Matcha Tea Making Sets

There are as many ways of brewing tea as there are cultures and types of teapots in the world. But it is clear that matcha tea is unlike any other. Tea aficionados will undoubtedly know the benefits of this much-loved infusion, and they will know that to prepare it, you need a specific set of utensils: you don’t make it with a teapot and a normal infuser. You need a matcha tea set, and we are going to talk about them here.

The first thing to clarify is that matcha tea sets have several components (we’ll talk about them later) and that you can always find and buy them separately. However, in this guide, we are going to focus on matcha tea sets, which are ideal for gifts and are very economical.

The variety is enormous: individual matcha tea sets, matcha tea sets for two people, with or without covers, with a gift box, with the elements loose, and for every need, there is also a different budget, of course.

What does a matcha tea set consist of?

A matcha tea set consists of three basic components, plus an optional extra: the bowl, the whisk and the scoop or spoon. It’s normal to buy a complete matcha set, but if you need a spare part or a separate accessory of higher quality, you can find these without any problem. And they are super cheap too. Let’s get to know them better:

The matcha tea bowl (chawan)

Matcha tea bowls are of paramount importance because they are not only used to drink the tea, they are also the container in which it is prepared. Its original name is chawan.

A chawan or matcha tea bowl has a very wide mouth, and of course, no handles: the tea is drunk with both hands. It can also be found in irregular shapes, not perfectly round. We can summarise some of their characteristics (although there is no closed formula) as follows:

  • They are usually made of ceramic or porcelain.
  • They have a narrower foot that serves as a support for the rest of the vessel.
Goodwei Japanese Matcha Bowl'Chawan' (Goma)
Goodwei Japanese Matcha Bowl"Chawan" (Goma)
Handmade ceramic matcha bowl with beautiful, speckled glaze; Diameter: 10,8 cm, Height: 6,0 cm

The matcha tea whisk (bamboo)

This is perhaps the most characteristic or irreplaceable matcha tea accessory. The matcha whisk is also often called a broom; it consists of a handle to hold it and an end with about a hundred bamboo bristles. Matcha whisks are always made of bamboo; otherwise, they would scratch or damage the walls and the bottom of the bowl where we are preparing our tea.

If you look at it separately, it can remind you of the shape of one of those classic shaving brushes, can’t it? By the way: Bamboo matcha whisks often come with their own stand.

Goodwei Utensil-Kit for Matcha: Whisk Chasen with Scoop Chashaku (80 White)
Goodwei Utensil-Kit for Matcha: Whisk Chasen with Scoop Chashaku (80 White)
Matcha Whisk with 80 bristles and Matcha Scoop for proper measuring; Traditional Utensils for preparation of Matcha Tea

The matcha tea measuring shovel

In another environment, with other infusions, even with coffee, we would say that this instrument would be a substitute for the traditional stirring spoon. But the matcha ceremony has its own personality and almost its own vocabulary: here, we are not talking about a mere spoon but a matcha shovel.

As you can see, it is an elongated instrument with a flat, slightly curved end (the “shovel”) whose function is essentially not to stir the infusion, as that is what the whisk is for, but to serve as a measuring spoon to scoop up the right amount of tea. It is usually made of bamboo wood, but in less traditional sets, we can also find it made of steel or other materials.

The stand for the whisk

Some matcha tea sets come with the shovel included, but in some cases, we can also find a stand so that the whisk does not rest on the table or mat after stirring the tea (it would stain everything). In many of them, of course, all four components are included.

This matcha whisk stand should be just the right diameter to be able to place the whisk handle on it so that the whisk is perfectly upright (with the bamboo bristles pointing upwards). When viewed empty, it will have a characteristic mushroom shape.

Fdit Matcha Whisk Stand Ceramic Holder for Bamboo Matcha Chasen for Tea Set Accessories Reusable...
Fdit Matcha Whisk Stand Ceramic Holder for Bamboo Matcha Chasen for Tea Set Accessories Reusable...
Made of high-quality ceramic material, which is clean and safe to use.; The bamboo whisk stays in its natural shape, no worry, the bristles will be bent.

What did you think? Did you forget something? If you already have your matcha tea making set at home, don’t forget to complement your tea service with a tea tray, even better if it’s made of bamboo – in the matcha tea ceremony, you have to take care of all the details!

Goodwei matcha tea sets

There are literally dozens of manufacturers of matcha tea gift sets, especially if you search for them on Amazon. But there is one that stands out above the rest: Goodwei’s matcha tea sets offer one of the widest and most varied ranges on the market. So, how could it be otherwise? We have to make them a place on our pages.

Goodwei Japanese Matcha Tea Ceremony Set (Black)
Goodwei Japanese Matcha Tea Ceremony Set (Black)
Ceramic Japanese tea bowl (Chawan) for use with Matcha or powdered green tea, 180 ml; 80 prong Bamboo Matcha Whisk, handcrafted from a single piece of bamboo
Matcha Tea Set: Ceremonial Bowl with Whisk, Scoop and 30g Organic Matcha Tea from Japan (Burashi)
Matcha Tea Set: Ceremonial Bowl with Whisk, Scoop and 30g Organic Matcha Tea from Japan (Burashi)
100% Pure, Premium Fine Ground, Ceremonial Grade Matcha Powder - 30g Sealed Zip-Lock Bag; JAS Organic & EU Organic certification (DE-ÖKO-012)

What is matcha tea and how is it prepared?

Matcha tea is unlike any other tea, not only because of its preparation ritual (which we will explain below) but also because of its green and slightly frothy appearance, which may even be a little unpleasant to newcomers. Fortunately, that feeling changes when you smell or taste the tea.

However, the biggest difference when it comes to preparing matcha tea is the way it is made: this time, it is not made by pure infusion (add hot water and wait a few minutes), but it is necessary to whisk it well so that it mixes with the water. Literally: we drink the tea, which is why you will have noticed that matcha tea does not need infusers and is not strained before drinking.

The time needed: 3 minutes.

These are the steps needed to make matcha tea at home:

1. Heat the bowl

This is usually done with a little hot water, the same water that we have prepared to add to the tea later.

2. Dry the bowl well

This step is crucial: it is very important that when we serve the tea, there is no trace of moisture inside the bowl. A napkin or cotton handkerchief is often used.

3. Add the matcha tea (the dose is up to your taste)

Here we use the teaspoon or measuring spoon.

4. Add hot water

Be careful, just hot, not boiling hot. Excessively hot water can damage and deform your whisk.

5. Whisk vigorously

This is the key step: the tea must be completely diluted in hot water, and for this, you need to whisk it vigorously and carefully. Do not stop until the tea is indistinguishable in the brew: there should be no lumps or loose powder “swimming” in the tea.