Glass Teapots

If you are one of those who enjoy buying tea in bulk and making your own tea at home, it is clear: you need a teapot. There are many types, but on this page, we are going to talk exclusively about glass teapots, which are one of the most popular.

Perhaps many users are used to buying the typical tea bags (the equivalent in the world of tea to the single-dose capsules of coffee machines) and brew their tea directly in their cups.

That’s fine if we consume the tea on our own, but if you need to prepare a larger quantity, then you should prepare a complete teapot, which, as you will see, there are teapots of different capacities, and then each guest can pour their own.

When buying a glass teapot, there are a number of important details to bear in mind, which we will summarise on this page. Luckily, you won’t have any problems finding this type of teapot anywhere. Take a look at all the options on Amazon, for example:

Main characteristics of glass teapots

  • A teapot is used to make a large quantity of tea and then serve it to several people. They are not to be confused with glass tea bottles (which are portable).
  • The standard capacity of a teapot is around 1 litre. There are smaller ones, which are around 0.5 litres.
  • The container is always made of crystal or borosilicate glass, like in glass coffee pots. Otherwise, it would not be able to withstand such sudden changes in temperature. For example, almost all French press teapots on the market are made of glass.
  • The tea infuser is usually made of stainless steel.
  • Their price is usually between 20-30 pounds on average. There are also models above and below that range, of course.
IBILI Teapot Set Kristall-Stove with Filter 400 ml of Glass
IBILI Teapot Set Kristall-Stove with Filter 400 ml of Glass
Capacity: 400 ml; Material: glass; Suitable for electric, gas, vitro and induction heating sources

Advantages of glass teapots

Teapots made of glass are not better or worse than others. They simply have some pros and some cons, which you should evaluate if they are suitable for your particular case.

In this section, we start with the advantages:

  • They allow you to see the development of the infusion “minute by minute”, how the water is coloured, how the leaves hydrate and grow in size, and so on. For purists and real amateurs they are much more satisfying than an opaque teapot.
  • The container is made of glass, but the filter is usually made of stainless steel and is of high quality.

Disadvantages of glass teapots

And these are the main disadvantages of glass teapots with an infuser:

  • Above all, one very obvious one: fragility. A glass teapot will always be more vulnerable to knocks, falls or carelessness (of the kind that so often occur in kitchens).
  • The truth is that most glass teapots on the market are quite large. Models of half a litre or less are more difficult to find. If you plan to buy one for yourself, you may want to look at other formats.

Best glass filter teapot: Bonvivo Tempa

As with almost all products, it is always possible to differentiate some teapots made of glass, let’s say “high-end”, from the rest that might be the most common household models. So, if we had to recommend the best glass teapot for your home, we would go for one of the first groups. And our candidate would be the Bonvivo Tempa teapot.

We have chosen it above all because of these three aspects:

  • It comes from a well-known and prestigious manufacturer, Bonvivo.
  • It is a very large teapot with a capacity of 1.5 litres.
  • It has a very solid stainless steel lid. The finishes are of high quality and its design is very well cared for.

Large glass teapots (over 1 litre)

We have already mentioned above that the usual size of these glass teapots is usually 1 litre. But if you need something even bigger, for example, if you have frequent gatherings at home, to prepare more than 1 litre of tea, then we recommend that you opt for these XXL glass teapots:

These XL glass teapots usually have a capacity of between 1200 ml and 1500 ml. Above this figure, it isn’t easy to find any model.

Glass teapots with a heater

There are some models of glass teapots with a built-in heater, whose function is to keep the tea hot once it has been brewed.

It is important to understand this detail because many people confuse them with kettles or electric teapots, but they have nothing to do with each other: glass teapots with a heater are not used to prepare tea. The kettle is a base to which we can attach the teapot afterwards and which is not powerful enough to boil the water. They simply keep the tea hot when it is already brewed.

The kettle is usually made of stainless steel and contains a container in which a candle is inserted (yes, it is not electric). The base of the glass teapot is therefore slightly elevated in relation to the flame, more or less as is the case when preparing a traditional fondue.