Which Coffee Maker Should I Buy?

Incredible as it may seem, users rarely consider which coffee machine to buy based on their needs or tastes. How do we like coffee? Do we care about the cost of each cup over the long term? Do we need to prepare instant coffees, or maybe the rush isn’t our thing? Which capsule coffee maker to buy, a manual or an automatic one? Are you interested in a coffee maker that needs a lot of care or a more practical one?

We often skip this preliminary analysis and let ourselves be carried away by the advertising, fashions, current offers or models that have recently come on the market. Let’s face it; it has happened to all of us to a greater or lesser extent, hasn’t it?

For this purpose, in this section, we are going to review different recommendations that will surely help you to know which type of coffee maker best suits you. We’ll consider each circumstance, and then you could decide which coffee maker to buy. We bet that a few of the following are familiar to you. Let’s begin:

  • If you like coffee that is tasty and full-bodied, as well as savouring all its nuances and aromas, you need to prepare it with a french coffee maker. With an espresso machine, the flavours are usually intense and much more concentrated, and for this reason, it is more difficult to distinguish the nuances of the bean.
  • Imagine that you are in a rush in the morning and you need to prepare coffee as fast as possible for breakfast. Then your best option is capsule coffee makers or espresso machines, in just a few instants, you’ll hold your cup of warm, freshly brewed coffee. Piston coffee makers or drip coffee makers can take 5 or 6 minutes (sometimes longer, if the amount we prepare is large) to have the coffee ready to taste. Hydro pressure coffee makers are also fast, although espresso is not as authentic or as concentrated as espresso machines.
  • If cleanliness and ease of maintenance are your main concerns, capsule and french coffee makers are the best options. Italian coffee makers are also comfortable due to their lack of technology, but you must be careful with the cleaning of their components. Not all are dishwasher safe.
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  • If you want to prepare your coffee in advance and large quantities, drip coffee makers are ideal. They are slower but allow you to leave the coffee without alterations. There are also Italian or french press coffee makers, with large capacities. They prepare around a litre, which is very practical for receiving friends or meetings at home. However, they have a small disadvantage that their coffee is better to taste freshly prepared. Capsule and espresso machines only allow you to prepare one or at most two cups at a time.
  • If you’re concerned about the budget and long-term cost of having a coffee maker at home, generally the most profitable coffee machines are drip coffee maker. The most expensive are capsule coffee makers, but with a capsule brewer, you won’t need to have a grinder at home, what is a saving.
  • Considering only the price of the coffee maker -not the cost of the coffee- the cheapest on average are the Italian and the french press ones. It makes sense if we stop to think that these types of coffee machines barely incorporate technological components. For just 10 pounds you can take home any of the most basic models.
  • Do you like espresso? If you’re a matter purist, then you should opt for an espresso machine or an Italian one. You can also get a good result with some varieties of capsules, but you will always have less control over the process.
  • If you like to customize the preparation of your coffees, and you have specific skills for it, opt for a manual express coffee maker. If you prefer to press a button and wait for everything to be done, then opt for an automatic one. The second ones are much more expensive than the first ones, of course. French press coffee makers also give you an exciting experience when it comes to controlling all aspects of the preparation.
  • Do you like lattes and cappuccinos? Then look at coffee makers with milk frothers, or those with built-in milk compartments. These properties are unique to capsule and espresso machines. Some of the most popular models are the Senseo Latte Cappuccino, the Nespresso Lattissima, the Oster Prima Latte or the Beem iJoy Caffe&Latte.
  • Do you want to save the cost of the grinder and need a coffee maker with integrated grinder? In this case, your objective must be an automatic espresso coffee machine.
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