • Princess

Apart from the cheap drip coffee machines, which offer the most basic features, we can also find a superior range of premium machines, such as the well-known MoccaMaster KBG741, Saeco Avance or Melitta Aroma Fresh. These drip coffee machines respond to other features and needs and therefore fall outside the scope of this collection of cheap drip coffee machines.

Tips for buying a cheap drip coffee machine

We assume that if you’re reading this ranking, you’re worried about your budget, so let’s cut to the chase and present you, without any detours, with an extensive catalogue of fully functional drip coffee machines in the 20 to 40-pound range.

Prices are updated every day, so be sure to check the list often!

Our top cheap drip coffee machines

These would be the models we would highlight if we were asked to make a selection of the cheapest drip coffee machines. But, as you can imagine, there are many more on the market in a similar range. And finally, there is always the alternative of Chinese manufacturers, which are becoming more and more common, especially on Amazon.

Ufesa CG7231 Avantis

The Ufesa CG7231 is the most popular drip coffee maker and also one of the cheapest. It is always at the top of the sales charts both on Amazon and in large supermarkets, and this is certainly no coincidence. For just £19, we have a one-litre capacity coffee maker and an Aroma Plus carafe (specially designed to preserve the aroma of freshly brewed coffee).

In the same CG line from Ufesa, there are two other interesting models: the Ufesa CG7232 (the next model after the CG7231, which is slightly more expensive) and the Ufesa CG7236, whose jug has a built-in thermos to keep the coffee at the right temperature. In any of its models, the Ufesa is a safe bet.

Tristar CM-1246

It is one of the cheapest of all the cheap drip coffee makers we are going to review in this list. It has a capacity of 0.6 litres (about six cups).

As alternatives to this Tristar model, we can point out the Tristar KZ-2211 (much larger, with a capacity of 1.2 litres), or the Tristar KZ-1229, which has a jug with a built-in thermos to prevent the coffee from getting cold.

Bosch TKA3A031 Compact Class

With the Bosch TKA3A031, we can prepare 10 to 15 cups of coffee. This Bosch coffee maker works with 1×4 paper filters and includes a drip-proof system and the classic water level indicator drawn on the glass jug. Its water tank has a capacity of 1.25 litres. It stands out from the rest of the cheap drip coffee machines because of its striking white colour and also because of its narrow and elongated design.

It must be said that this Compact Class is the “low end” of the Bosch filter coffee machines. There are also the Bosch TKA models, which are much more expensive and have higher performance.

Solac Coffee4you

Solac is another of the most well-known brands on the market. Their Solac Coffee4you (coffee for you) is the best-selling and most popular model on the drip coffee maker market. For just over £30, you can take home a coffee maker with a large capacity (1.25 litres of water), a drip-free system and, yes, a little bulkier than the other cheap drip coffee makers on this list. We would also like to highlight its permanent filter (you don’t have to replace it after each use, as with disposable filters).

Taurus Verona 6

Taurus is another brand of classic coffee machines and appliances. This Taurus Verona 6 is their best-selling drip coffee maker and also their cheapest – just £22 at the time of writing. With 600 watts of power, the Taurus Verona 6 has a very sober design in black, compact, with a heating plate to maintain the temperature of the coffee and a permanent filter that can be removed when we need to clean it.

Be careful because this model also exists in a large version (12 cups), and logically it is not as cheap.

Severin 4478

Severin adds to this list of cheap drip coffee makers the Severin 4478 model, which, for just £30, includes a graduated glass jug, externally visible water level indicator and anti-drip system. This model works with 1×4 disposable filters. It is simple, functional and inexpensive, like everything Severin makes.

Jata CA288

At under £30, we find this Jata model, the Jata CA288, which offers a fairly acceptable quality-price ratio. This Jata CA288 coffee maker has a heating plate, which allows it to maintain the temperature of the coffee already brewed, an anti-drip system, and the capacity to prepare a maximum of 2 to 12 cups of coffee. Ideal for those looking to take home a basic coffee maker with the lowest possible outlay.

Orbegozo CG-4014

And in a list of cheap drip coffee machines, a model from Orbegozo could not be missing. We have mentioned the CG-4014, which is the most basic, but in reality, there are many machines from this brand that are in the most economical price range in the sector. This one in particular works with a permanent filter, which is, of course, removable, has a heating plate that keeps the coffee warm, a safety system against overheating, and total power of 600 watts.

So far, our collection of cheap drip coffee machines that we hope you have found useful and help you to clarify a little bit the panorama of your purchases.

It is an extensive market where there is a great variety of brands and models, so in your homes, you may be using a very cheap drip coffee maker that we have not included in this list. If so, it will be exciting for you to share it with us and tell us about its advantages, disadvantages and characteristics.