Tea Bottles With Infuser

Tea bottles with infuser are the ideal instrument for enjoying tea (or any other infusion, for that matter) on the go, wherever you are, on a trip or just walking down the street. You could think of them as the equivalent of the large thermal coffee cups we see in American TV series.

Tea infuser bottles differ from coffee thermoses, logically, in the presence of the infuser. But externally, their appearance is very similar. The dimensions are usually the same, and even if we opt for an opaque model (e.g. stainless steel), it isn’t easy to distinguish between them.

Filter tea bottles are also known as travel teapots, although this name is sometimes inaccurate because to prepare tea from scratch, you need to use hot water (i.e. you have to boil it beforehand). They work in a similar way to filter teacups, with the logical difference that the bottles (or tea thermoses) are portable and can be carried with us, while the cups are only used in the same place where the tea is served.

Essential characteristics of filter tea bottles

  • The infuser filter is usually made of stainless steel.
  • The average capacity is around half a litre. Smaller infuser tea bottles of around 0.30 litres are also available.
  • Those made of glass are double-walled to preserve the temperature of the infusion for a longer period of time. This is why they are also called tea thermoses.

What is a filtered tea bottle for?

When we get a filtered tea bottle, it is usually because we spend a lot of time on the road or travelling, and we like to enjoy our favourite tea wherever we are, without having to rely on a private establishment.

You can carry your bottle and your tea leaves with you and brew your tea on the spot with just a little hot water.

Or what many people do: they prepare their tea at home or in the kitchen (wherever they can use an electric kettle to heat the water), and then drink it on the road or on the road in comfort.

Apart from serving as portable tea thermoses, these bottles can also be used to flavour cold water or to brew other soft infusions. Add a few pieces of fruit to the infuser, and in a few minutes, you will have a natural refreshment.

The best tea bottle with infuser: 500 ml Navaris

As you may have seen, there are many models and styles of tea bottles with filters, but most of them are very similar to each other. You have different materials, more or less showy designs, but functionally and in terms of quality, you won’t notice practically any difference.

If we have to recommend the best tea bottle with an infuser, we choose the Navaris 500 ml tea thermos.

We chose it because it is made by Navaris, a well-known manufacturer with a long history in the field of manual coffee machines and utensils for manual infusions. Their catalogue of drip cones, French presses, etc., is remarkable, so this is not an unknown brand or a first-timer in the sector.

Other details we liked about this bottle are:                                         

  • The infuser filter is stainless steel.
  • The bamboo lid.
  • It includes a neoprene sleeve that acts as a second insulating layer.
  • The price-performance ratio is very good.

Glass tea filter bottles

If we look at the market, we basically find two types of tea infuser bottles, grouped according to the material they are made of glass and stainless steel. In this section, we will deal with the former.

Glass tea filter bottles are always made of borosilicate glass in order to be more resistant to the sudden changes in temperature that occur when pouring hot water.

The biggest advantage is that you can see inside how the water is infused in real-time, how it changes colour as the leaves hydrate, and so on. Sometimes they have a cover, but it is removable.

And their biggest drawback? Well, it is obvious that if it suffers a blow or a fall, it will always be less resistant than a steel one.

Tea bottles with steel filter

Stainless steel tea infuser bottles are much more resistant. If they suffer a heavy blow, in the worst case, they will at most deform a little, but they will not break and will still be fully functional.

On the downside, it is clear that they will not allow you to see the evolution of the infusion because they are 100% opaque bottles. It’s a matter of deciding which advantages apply in your case and choosing the material that suits you best.

If you decide to buy a tea bottle with a stainless steel infuser, here are some options highlighted on Amazon: