Stainless Steel Teapots

A stainless steel teapot is always a more practical, more durable, though the perhaps less delicate and less “personal” option for enjoying your infusions on a daily basis. In addition, the prices of stainless steel teapots are becoming more and more affordable, thanks in large part to the competition and the huge variety of brands that work with them.

Do you want to check it out? Well, here, you have a vast selection of stainless steel teapots on Amazon of all kinds and conditions. As you can see, there are classic models but also others with a rather modern design. Not all teapots are used in the same way, so even if they all belong to the same material, don’t trust them and check the use you are going to give them.

Apart from the traditional pieces (stainless steel teapots with filter), some French presses and gooseneck teapots are also usually made of stainless steel. However, they are not exactly suitable for making tea.

It is necessary to make the precision of stainless steel teapot with filter (or infuser) because we can find many tea jugs or kettles, which are also made of stainless steel. Still, they do not have a filter, and therefore they are not used to infuse and prepare tea. They are only for storing it or heating water.

And because it is such a popular material, there are many different varieties and styles of teapots that are made from it. Below we are going to review some of the main types of stainless steel teapots that can be found on the market.

Stainless steel whistling teapots

One of the most popular types of teapots, especially in Latin America, is the classic whistling kettles. As these pieces are always used over a direct fire to heat the water, they are usually made of stainless steel to better resist the change of temperatures and incidentally to be able to be used without any problem on induction hobs.

There is a wide variety of stainless steel whistling teapots, but on Amazon, the best selling and most successful are these models:

IBILI 610115 Kettle
IBILI 610115 Kettle
Kettle with filter, 1.5 L; Warranty: 2 years; Material: stainless steel; suitable for all heat sources, including induction
ibili Kettle, Silver/Brown, 1.75 litre
ibili Kettle, Silver/Brown, 1.75 litre
Capacity: 1.75 litre; Material: stainless steel/plastic; Ideal for your tea time
IBILI Kettle, Stainless Steel, Silver/Brown, 10 x 10 x 1 cm
IBILI Kettle, Stainless Steel, Silver/Brown, 10 x 10 x 1 cm
Capacity: 2,5 l; Material: stainless steel/plastic; Ideal for your tea time

Stainless steel electric teapots

This is actually a term that is misused because there are no stainless steel electric teapots as such (i.e. tea brewers).

When someone talks about an electric stainless steel teapot, they are actually referring to a kettle, which, as we all know, is an accessory whose use is widespread in the preparation of infusions but which only heats water (tea infusion has to be done separately).

Stainless steel French teapots

French teapots are nothing more than the utensils known as French presses, which are normally used to prepare infused coffee, but which in some cases, can also be used to make tea.

They are made of different materials, but the most robust is the stainless steel French teapots, like these ones you can see here:

BODUM Chambord 3 Cup French Press Coffee Maker, Chrome, 0.35 l, 12 oz
BODUM Chambord 3 Cup French Press Coffee Maker, Chrome, 0.35 l, 12 oz
Capacity: 3 cup; French press system and safety lid; Width (centimeter) 14.0 Height (centimeter) 19.0 Depth (centimeter) 8.0
Café Ole CFD-03 Stainless Steel Cafetiere, Mirror, 3 Cup
Café Ole CFD-03 Stainless Steel Cafetiere, Mirror, 3 Cup
MATERIAL: Made from high quality stainless steel with a Mirror finish; SIZE: 350ml – Serves 1 Mug or 3 Espresso Cups

Are there any large stainless steel teapots?

Large stainless steel teapots (and by large, we mean teapots with a capacity of well over a litre) are very popular in the hotel and catering trade, hotels, breakfast centres, etc. They can serve several guests at the same time, and the steel ensures that the temperature inside is maintained for longer. They can serve several diners at the same time, and the steel ensures that the temperature is maintained inside for a longer period of time.

One example is this splendid 1.5-litre model, which comes with a built-in infuser and a safety valve in the lid to prevent overpressure:

Advantages of stainless steel teapots

  • Their robustness and durability. They withstand the rigours of everyday kitchen use like no other.
  • With proper maintenance it is easy to keep them shiny and clean as the first day.
  • No need to worry if you have an induction cooker.

Disadvantages of stainless steel teapots

  • They are usually more expensive than teapots made of other materials.
  • They are totally opaque, so you can’t see how the brew is developing or how the tea leaves are hydrating inside.

How to clean a stainless steel teapot?

One of the most appreciated advantages of stainless steel teapots is that they can be kept in very good condition effortlessly with frequent maintenance. Of course, it is important to clean them often and not wait until dirt or scale builds up to remove them because then it will cost us more.

In this sense, the best tip for cleaning a steel teapot on the outside is to use a little soap or detergent that is not too abrasive and scrub it with a scouring pad and very hot water.

If you need to clean the inside (where it is easier for scale or limescale to build up), then we recommend using a solution of vinegar and water and pour it into the inside of your kettle after rubbing it with a bicarbonate of soda. Wait a few minutes for the reaction to soften the remains that you want to remove, and then rubbing lightly and rinsing well; they should disappear without much effort.

If you still have any doubts about how to clean a stainless steel teapot, be sure to check this video because you will understand it at once: